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SkipperXLisa posted on Jan 06, 2011 at 08:55PM
*Sigh* I just joined this club, and it seems more like a BlowholeXNori fanclub to me. :/ Can you all make a BlowholeXNori fanclub to talk about them together? I love Blowhole but not BlowholeXNori (I prefer BlowholeXHitori)... so yeah. P: I want to discuss BLOWHOLE. ;-; I don't mind some BlowholeXNori discussion, but... the whole club seems to be crowded with it. P: There's no fan fiction for BlowholeXNori or anything anyway, as far as I know soooo... we know really nothing about them together so I find it kind of overrated. P:

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over a year ago Icicle1penguin said…
There IS a BlowholeXNori fanclub.

Yes, it's annoying.
over a year ago SkipperXLisa said…
Oh Icicle. How you and I agree on views. x3

Yeah, I really think that the BlowholeXNori stuff is like, flooding the whole club. I wouldn't mind a few pics or something but really it's like all anyone in the club talks about. Like you said, there's a BlwoholeXNori club and I wish people would just take their BlowXNori stuff their. :< I don't support the pair myself so it's annoying to me.