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knifewrench posted on Jul 15, 2008 at 07:42PM
Wow, I've been quite busy now that E3 has finally come about, lots of new info has been revealed about Fable 2, meaning I've had to check every few minutes for new videos (which I have to add in link-form, darn you, GameTrailers.com). I'll just think out loud for a while.

New spells:
- Swords/daggers come out of the ground and shoot outwards at people.
- Spell which resembles Divine Fury
- Spell which resembles Infernal Wrath
- Spell which resembles Enflame

Online co-op was revealed, but the revealing of this feature wasn't as flashy as PM made it out to be.

I think I saw Lucian in the trailer, the one in the big tower (who kicks the Hero out of a window in the tall tower! Jerk!). Also saw an older bloke wearing flashy clothes, presumabley this is Lucian when the Hero has grown up.

Little bit confused at the moment. Some sources say Lucian is the bad guy, but others say that Lucian has called the Hero forward to reunite The Hero's Guild. I smell betrayal... and dog killing, Peter Molyneux has said about bonding with your dog and "if someone does something to your dog, you're gonna be pretty cheesed off". Peter's right, if Lucian kills my dog he's going to get a can of my home-made WHOOP ASS!!!!!

Anywho, back on track, saw another sighting of someone I suspect to be the Hero's sister, Rose (as an adult); although it could be Theresa, the blind soothsayer.

I also saw Balverines in the trailer, it appears I may be wrong about what that thing was at the end of trailer #1 (although the creature at the end of THAT trailer could have been a White Balverine, which is a bigger and nastier version of normal Balverines).

Saw more horned people as well, they look very bad-arse (today I'm transitioning between British and American spellings of "arse").

I suspect PM is freaking out slightly, he seemed very nervous at his big E3 talk, and as such he started talking like a little girl again.

Fable 2's release date has been announced: October... something...

I've been to YouTube to discuss it with other Fable fans (since you horrible buggers never talk to me, the one guy who ever does anything for this spot).

When talking about the release date of Fable 2, DonutsRgud13 said you know how molyneux said "fable 2 is finished"
i have a feeling its not exactly finished because they're still waiting 2 and a half months to release it.

Which itsbrad2008 replied with: well if you think about it it takes a while to make dosent it... then most games you have to wait for a relese its what you call a Tease
it makes you realy exited for it so you buy it... its a way of making more money. think about it and you will understand.

sitoutsidethecircle added to this by saying: they also have to make deals with video game stores and get them to sell the game. They have to get it rated, they need advertisements to be out for a while, and all that stuff. its pretty complex.

When talking about the gameplay montage (by GameTrailers.com) MattMystrieo said: In the second to last clip there was no dog. (I think this is rather intruiging.... also makes me worry about my dog, which doesn't even exist yet, but oh well)
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