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maryam1311 posted on Jun 08, 2011 at 03:27AM
Saw this on a different spot this is how it works.
^ Answers the question.
< Tell what you're doing.
v Ask a new question.

Favorite DE scene?

^ The Kiss Scene
< Talking to my Best Friend
v What is your Dog name?

you can ask anything doesn't have to be DE related

have fun just
Here's the question:
v: What was the last movie you saw

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over a year ago Vanii_TVD said…
big smile
^ Season 3
< watching TV
Are you team Forwood?
over a year ago Madelayna said…

< eating unhealthy food ;p

v who do you wanna be in the future?
over a year ago Lostie58 said…
^ zoologist
< eating chick-fil-a
V do you think elena will confess her love to damon in season 3?
over a year ago bdavis98 said…
^i hope so
< watching B&S and trying to geta gree meadle on castle spot
V do u hate bonnie?
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
^ I used to, but less now
< Voting
v Least favorite character of all your least fave characters from any show you watch(ed)?
over a year ago piperleoforever said…
^ Maybe Isobel.
< Watching TVD
v Did you / do you still ship Beremy (<3) ?
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
^ I shipped them, yeah.
< Fanning the vids on this spot, making icons, making promo pics for my TVD story
v Do you write/read fan fiction?
over a year ago piperleoforever said…
^ Read. I dont write.
< Fanpoping and being sick
v Have you ever been in a rehab center?
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over a year ago queen-seli said…
^ no never
< Delena for EVER!!!
v Which Season is ur favorite?!
over a year ago iloveyou6 said…
^ Hm.. that's a hard question, I actually don't have a favorite season. I like them all excluding the SE scenes.
< On tumblr and here on fanpop with my right shoulder hurting!
v Do you dislike Stefan or SE if so why? If not explain.
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over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
^ I don't overall dislike Stefan, just sometimes when he's being anti Damon or just overly annoying. As for Stelena... i don't think I'd say i hate them, i think they've had some nice/cute scenes, but i just do not ship them and i don't believe they are good for each other or right for each other. The only thing i strongly dislike is SE fans. Not all of them of course, some of my best friends on here are SE fans. Just the rude, disrespectful ones i don't like.

< Making a DE playlist!

V What are your personal Top 5 Delena songs? [doesn't have to be ones played on the show]
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
^ 1)Never let me go 2)Echo 3)Holding on & Letting go 4)All I Need 5)Everything (wasn't on the show(yet))

< listening to TVD soundtrack

v how do you spend your day (except doing DE stuff)
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
^ I babysit 2 boys after school from 3-6, take them to baseball a few times a week & i like to read, watch tv/movies and work on icons. Also, i of course like to be on fanpop!

< Hanging out at my grandparents & getting ready to work on my 20in20 icons.

V Who are your top 5 favorite couples aside from Delena?
over a year ago mrssalvatore6 said…
^ Klaroline, Steferine, Rebekah and Matt,and Elijah and Katherine (I can't think of any others)

< On the Delena forum :)

v Do you ship Klaus and Caroline?
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
^ kinda, but Forwood as well

< going to prepare the second chapter of The Host for publishing on fanfiction.net

v your top 3 favorite actors? (of anything)
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
^ Marilyn Monroe, Jensen Ackles & Rachel McAdams

< Getting ready to go to my little brothers baseball game.

V If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be & what would you do?
over a year ago queen-seli said…
^ Nina Dobrev i would go shopping with her=)
< watching Alice in the Wonderland
V Most Heartbreaking Scene in the Season Final?
over a year ago ILoveYouDelena said…
^ The flashback of Elena underwater with her parents
< Watching Lost
v What would you do if you ever met the cast? (Ian, Nina, Candace, Paul, Matt, Michael,Joseph,...)
over a year ago queen-seli said…
^ wanna go eating ice cream with Nina =)
< uploading pics
V When have u seen the last episode from season 3?
over a year ago SpikesGirl said…
^The exact time it aired
<drinking coffee, fanpopping on the Delena forum (lol) and working on my fanfiction TVD character
v Who your fav. Characters from TVD, Supernatural, Lost Girl?
over a year ago queen-seli said…
^ from TVD: Damon Supernatural i don´t watch it Lost Girl: i don´t watch=)
< Watching Up =)
V Which Actor from TVD is ur Fav?
over a year ago clairmxxx said…
^ Ian Somerhalder or Joseph Morgan, i can't chose ;P
< eating tuna pasta and on delena forum :D
v do you watch gossip girl?
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over a year ago SpikesGirl said…
^Nope, not particularly interested.
<Working on my Twitter, follow @KaylaJSalvatore
V Most invalid argument against Delena?
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
^ Stefan met her first.
<Watching Misha Collins on Youtube
vDo you another social network account, like facebook, twitter,...?
over a year ago clairmxxx said…
^yep, i have facebook and youtube(if that counts as one) my youtube is link" if you interested ;)
< eating dinner and fanpopping :)
v have you read TVD books ?
over a year ago queen-seli said…
^ yes
< watching TV
v ur fav Actress on TVD?
over a year ago xoheartinohioxo said…
^ Candice ♥
< Getting ready to make some icons for a few icon contests here on fanpop. && I'm finally going to post voting picks for the 20in20 contest on TV Couples spot. lol I've been so busy these past few weeks, I know some people on there are annoyed with me for not posting the picks since the icons were due on like the 11th :O
V What do you hope to see happen in S4? [Not just with DE, but overall what do you want for everyone.]
over a year ago queen-seli said…
^Want to see Klaus in his own Body
<write here=)
V When u became a DE fan?!
over a year ago vampireacademy6 said…
^From episode 2 of season 1 ;-)
< Checking my e-mail
V Do you more like Caroline or Katherine?
over a year ago queen-seli said…
< watching a movie
V Which Episode was the Saddest for u?
over a year ago SpikesGirl said…
^ Episode 3X20, when the Alaric I FELL IN LOVE WITH, died and the evil one took over.
<Living in my Meremy (Matt/Jeremy) bubble.
V Favorite non-cannon ship?
over a year ago AnamHussain95 said…
big smile
^ Caroline and Klaus (though I am hating Caroline now)
< Listening to music
v Favorite Delena scene?