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WARNING...If 당신 ship Bamon, do not read! I repeat, DO NOT READ!!!

*This 기사 deals with Show Bamon, not Book Bamon.

I nearly didn't 게시하기 this because I was worried that it might instigate a shipper war and that's the last thing I want. I've found that Bamon can be a bit of a smoking gun in DE's fanspot, and Bamon shippers have sometimes wandered in of their own sweet will and read things about their beloved ship which were intended for Delena fans, and as 당신 can guess, the results weren't pretty. I was also a bit scared in case I turned the presence of Bamon into a bigger deal than they...
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Elena opens her big expressive 초콜릿 eyes. She slowly looks around
in the black darkness. Elena couldn't make out where she was 또는 remember
how she got here.

Elena's head was throbbimg with a sharp pain. She could feel the now
dried blood upon her elagant face. Elena tried to call out for Damon
but her normally serene voice eluded her.

"Damon..." she said in her most weak attempt. Her now almost 밤나무
colored eyes slowly searched the blackness. Elena's eyes slightly adjusted
to the darkness. Elena had a forboding feeling that eyes were watching
her although she couldn't see them. She shivered...
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I believe that if 당신 pay close attention, you'll see that there are many parallels regarding scenes, songs and 인용구 which are too numerous 또는 meaningful to just be coincedental.

The Pilot

When Bonnie and Elena are in the car, and Bonnie is telling Elena she's psychic, Elena challenges her to "Predict something about me."
Bonnie: "I see..."
(A 까마귀 hits the windshield.)

Bonnie: When I touched you, I saw a crow.
Elena: What?
Bonnie: A crow. There was fog...and a man.

Damon is always saving Elena -
He picked her up and carried her away from the crash in 1x11.
He picked her up and carried her to Stefan...
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posted by panther-jewel
When I go through 코멘트 on "The Vampire Diaries", I read over and over that 팬 have never wanted a couple to get together that much before, as they now yearn for Damon and Elena to end up together; and that is exactly how I feel, too. There is such an overwhelming majority who ships Delena, while Stefan is not presented as an evil guy 또는 something like that, and there has to be a reason for that enormous number of our size.
Damon and Elena are not only presented to be very much alike, there are so MANY parallels for them; they say things not only in the same way, but often WORD 의해 WORD;...
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posted by delena-elemon
When people form 팬 bases ,obviously the 팬 of those very 팬 bases are very passionate about what they are shipping,eg,as are we with delena ,but some of those 팬 become so passionate that they clearly cannot see whats infront of them ,and start to make their own stories up according to what makes them happy...in other words they become delusional, i have noticed that some of us delena 팬 do admit to whats going on in many cases ,and we do not make excuses for something we see instead we get really upset about it...i do wish that OTHER 팬 bases hmm...hmm 당신 know which one im talking...
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 credit: az0965022
credit: az0965022
Big thanks to everyone who reads and supports my articles, especially: twinflames, DelenaDiaries, loveVD-DS, HaleyDewit, paugpaug, RachaelF8, eve_k, bratski2192, BuffyAngel101, Manonx, Nutika, Delena4eva, STEFIdi, and mariasaltaki7, who told me she wanted to 'read more.'

"As much as I 사랑 Stefan I need (DE) to be the endgame in this 사랑 triangle. If it isn't, then what is true 사랑 anyway?"

I saw that 코멘트 on ShatteredxDesires' 'Timeless Love' video, the one Julie re-tweeted (if 당신 haven't already watched it, it's a must-see). The video and the 코멘트 made me re-think my opinion of 'endgame'....
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How many 사랑 stories begin with hatred? Maybe 더 많이 than 당신 think...

"...I had not known 당신 a 월 before I felt that 당신 were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry."
(Elizabeth Bennett's rejection of Darcy's proposal in 'Pride and Prejudice'.)

