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posted by deedragongirl
 The Poster.
The Poster.
Hi guys, since Moana will be coming to Malaysia on Boxing 일 this year. Here are my thoughts and expectations on why I'm so looking 앞으로 towards the movie!

The Story-Line

I hope that the story will not be like 겨울왕국 and I would expect something very original, and from what I heard is that Moana is not going to get a 사랑 interest like Merida and Elsa before her.

The Characters

Speaking of the characters, I hope that Moana is not going to be like a carbon copy of Merida from Brave. If she was, I would be surprise and all that! But I just hope that she's not going to be like a spoiled brat...
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posted by sweetie-94
Like I stated in my last wallpost I'm about to lose my grandmother and so I decided to write an 기사 about some of the Saddest Moments in the DP 영화 in no particular order (but I'll mention my number 1 in the end of the article). So anyway hope you'll like this article

Brave: The 2nd Sunrise
I may not be a big 팬 of Brave, but this scene is sad, when I first saw this movie in the cinemas I cried during this scene and I still find this scene to be quite sad

Cinderella: The Dress Ripping Scene
This scene is so sad to watch everytime, 신데렐라 had the chance of finally getting out of the...
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Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

I absolutely loved Ariel. I can't really go in depth about it, because when I first saw it, I was really little. (Prolly about 5 또는 6) But my feelings were pretty straightforward: she was a MERMAID & was pretty & a unique princess. I mean, I kinda wanted to be her. Who wouldn't want to live under the sea? I never really understood why she wanted be a human, though, because a mermaid was freaking amazing in my mind! Something...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Aurora was starting to get 더 많이 confident. After being scarred 의해 Maleficent, she had felt very uncomfortable with her appearance, and would refuse to go out in public, unless her face was covered. But she would still avoid people either way. She placed a lot of value on her appearance. But now she was 더 많이 confident. Her parents had convinced her to go out into public, without her face covered. She was worried. She didn't know how people were going to take this.

What if they hate me? Aurora worried.

"Stop worrying," Her mother told her.

"How did 당신 know I was worrying?"

"Pretty obvious, Aurora....
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Eight months ago, I started an 기사 series explaining my 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 opinion on each princess in as much details as possible. I've decided to start over! :) Technically, we don't know if Anna and Elsa will even be included in the lineup, but like last time, I'm including them. The categories I will analyze are: original thoughts, thoughts now, beauty, wardrobe, singing/speaking voices. Also, I will be doing these in chronological order, form my least 가장 좋아하는 princess to my favorite!

My Original Thoughts

Most of 당신 new gents and ladies weren't around to witness my blindness to the "Frozen" hype....
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
Ariel woke up.

"Other person? Are 당신 awake?"

Belle was not awake.

Ariel sighed.

She then noticed that there was a cut in her finger.

How did I get this?

Ariel wondered if there was anything sharp near where she was laying. She checked. Nothing.

Then how did I get this cut?

She had an idea. But she was going to need "the other one"'s support.


Belle woke up.

Ariel immediately got to her feet. "I need your help!"

"Um... Okay," Belle responded, "With what exactly?"

"I need 당신 to help me figure out how I got this cut." Ariel told Belle.

