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One fine day, Lisa Cuddy and Baby Rachel were window shopping.

"Oooooo look at that 치마 Rachel! Mummy would look amazing in that!" said Cuddy, pointing
at a tight black 치마 displayed in a 샵 window.
Rachel responded with some weird baby noises which seemed to be in agreement with Cuddy's observation.

Cuddy and Baby Rachel crossed the road, intending to visit the baby clothing store, when Cuddy noticed a quaint little 샵 called:

Mr Finklesworth's Emporium Of Merriful Wonderment

"Intriguing... Shall we go have a look in there Rachel?"
Rachel responded with 더 많이 agreeing gurgles.

Cuddy and Rachel...
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All of the house/cuddy sex & 키스 clips from 5x23 and 5x24. From ViddersweetRedux on yt.
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One of the many, many great things about House is the acerbic, flirtatious relationship between the crippled Dr. Gregory House and his boss, the Dean of Medicine Lisa Cuddy. We can only assume that having a man like House on your payroll is a constant 불, 화재 alarm of potential malpractice lawsuits and bristling sarcasm, so it's astounding that Cuddy has managed to hold onto her sanity so long. Clad in tight pencil skirts and cleavage-revealing sweaters, Cuddy may be a little on the MILFy side for our usual tastes but age ain't nothing but a number, baby. Her and House have some sort of sexual...
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