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"The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, Fucking hell, this girl's gorgeous. And she was incredibly sweet." He chortles. "Now we tell each other to fuck off whenever we want to." Both Blair and Chuck are fond of impractical accessories — especially removing them. "There's always something great to undo 또는 pull on 또는 tug on, so it's always like, what can I do to make this 더 많이 fun?" Westwick says, laughing. "We've been fake shagging for a 년 and a half now."

It doesn’t hurt that Leighton is blessed with the metabolism of an overworked 23-year-old. One memorable paparazzi picture involves her shooting on a freezing New York street, inhaling a large sandwich. “Ha!” she laughs. “It’s normally the only thing I have to eat on set.” Westwick says, “She can handle these big, gigantic sandwiches, and she’s got the most tiny little gorgeous figure. I don’t know, man, it certainly doesn’t work for me.”


Awwwwwwe E/L ftw:)
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