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posted by pumpkinqueen
Daniel Robert (Danny) Elfman was born on May 29, 1953 in Los Angeles, California. Elfman is the son of Blossom Elfman, a writer and a teacher, and Milton Elfman, a teacher who was in the Air Force. His father had also been a jazz trumpet player before Danny and his brother were born. Danny Elfman’s brother, Richard Elfman, is three 년 older and works as a director. He is the Uncle in-law to actress Jenna Elfman.                    
Danny Elfman met actress Bridget Fonda while working on...
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Who do 당신 want to be today?
Who do 당신 want to be?
Who do 당신 want to be today?
Do 당신 want to be just like someone on T.V.?

Oh boredom is so terrible, it's like a dread disease
Nothing could be worse
Than when there's nothing on T.V.
I'd rather be a cowboy than to stare blank at the walls
I've been reborn so many times
I can't remember them all
(And I say)


Just like someone on T.V.!

I think I'll be a teddy boy, I think I'll be a 큰 덩어리, 한 조각
I think I'll be a tough guy and I think I'll be a punk
I might just be a fashion 별, 스타
All dressed in frilly rags
Or perhaps I'll 십자가, 크로스 the other...
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posted by Bluekait
(I thought I heard somebody cry -- I thought I heard somebody cry)

I went to see what I could find
Like 꽃 in the dead of night
Like shadows in the moonlight -- I though I heard somebody cry
A choir with a single voice -- A picnic on a cliff
Antenna like an insect -- To pick up all your thoughts

It isn't true
I am not the ghost
Without a soul . . . Come
Listen to my 심장
You feel the beat . . . Stop
Listen to the sound
Of moving feet . . . Walk
Through the halls at night
When I'm asleep
I don't believe . . .I don't believe

The shoe is on the other foot -- The 장갑 is on the fist...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
(What is the law?)
(What is the law?)

Animals came from miles around
So tired of walking so close toe the ground
They needed a chance, that's what they said
Life is better walking on two legs
But they were in for a big surprise
'Cause they didn't know the law!

(What is the law)
No spill blood
What is the law
(No spill blood)

(Who makes the rules)
Someone else
Who makes the rules
(Someone else)

The rules are written in the stone
Break the rules and 당신 get no 본즈
All 당신 get is ridicule, laughter
And a trip to the house of pain!

CHORUS (in reverse order)

We walk on two legs not on four...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Well I wish real hard when I close my eyes
If I could change the world--would I even try
If I found a reason to regain my pride
Oh if I try to believe--try to believe

It's so hard to find an answer
It's so hard to stand alone
It's so hard to find a feeling
That was buried long 이전
It's so hard to trust another
When it's easier to hide
It's so hard to believe
Unless we try baby try

If I had a dream and it got away
If I found the words would I know what to say
If I had a chance to be someone else
Yeah if I try to believe, try to believe

It's so hard to find an answer
It's so hard...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Danny I 사랑 you
I 사랑 당신 so much
I just wish we could touch.

I listen to your music
I listen to your scores
I listen to my 심장 ake ever slightly more

How I wish I was old
How I wish I was
But there is no way that can happen
I can never be with you

당신 well never know me
I well never know you
If I met you
My dream would come true

(this is in dutch)

Danny ik hou 봉고차, 반 jou
ik hou zo veel 봉고차, 반 jou
ik wensde dat we elkaar konden aanraken

ik luister naar je muziek
ik luister naar je soundtracks
ik luister naar mijn hart nog een beetje meer

ik wensde dat ik oud was
ik wens het zo erg
maar er is geen mogelijkheid dat dat gaat gebeuren
ik kan nooit bij jou zijn

je zal me nooit kennen
ik zal jou nooit kennen
als ik je ontmoet
zal mijn droom uitkomen
1. 당신 look up pictures of the person all the time.

2. 당신 can't stop thinking of the person.

3. 당신 dream about marrying the person.

4. 당신 drool everytime 당신 watch them sing.

5. 당신 have a giggle fit everytime they take their 셔츠 off.

6. 당신 have a million pictures of the person.

7. 당신 want to meet the person 더 많이 then anything.

8. 당신 know their songs 의해 heart.

9. 당신 dream of 키싱 them.

10. 당신 want to kill anybody who makes fun of that person.

11. 당신 watch 비디오 with that person in it all the time.

12. 당신 have them as your icon.

