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We all want Delena to stay together, and it would be lame to repeat the story the other way around and let S5 go like S4 only in the other direction; and it can’t work anyway because Stelena have no passion and chemistry and couldn’t be used as a resisting couple. That would have no real variation and is also very unlikely because Elena now has a complete knowledge of how things are and tested being with Stefan in every possible way without it working out. There have been hints and signs for DE, parallels and similarities for them, their build up and journey throughout the whole story,...
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Differences between Delena and Stelena.
First of all I need 당신 to know that no matter what 당신 read down here and how 당신 see it,I'm multishiper and I ship both-Delena and Stelena. But when people say that they 사랑 both couples the same,they don't really want to admit that it's impossible. 당신 just can't feel the same for two absolutely different things,it's not natural,so...here's my choice. It thought it wouldn't be easy,but when I put it all like this it turned out to be easiest decision I ever had to make. One 더 많이 thing,I decided which couple is my first and which one I 사랑 the most,but...
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 L.J.Smith felt that Damon and Elena as end game felt right...
L.J.Smith felt that Damon and Elena as end game felt right...
Me, like most in the Vampire Diaries fanbase ship, ship the couple that is Damon and Elena, 또는 as it's known, Delena. I have to admit to myself, I didn't always ship Delena, although looking back at the times when I didn't, I laugh. When The Vampire Diaries started, I was just becoming a teenager. I didn't understand everything, I didn't know 또는 want 사랑 as I do today. I'm still young, I haven't experianced love, and I think it might be a while untill I truely do, but I was starting to becoming a teenager when the show started. I hadn't looked into the Vampire Diaries that much, and I thought...
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I'm torn between much 더 많이 than two lovers
I'm torn between two different ways of life.
One showed me what it was like to 사랑 another.
The other? What it feels like to fly.

My first 사랑 gave me a 안전한, 안전 haven,
a quiet place to hide when I was scared.
Everything in life revolved around him.
I knew that other loves could not compare.
I never thought that I could 사랑 another,
no one could ever tempt me to stray.
Then one 일 my eyes were opened to him
and I knew our 사랑 could never be the same.

It was in this time that my 심장 found another
and so much 더 많이 than the first he makes me smile.
I can't imagine...
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뱀파이어 다이어리
데이먼 살바토레
엘레나 길버트
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