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Well , english is not my first linguage, but I am gonna to do my best. Reasons that I think why DE is endgame:
Elena and Matt broke up because it wasn't passionate , but Elena and Stefan 사랑 wasn't passionate too.
Stefan and Elena fell for each other " instantly" and they start dating in the 초 episode without knowing anything about each other, and then they start to see the worst of each other, Damon and Elena know the best and worst of each other because they were enemies , then friends, then best friend and then boyfriend and girlfriend , they have journey and Stefan and Elena don't....
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January 5th marks a momentous 일 in the lives of every DE shipper across the world. (Actually, it's January 6th for me, because I live in the UK). Have 당신 calmed down yet, 또는 are 당신 still buzzed and freaking out? I suspect it's the latter.
Where to begin? The DE fandom had heard so many whispers that something big would happen in 3x10 in the weeks leading up to January 5th, that I think we were all kind of anxiously expecting/waiting for THE KISS. After all, DE must be the only ship on TV who have had trick kisses (1x22), unreciprocated kisses (2x01), and almost kisses (3x02 and 3x06), and...
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