"Well, I don't know if I could figure that out." Belle...
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"I hope those letters get there on time." Pocahontas said as she was gathering food. "You're getting too anxious. Those things take their time getting delivered." Nakoma replied. Pocahontas had a look of doubt on her face. "Nakoma, I have to ask 당신 something. Do 당신 feel I should make 당신 Mace's godmother?" Pocahontas confessed. Nakoma's jaw dropped slightly. "Pocahontas, that's all up to you. If 당신 want to make Merida Mace's godmother, I understand." Nakoma answered. "Are 당신 sure? I mean, we've known each other all of lives and, I've only known Merida for afew years." Pocahontas wondered....
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posted by MR0290553
 She was willing to sacrifice her life for what is right!
She was willing to sacrifice her life for what is right!
1.    Pocahontas
She saw beyond skin color, she ignored the rumors that all European Settlers were dangerous. She gave one a chance, and then risked her life for him! Even though they came into her land, she welcomed them, and wanted to get to know them!
2.    Esmeralda
She did the right thing always! She stood up for those without a voice, she cried out to God, she prayed for those who were unfortunate! She is beautiful and brave, and has a beautiful heart!
3.    Cinderella
Kind and gentle to everyone, even those who mistreat her!
4.    Snow...
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posted by MR0290553
 I would adopt this sweet girl in a heartbeat!
I would adopt this sweet girl in a heartbeat!
1.    Penny
She is adorable and overrated! This poor orphaned little girl did not give up, even though she was kidnapped and forced to go down a scary black hole! She was kind to the mice, and had faith that they would help her! She was kind to Rufus, and instead of keeping the diamond for herself, she gave it to a museum! I would adopt her!
2.    Wendy
Another adorable girl, who was brave! She was sweet to Tinkerbelle and the 로스트 boys, even though they tried to kill her!
3.    Little Elsa
Sweet and playful, and she was smart to know to call her parents when Ana was hurt!
4.    Little Tiana
Good daughter and good friend!
5.    Alice
Smart and imaginative! Sweet too!
posted by avatar_tla_fan
"What are 당신 doing?" Elsa screamed. "I thought 당신 didn't believe I had ice powers!"

"Well, we do."

"Please, let me out of here!"

"Nope! Maybe later." Then he laughed.

Yeah right. he thought.


Pocahontas was a peaceful young woman. She wanted to end things like war, so they didn't happen. She was an avid supporter of campaigns trying to stop things like wars, as well as much else. However, there wasn't much she could do. All she could do was try to end a war in her city. She was in the mental hospital Elsa was, she liked to help out and support the hospital. She heard Elsa screaming....
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Alexandra was now back for the fourth time at the room that now only had 6 doors which meant she soon had helped half of them. She opened the door to the left of the earlier doors with the key on the 표, 테이블 and stepped inside.

When she stepped inside she started to sweat, the place she had come to was a town that was close to a desert.
"This is Agrabah, it's a really special town and this is where your fifth princess lives, her name is Jasmine, but she doesn't want to be a...
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 I've decided that I rather like this picture and that must be why I'm putting it at the 상단, 맨 위로 of all my articles.
I've decided that I rather like this picture and that must be why I'm putting it at the top of all my articles.
Long 제목 was long.
Anyway, short explanation. I basically chose my favourite song from each of the 디즈니 Princess films and then ordered those songs. Got that? Good.
Yes, I swear. Yes, I like a joke. Yes, I like to 암캐, 암 캐 about things. If 당신 don't like it, then there's a big red 십자가, 크로스 in the corner of your browser for that very reason.
Let the countdown begin!

9) Skumps
 Our children will marry, Our kingdoms unite, Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!
Our children will marry, Our kingdoms unite, Skumps, Skumps, Skumps!

Yes, Skumps is really my favourite Sleeping Beauty song. But it still isn't very good. I don't really like any of the songs from Sleeping Beauty.
This one...
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It's time to stop making excuses for Disney. It's time to stop congratulating 디즈니 for including a line of Oaken saying hi to his family, briefly showing them with the small possibility that that's his husband in the sauna, and then calling 겨울왕국 revolutionary. Time to stop congratulating 디즈니 over having Elsa, a character that shows no signs whatsoever of being LGBTQA+, just because she doesn't show any signs of being straight either. The fact of the matter is that 디즈니 is the largest, most influential 애니메이션 company in the entire world, heck, it's one of the largest companies in...
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This is yet again a part of my 기사 series. I hope 당신 enjoy!

Previous Parts:

My Original Thoughts

Like with Belle, I can't remember the first time I watched "Sleeping Beauty." All I know, I loved Aurora and her hair. I used to have a huge purple comforter with Aurora's face just slapped on it. Some days, I would just stare at her beauty.. okay, okay, little creepy but whatever. I loved her because she was the ideal princess in my mind, the one I always wanted to be.

