Digimon vs 포켓몬스터 Give some perfect reasons for why Digimons are stronger than Pokemons!

AninditaS posted on Dec 30, 2011 at 03:38AM
The last question i asked about this was totally messed up and i didn't got a thing clear.
Again,i want to state i want reasons so please mention them in proper way not in the state of argument.

Digimon vs 포켓몬스터 2 replies

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over a year ago Green_Row said…
For one, their is such a big power gap in Digimon evaluations compared to Pokemon. By champion(adult) digimon are demi-kaijus, easily capable for warping landscapes easily. One example that comes to mind is Seadramon. Of course, aside from normal Pokemon, the legendary and others of close power would probably hold out well. But with the bound between Digimon and their tamers, one would be quite a force to be reckoned with against Digimon.
over a year ago EmberBot said…
One of the reasons why a digimon would be stronger than a pokemon is that in the digital world they fight for their LIFE. Unlike in the pokemon world where they fight for a competition. I am just comparing the "mon"( without legendary pokemon or mega digimon) by their will to fight a digimon will kill for the sake of there partners (see Digimon Adventure 02). And we cannot forget the fact that digimon have WEAPONS! A fight between a gun and pokemon, the gun will win. One last reason I will say that digimon are smarter. there can be arguments about this but digimon can speak with human on a intellectual level. Pokemon are closer to animal (legendary excluded) they behave like loyal pets.