13. 당신 would die for them.
posted by pumpkinqueen
Oh Danny can't 당신 see
I was made for you
and 당신 for me

I well 사랑 당신 forever
I well always be true
nothing well make me live you

Even if 당신 are gone most of the day
Nothing well make me go away
I well never stop loving you

Everytime 당신 smile I'll smile
Everytime your sad I'll dry your tears
I well walk far for what 당신 need
Even if I have to walk miles

(this is in french)

OH Danny ne vous voir
J'ai été faite pour vous
et vous me

Je t'aime bien à jamais j'être bien toujours vrai
rien de bien me faire vivre vous

Même si vous n'êtes plus disparu de la journée
Rien de bien me faire disparaître
J'ai bien jamais arrêter épris de vous

Chaque fois que vous souriez je vais sourire
Chaque fois que votre triste je vais sécher vos larmes
posted by pumpkinqueen
Superstar~by~Taylor Swift

This is wrong but
I can't help but feel like
There ain't nothing 더 많이 right babe
Misty morning comes again and I can't
Help but wish I could see your face

And I knew from the first note played I'd be breaking all my rules to see you
You smile that beautiful smile
And all the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like
I can't take my eyes off of you
I'm no one special, just another wide-eyed girl
Who's desperately in 사랑 with you
Give me a photograph to hang on my wall

Good morning loneliness
Comes around when I'm not dreaming about...
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Livin' way up now in a penthouse high
Our steaks are rare and our martini's dry
Folks below they say it ain't fair
Hell with them, I really don't care
Joie de vivre, mon amie
Ain't this the life

Having a party on a big jet plane
I got so drunk that I could feel no pain
Hangin' out in Acapulco,
Drinkin' 럼 주, 럼 and sniffin' co-co
Pretty senorita look this way
Dancing through the night
Everything's alright
Girlfriend and a wife
Ain't this the life, Ain't this the life
Ain't this the life, baby, baby, baby . . .

Tropical island in the deep blue sea
The natives are friendly and the lobster's free
Sipping 코냑 like...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
With sadness in my 심장 and joy in my mind
I thought about the ghost that we left behind.
With everyone around telling us what to do
With deafening sound whisper "I 사랑 you."
The 불, 화재 in your eyes-- may it never go out.
The sweetness of your tears make it feel like night.
I see no escape from the roles we always play
What do we have to prove on this judgement 일

You're missing the whole point-- you're not my little pet
Don't throw away your life-- The games not over yet
I do not own your soul--don't want 당신 in a cage
I only want your 심장 to find a special place

You're mine now But you're...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Ode to Danny
의해 ~The-Journalist

he sings to her
and my heart
i almost wish
that it's me
that he'd sing to.
a voice like honey,
a mind like a labyrinth
a smile like flame and ice.

red-haired devil,
당신 have stolen my heart
and i'm not asking for it back.
ah, ye of the Wildean wit,
and of the double-edged tongue,
your psalms are recited 의해 me each day.
당신 play god and the devil each 일 with my mind,
your works teasing my ears.

but he will never know me.
and each day,
my soul becomes less hopeful.
but oh, if he could only hear my words,
'twould be enough for me
and my soul
could live gracefully.
posted by pumpkinqueen
Ode To Danny Elfman
의해 ~PMElfman

My 심장 bled
when I found out
man of my dreams
without a doubt
now he's married
to Bridget Fonda;
a man the size
of an anaconda.

His hair so red
his eyes so hazel
lullaby in 침대
the voice of an 앤젤
with a devilish smile
he is so divine
and a little bit wild
I wish he were mine.

Some call it
I like to call it
a confession
for what I love,
this infection
of harmony from above.

(I got this of the deviantart site)
posted by pumpkinqueen
Dear danny
의해 ~AtlanaCullen

Dear Danny,
I never write stuff for just anyone.
But 당신 deserve it.
With every letter I type.
With every word I read.
I hope one 일 당신 will see.
How much your 음악 means to me.

Everyone else may listen to what they please.
As long as I have your 음악 my mind is at ease.

So thank you, my dear friend.
For being who 당신 are.
And making Music.
Thats just too good to be considered art.
Fore it is much 더 많이 to me.

So here it is.
All I have ever really wanted to say.

Thank 당신 for singing,
and that I will be a 팬 till the end.
posted by ILuvSweeneyTodd
Oh, Alice where have 당신 been?
So near, so far 또는 in between?
What have 당신 heard what have 당신 seen?
Alice, Alice, please Alice!

Oh, tell us are 당신 big 또는 small
To try this one 또는 try them all
It's such a long, long way to fall
Alice, Alice, oh Alice!

How can 당신 know this way not that?
You choose the door 당신 choose the path
Perhaps 당신 should be coming back
Another day, another 일

And nothing is quite what it seems
You're dreaming are 당신 dreaming, oh, Alice?
(Oh, how will 당신 find your way? Oh, how will 당신 find your way?)
(There's not time for tears today. There's no time for tears today.)...
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