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Legends of Ska is a documentary film focusing on the sights & sounds of Jamaica during the early 1960s. As the precursor to Reggae, Ska is a mix of Jazz, R&B, and many other styles of music, which continued to make a huge impact far from the island's shores.

The idea for this project was born ten years ago, right after conducting a radio interview with the first 별, 스타 of Ska, Derrick Morgan. It went very well and I said to the show's intern "When is someone going to make a movie about the 음악 we love?" That was my "light bulb" moment and it has been shining brightly ever since.

If 당신 사랑 Ska & Jamaican Music, check out the trailer for, The Legends of Ska, featuring The Skatalites, Prince Buster, Derrick 모건 and much more. Be a part of bringing this film to the world. Go to link