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posted by mountaindewman
I didn't see Bunk'd , i was busy , I'll review THAT tonight . HOPEFULLY!

Anyways, the movie is about 4 디즈니 villain children. Jay, son of Jafar , Carlos , son of Cruella deville. Evie, daugther of Evil Queen. and Mal, daughter of Maleficent. All being invited to be trained in the good 디즈니 kids kingdom, .

FIrst, let's adress the the obvious problem, HOW ARE THEY STILL ALIVE?! All of them died, except Cruella Deville! And , yes Jafar did die , although he died in the 초 알라딘 movie. It's never really explained. I guess it's a nitpick .

Second, the 연기 , Man did they pick the wrong...
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