My Thoughts Now

I honestly don't have much to say about Aurora. She's the epitome of elegance (pretty sure I say that every...
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Since I am trying to make the Princess Of The 월 더 많이 popular, this is another one of my ideas. In the end of each 월 I'll post articles, based on the countdowns for songs, hairstyles and outfits. There everybody will have the chance to discuss whether they agree with the results, what corresponded to their expectations, and what they wish would have been different!

I was recently informed that the problem with the pictures in the 기사 is gone, and now the pictures can be put inside the text. However, I'm going to continue using mainly pictures for my articles, because first of all, that's what I've been doing for the rest of the 기사 from these series, and second, I like this way of doing articles! So maybe at some point I will switch back to the explanatory and sophisticated words articles, but for the time being I will stick to my picture articles!

Here are the results of the POTM Hairstyles Countdown: ~*Snow White*~ (April 2013)! Enjoy and share your opinion!
 "I like the blue one more." - tiffany88
"I like the blue one more." - tiffany88
 "The red bow completes her perfectly." - CodyVenusTrent
"The red bow completes her perfectly." - CodyVenusTrent
Okay I wrote one last time now my 상단, 맨 위로 3!

1. Mulan
As 당신 might know I'm a little obsessed with her right now. She's smart and clever and not really wanting to be a perfect daughter. 뮬란 is strong and brave. My 가장 좋아하는 DP at the moment.

2. Tiana
I 사랑 her! Tania is funky, hard-working and funny. I wish I could sing like her, her voice is amazing. I 사랑 how tiana is smart and never gives up.

Belle is one beauty that I really love. She also has a amazing 노래 voice. She accepts to 사랑 the beast (Some told me I look like Belle because of our hair color, even my RL (real life)friends agree to that. She is one of my 3rd DPs.

Hope 당신 enjoyed and keep watch for my fan-fiction story, Ching Lan: the daughter of 뮬란 and Shang part 4.
Here is the first 기사 for the Best 디즈니 song countdown, showing the songs in 79st-68st place.

79. 'Gonna take 당신 there'- The Princess and the Frog.

Unsurprising that a song that is kind of unimportant and not really needed in the movie ,which may be one of the reasons, comes in last place (which imo it didn't really deserve) and also the fact that it may not be as loved as some of the other, better known 디즈니 songs probably helped it to leave.

'I seriously hate this song'-fhghu

'this song was not even needed'-BB2010

'It´s not nearly as good as some of the others...'-alexon31

78. 'One...
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posted by KataraLover
As most of 당신 know I wrote a letter to my friend who's a girl that I'm in 사랑 with. I gave it to her early at school, I told her not to read it until she got 집 and not to tell anyone about it, especially her boyfriend. When she got 집 and she read it she called me and it turns out she loves me too. I use to ask her if she had those kind of feelings for me and she said no but today she told me she lied. So this is what 디즈니 사랑 feels like! WE'RE IN LOVE! She's going to break up with her boyfriend but it's not just because it me. Actually she thinks he's really clingy and that he's...
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Note: The 겨울왕국 franchise and Captain 팬티, 속옷 are not owned 또는 created 의해 me.

Anna said "Good news Elsa."

Elsa said "Oh no."

Anna said "I said good news. 당신 should be saying yay."

Elsa said "Yay."

Anna said "A fellow super hero wants to meet us. Come on."

Elsa said "Okay."

Anna and Elsa went to their hero cave and put on their costumes. They wore underclothes, a mask, cape, and boots. The only difference between Anna and Elsa's costumes is that Anna's is 담홍색, 핑크 and Elsa's is blue.

Elsa said "I feel silly dressed like this."

Anna said "You should be proud. We are about to meet the super hero...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Yep, that's right today I'm going to defend Merida, a princess I've seen a lot of undeserved hate. She is number four on my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess list, and it kills me how much hate she gets, and I don't think people see the good side of her.

Is there a good side of her? Of course there is! There's a good side in everyone, but everyone is so busy focusing on denouncing her for her flaws, that they forget to admire her flaws. Admire her for her strengths.

I admit, I agree that Merida can be a brat, but what princess isn't? They all have bratty moments, why is Merida the only one being hated...
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