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Please Note: This is a mature subject matter. If you're uncomfortable feel free not to read.

This is my first time 글쓰기 an 기사 on 팬팝 as well as on the topic of 디즈니 but I have in fact written comprehensive 기사 about the place sexuality holds in American society so I at least can claim to know my facts fairly well. This is a break down on movie 의해 movie basis exploring the sexual tones, 또는 what I can pull since these are really films for kids, of not only the princess but also the prince as well as a few characters on the side. Let's go in chronological order!

Snow White and...
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There's no denying that 디즈니 has produced some beautiful princesses, as well as some.. well, not so pretty princesses. I'm going to give 당신 my list of the 상단, 맨 위로 ten prettiest princesses, based on the way they look in their original movies.

I think everyone saw that coming. I'll give her this at least: she has nice eyelashes. And nice.. lips? I'm really trying to be nice here. There's nothing about this girl that is very attractive. Her alien-looking nose, her hairstyle, the fact that she looks about 12 years old.. I know that's close to her age, but still. There's really no pictures...
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 Go ahead, take one! 당신 deserve it for being so patient with me =]
Go ahead, take one! You deserve it for being so patient with me =]
I AM SO SO SO SORRY! THIS TOOK WAY TO LONG TO WRITE! It's time for my finals and state exams, so I didn't have the time to compile all the info, but now that the tests are mostly over, I did. Again, sorry! I really have to remember not to start a countdown that ends right before we get the five tons of 년 review homework.

*NOTE: These rankings were voted on 의해 the 디즈니 Princess fans, and don't necessarily reflect my own views/opinions*

 "i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the 초 영화 SUCK!"- princesslullaby
"i mean, she only wears one outfit. and her outfit in the 초 영화 SUCK!"- princesslullaby

9) Pocahontas: Our Native American beauty takes...
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 디즈니 Princesses all have heartbreaking moments.
Disney Princesses all have heartbreaking moments.
I decided to make this because I felt like it. 디즈니 Princess 영화 have had a lot of sad moments, and they were important points of the movie. 디즈니 Princesses always go through hardship and heartbreak, and maybe that's why we 사랑 them so much and can relate. While I may not write as eloquently as other users on here, I'll try to do my best to explain. Here's my countdown of the 상단, 맨 위로 ten.

10. Snow White's terror in the woods. How would 당신 like being told your stepmother was going to kill you, and then having to run into scary dark woods where branches grab 당신 and logs attack? While...
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I have seen a few 디즈니 Princess Threads talking about the heights of the 디즈니 princesses. I am going to give my opinion based on myself and facts.

Esmeralda: She's not an official princess, but yes, she is the tallest. It has been confirmed.
Pocahontas; She's almost the height as John Smith, who was a tall man. She was always drawn with really long legs.
Elsa: She is Norwegian, the oldest, and has always just seem tall to me, even when she was younger.
Megara; Meg has the 초 tallest boyfriend, and is around his neck. I'm going to count it.


Aurora; Though they say she is the...
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posted by AudreyFreak
I'm bored on fanpop, haven't written anything myself in ages (sorry, still working on my Favorites list!) so here's a cliché looks list for 당신 guys to enjoy 또는 totally hate. ;) Elsa and Anna included.

13. Merida.

I think Merida's eyes look good in some shots like in this pic. In others, she looks rather scary (like Chuckie, if you've read my old Prettiest list). If she had 더 많이 defined lashes and maybe a less circular shape I'd have her higher. I don't think they're bad eyes; I just prefer the others.

 Wide, innocent, and sky-blue
Wide, innocent, and sky-blue

12. Ariel.

I'm still trying to decide if Ariel's should...
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posted by princesslullaby
Collectively written by: Princesslullaby, Cromulanfav, PpgBelle4, CuteDiana, JonnaSe.

Aurora would be an uninteresting, unrelatable, totally foolish, useless princess to Mulan. There is nothing about Aurora that 뮬란 would appreciate.

Mulan would be annoyed at a lot of the foolish things Rapunzel does. There would be, to Mulan, a lot 더 많이 bad things than good. She would dislike the choices Rapunzel makes and just find her too childish.

7.Snow White
Mulan would find her cute and funny, but there would be no admiration for her, even though she would understand...
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I say this 기사 made my sweetie-94 a couple of months 이전 and since these are my 상단, 맨 위로 two 가장 좋아하는 princesses I thought it'd be a cool idea. Sweetie-94 got this idea from KataraLover who originally made an 기사 comparing Ariel and Merida. So, let's get started! :)


Aurora and Snow White aren't as similar as most people make them out to be. Personally I find Aurora 더 많이 similar to Pocahontas and Elsa, while Snow is 더 많이 similar to Anna. They definitely have similarities though. One being the fact that they're kind to everyone they meet, neither seem to have a rude bone in their...
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I know I'm a terrible person for doing this but I couldn't resist! Feel free to call me a pig.

Snow White-Kill
I 사랑 Snow White, I really do but I wouldn't want to marry her. I mean can't survive a voice like that for the rest of my life. And I certainly wouldn't have sex with her because she's way too young and she's not very attractive. Sorry.

Duh! Who wouldn't want to marry Cinderella! She cooks, she cleans, she's sweet, she's laid back and she has a wonderful 노래 voice. Obviously sex comes along with marriage, so it's a win-win. I'd 사랑 to have her hand in marriage.

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Aurora came in last in this countdown for one obvious reason- We simply didn't see her do anything brave. While Snow White did show cowardice, she also showed bravery. Aurora simply didn't do enough to show any bravery, and only showed moments of fear. I'm willing to bet had Aurora run through the woods like Snow White, she wouldn't have been able to recover so easily, nor barge into a stranger's house.

"It's not that Aurora isn't 메리다와 마법의 숲 but she really doesn't get a chance to show us her personality so we can only assume off of what we know." (dweeb)

"will someone please name one...
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