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I got this idea from KataraLover after a long time of wondering what to write about. It was actually very easy to assign 당신 all to these characters. I only have one, maybe two users for each princess so don’t feel bad if you’re not on here, we haven’t been very active lately on 팬팝 anyway. Anyway, on with the list!

1. Snow White

MalloMar - I’ve only just recently gotten to know her on here, but she’s really sweet and kind. I like her way of 글쓰기 and can always appreciate her optimism so far. I’m looking 앞으로 to getting to know 당신 better!

2. Cinderella

Sparklefairy375 - She’s really kind and generally sweet and level headed girl. A lot of the time when I see her 코멘트 she reminds me of what Snow White would say in this situation, whether it’s to keep the peace 또는 something really pleasant and nice to say. I also think that Sparklefairy has a good sense of right and wrong and doesn’t let the bad things bother her. She speaks her mind and is always kind to others. I don’t know if anybody else does this either, but when I read 코멘트 I kind of give each person their own “voice” and I read hers as very gentle XD, I hope that doesn’t sound weird. But it’s great to have 당신 here Sparklefairy! I always look 앞으로 to your contributions.

3. Aurora

Tiffany88 - I see Aurora as a really charming and regal character who is really playful. I also see tiffany88 as that especially the regal part. She carries herself nicely and always comes across as very elegant. She’s also “on point” with her icons, her comments, and her aesthetic. I feel like tiffany88 doesn’t need to say much, but when she does she gets her point across and lightens up the air, so to speak. Very Aurora-esque, if 당신 will. Hail to the princess?

4. Ariel

That has to go to Wavesurf, very passionate and graven and always saying what she wants to and how she feels on every post! I really admire her strong opinions and willingness to get her point across. Definitely reminds me of her 가장 좋아하는 fiery redhead.

5. Belle

MaidofOrleans - Very soft spoken and analytical, but ultimately very kind and trusting. I 사랑 읽기 her 기사 and opinions, they’re always refreshing to read and show a different side to things that I didn’t think about before. I can definitely see her as a bookworm that’s always 읽기 and talking about her 가장 좋아하는 stories and characters

BB210 - Another user that is analytical and always comes up with interesting 질문 또는 comments. A well-spoken and driven person who is always polite and 읽기 a situation well. Does that make sense? I feel like she’s a little less like Belle than MaidofOrleans, but I also think this is the best fit for a princess!

6. 재스민 속, 재 스민

KataraLover - Very expressive and unafraid to voice his opinions and concerns. Always livens up the atmosphere around here! I also really like his wallpost rants on a new movie 또는 anything like that. Still an altruistic and fun person to talk while still being fiery and honest. He also has really cool ideas (like this article), which reminds me of when 재스민 속, 재 스민 says she’s a fast learner. I don’t know, but I really like this pairing for princess!

UnholyNoise - I don’t know if it’s so much passion 또는 sass, but UnholyNoise is historical with her witty 코멘트 here and there and her strong willed-opinions that always strive for fairness and make a lot of sense. It’s great to see 당신 on the 투표 when you’re here, I find myself always being swayed 의해 your opinions.

7. Pocahontas

Mongoose09 - If I remember correctly, I recall one time 당신 saying your Myers-Briggs personality was INFJ. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the same (supposed) personality type of Pocahontas! Which I thought was really fitting. I think your 코멘트 are always very thought through and your opinions always have some kind of meaning behind it which I think is much like Pocahontas is both a intellectual way, but also in a fun kind of “go with the flow” way. I really appriciate your contributions when 당신 do make them, and we actually have a lot in common!

8. Mulan

ApplesauceDoctr - She’s all about girl power and she has very straight 앞으로 and interesting 코멘트 to make on polls. I really like her style, the vibe she gives is very woman-warrior and it’s great! A very confident person that always has something to do. Funnily enough, the only only I thought of when I thought about Mulan.

