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We all admire Audrey, especially me. Audrey is so beautiful! I like her hair, her eyes, her lips and her evil laugh. Most admire Audrey's evil 퀸 looks. Today I have a surprise for those who want to look like her, this 기사 is about how to look like Audrey.

The first thing we have to do is, of course, buy Audrey's purplish-pink wig. The wig looks like this:
For those who say they won't buy the wig, my 조언 is:
Wave your hair. Then paint in shades of 담홍색, 핑크 and purple.

After the hair part, there is the costume. 당신 need to buy Audrey's gorgeous, feathered costume. The costume is not a...
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I used to find Harry Hook ugly and I hated him. But that changed when I rewatched Descendants. Harry Hook was a great character. Harry was hilarious also I don't understand why I found him ugly before, he's handsome.

My 가장 좋아하는 couple in Descendants was Uma and Harry. I loved their relationship because even though they were in 사랑 with each other, they never showed it. They had a cold-blooded but friendly relationship.

I really wanted Harry to 키스 Uma but they just hugged and at the end of the movie as Harry tried to 키스 Uma, Uma pushed him away.

Uma was offended 의해 him because Harry was hanging...
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posted by elsafan1010
Descendants has been on my 가장 좋아하는 movie list in recent months. It's a great movie. Today I am 글쓰기 the lyrics of one of the characters, Audrey's song "Queen of Mean".

I am so tired of pretending
Where is my happy ending?
I followed all the rules, I drew inside the lines
I never asked for anything that wasn't mine
I waited patiently for my time but when it finally came
He called her name
And Now I feel this overwhelming pain
I mean its in my veins
I mean its in my brain
My thoughts are running in a 원, 동그라미 like a toy train
I am kinda like a perfect picture with a broken frame
I know exactly who to blame...
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posted by elsafan1010
Long Summary: King Ben gives chance to 4 villains on the 로스트 island and invites them to Aurodon, but the 4 VKs try to steal the fairy's staff. To take advantage of Ben, they make Ben fall in 사랑 with Mal. But Ben really falls in 사랑 with her and that's why Mal and his 프렌즈 choose the good. In Descendants 2, Mal, tired of being a princess, returns to the hideous island where they were born and is captured 의해 Uma as Ben tries to bring her back. Uma is angry with Ben for not inviting Uma and her pirate 프렌즈 to Auradon. They say that if they take the staff from Mal and rule the world,...
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posted by mountaindewman
I didn't see Bunk'd , i was busy , I'll review THAT tonight . HOPEFULLY!

Anyways, the movie is about 4 디즈니 villain children. Jay, son of Jafar , Carlos , son of Cruella deville. Evie, daugther of Evil Queen. and Mal, daughter of Maleficent. All being invited to be trained in the good 디즈니 kids kingdom, .

FIrst, let's adress the the obvious problem, HOW ARE THEY STILL ALIVE?! All of them died, except Cruella Deville! And , yes Jafar did die , although he died in the 초 알라딘 movie. It's never really explained. I guess it's a nitpick .

Second, the 연기 , Man did they pick the wrong...
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