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posted by ilovessilver
silver and the gang came apon lin [lin is made up]
lin said oh its 당신 silver now lets fight
silver said umm ok so the fighted but then something bad happened lin was going to kill silver and she did she cut off his arm everyone ran to him his bros and blaze along with criss and everyone else tried to help him blaze started to cry then all of a sudden she kissed him blaze said I 사랑 당신 she cried hard sonic tried to dry up the blood but it was to late silver already went goodybye silver we 사랑 당신 everyone started to tear up of cry blaze cried the hardest
The Quest For Nova
Chapter 1 : Were do I Belong part 1
    Have 당신 ever felt like 당신 don’t belong? I have. Have ever felt like there something out there that 당신 are meet to do that’s so important be 당신 don’t know what it is? I have. I know its weird to fell this way but I do and I have know idea why. WHY. What a strong word like why did that magical thing happen to me that ever special 일 in the park when everything change for good 또는 for evil. Well that’s what 당신 choose.

    “Hey mom?” Eclipse said from her bedroom...
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