9. Tiana

AudreyFreak - Really conservative, but also outspoken and a hard-worker, specially with her 기사 (which I 사랑 BTW). Another user who I think is very analytical, but much 더 많이 vocal with her option and explains how she came to the conclusions that she did. Not really a stick-in-the-mud, but definitely really sharp with her ideas which is a really under appreciated trait! A very kind person, who needs to come on the spot 더 많이 often, her contributions are greatly missed 의해 me at least.

10. Rapunzel

Deedragongirl - Very flamboyant and bubbly girl, who has a bit of naïveté, but is a joy to have around! Another altruistic user with a large 심장 and a lot to say. It’s great seeing her around the club!

Winxclubgirl202 - A really bubbly user with a great personality. I 사랑 seeing the 질문 and opinions 당신 have on the 벽 each day.

11. Merida

I honestly don’t know a user who’s a lot like Merida, but I’d say the closest is notbrandyss 또는 missbrandy? Very fiery soul with a lot to say and high energy. Really 앞으로 with her opinions and always has something interesting to say.

I also think UnholyNoise is a lot like Merida too, but 재스민 속, 재 스민 슈츠 her better!

I hope 당신 guys enjoyed my 기사 and like your typings, sorry if I gave 당신 your least 가장 좋아하는 princess 또는 something, I just did what I thought your personality was the most like, please don’t take any offense. I like all the users on this list so don’t feel bad about it!
I have always been intrigued with crossovers among 디즈니 princess couples. Although, honestly, most of these couples are for imagination and fictional enjoyment only as I tend to find 더 많이 and 더 많이 similarities between them than the original couples. I prefer original couple but sometimes i imagine different pairings as well.
Hope people won't find it awkward 또는 weird to see these pairings and would enjoy it as interesting read. Having said that, I'd 사랑 to hear your opinions of why any of these pairing is completely off and who would 당신 rather pair them with?

1. Snow – Charming

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Here's my list of 디즈니 Princess couples, it's primarily based on what connected with me in their relationship and what i find admirable. I do have some ifs and buts with few couples but that's just my way of looking at how a relationship grow

1. 뮬란 and Shang:
Theirs a relation that I actually look up to with great admiration and respect. They both were mature to handle a relationship before falling for each other. Their 사랑 grew out of mutual trust, understanding and respect rather than romantic feelings. It is to not say that romantic feelings are not true 또는 valuable, it's my personal...
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So as some of 당신 may have read, and if not then I highly recommend(!), my link. In that article, I mentioned a website called link which helped me a lot with understanding dominant characteristics relative to seasons. This site also provided a little Fashion Style Quiz! So, I couldn't help myself but to try and put myself in each of the DP's shoes and take the 퀴즈 for each DP to see what style they'd get. I humbly do believe the results came out fairly accurate but I'd 사랑 to hear what 당신 guys think!

I listed each 디즈니 Princess in accordance with their dominant fashion persona. They all...
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Here's another ranking of my 가장 좋아하는 DP outfits. I find 디즈니 can work on at least signature dresses of princesses, there are hardly any that I absolutely 사랑 and wish to own them but there are some great dresses that I really like and here's my 상단, 맨 위로 10 favorite.

1. Aurora's Blue Gown:

Elegance and grace is dripping from this masterpiece. Sleek and straight cut of the dress makes it sophisticated. I 사랑 the broad shoulder to the dress with pin pointed sleeves, shows off her poise so beautifully. I like the nipping of the waistline and the flair of the 겉옷, 가운 only opens when she twirls,...
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It is the 월 of October which, in reference to DPs, definitely makes me think of the villains! Since I enjoy themes, October will have a "Halloween, Autumn, 또는 Villain" theme in most of my posts. This one is going with 할로윈 & Villains! I still cannot add any 사진 to these 기사 but I will be doing so as soon as possible. I only included the villains that I actually remember doing an "evil laugh" in their original film:

9. Governor Ratcliffe- Pocahontas: Not really an evil laugh, 더 많이 of a "bad person" laugh. Not too scary.

8. Lady Tremaine- Cinderella: Although it's evil,...
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