"I peeked up at him one 더 많이 time, and regretted it. He was glaring down at me again, his black eyes full of revulsion.
(Bella's first encounter with Edward in 'Twilight')

"He doesn't want to feel, he wants to be hated, it's just easier that way. He got his wish. I hate him Stefan."
(Elena, 2x01 'The Return')

It might seem odd...
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posted by delenabest17
Well , english is not my first linguage, but I am gonna to do my best. Reasons that I think why DE is endgame:
Elena and Matt broke up because it wasn't passionate , but Elena and Stefan 사랑 wasn't passionate too.
Stefan and Elena fell for each other " instantly" and they start dating in the 초 episode without knowing anything about each other, and then they start to see the worst of each other, Damon and Elena know the best and worst of each other because they were enemies , then friends, then best friend and then boyfriend and girlfriend , they have journey and Stefan and Elena don't....
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January 5th marks a momentous 일 in the lives of every DE shipper across the world. (Actually, it's January 6th for me, because I live in the UK). Have 당신 calmed down yet, 또는 are 당신 still buzzed and freaking out? I suspect it's the latter.
Where to begin? The DE fandom had heard so many whispers that something big would happen in 3x10 in the weeks leading up to January 5th, that I think we were all kind of anxiously expecting/waiting for THE KISS. After all, DE must be the only ship on TV who have had trick kisses (1x22), unreciprocated kisses (2x01), and almost kisses (3x02 and 3x06), and...
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I read SEers arguments why SE are the IT couple 또는 endgame and have to say they are very weak. First would be: “ND and PW are the lead actors on TVD” First of all, where was it ever said that they are leads? There can be three leads on TVD. How can anyone deny that Ian is a lead actor? That is why the 나무, 트리 of them always promotes the show. Not just ND and PW, but IS as well. Just because PW name come first doesn´t make him 더 많이 of a lead then Ian. That doesn´t make SE 더 많이 important then Damon. Same person who claims that ND and PW are the main leads playing main characters mention that...
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posted by AnamHussain95
I am 글쓰기 this because well.. i have a lot fangirl feelings and i need to put them down. Also to knock some sense into people who think an already written destiny is 더 많이 'epic' than two people who fell in 사랑 with each other unconditionally and irretrievably.

Stefan and Elena, the two doppelgangers were 'meant' to fall in love. They were supposed to be together because the universe had thrashed out a plan, not just for them.. for all the doppelgangers that existed. So all Paul Wesleys and Nina Dobrevs had to fall in 사랑 because thats how Tessa had written the doppelganger destiny to be....
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posted by AnamHussain95
Let me just start 의해 saying that yes I am still not able to form any coherent thoughts after 5x16 but i will try to put forth something. 5x16 was definitely one of the best Delena episodes so far, the whole episode being delena centric. But its not the number of scenes they got. Its what happened in them. Its about what every interaction from a "hey you" to "I cant" meant. Its about how these two people who 사랑 each other with such fervent passion, were ripped away from each other and against all the odds in the universe are still each other's. Are still each others' home. What they both come...
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The words from Bonnie's gossip still rung in my head. The thought that the final founder family of Mystic Fall's has returned consumed me. All us youngsters are in for it. All the adults will be estatic.
"Make sure 당신 make him comfortable"-"You should ask him to the grill, introduce him to everybody"I already hear them. And Yet I dont feel sorry for myself but 더 많이 for the fate of this "Damon". The sound of his name strikes a unfamiliar sense at the back of my mind. I have heard that name before, 또는 at least seen it somewhere. I'm not sure what it has got to do with anything, but I just know...
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posted by loveDE45
He shits on Elena after she becomes a vampire and made her feel like a broken toy because he couldn’t 사랑 her as a vampire.
He slut shames her for sleeping with Damon and used that as the reason for their breakup.
He declared that she didn’t know what he was like when he was not in 사랑 with her.
He wanted to have every memory of Elena erased.
He acted like Damon had no part in Elena’s life after Elena chose him again.
He treated her oh, so well last season and this season that it was a complete shock that she had feelings for Damon.
And now, being the wonderful and PERFECT man that he is, he might- just might- come down off of his Holy 왕좌, 왕위 and stoop down to take Elena back if she comes crawling back to him after everything she has done to him. How is he even thinking about the possibility of Elena going back to him, let alone deciding if he’ll take her back?

What is this guy even, for real?

Credit-tumblr user
Inspiration for this 기사 goes to: loveissweet19, NateHeartSerena, eve_k, STEFIdi for the title, delenaluv, and HaleyDewit

Maybe it's because when I joined this spot, DE 팬 were only in the hundreds, but I can't help but feel immensely proud of how much we've grown, and of how passionate and perceptive and smart the Delena 팬 I've encountered are. Have 당신 ever been on tumblr 또는 YouTube and read a 코멘트 의해 another DE 팬 that 당신 hadn't thought about before, but made 당신 go: 'Wow! So true!' 또는 sometimes someone can tap into a feeling about DE that you'd felt before but weren't able...
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posted by RoseJackDawson
Ok,few 분 이전 I was watching Damon and Elena scenes in season 2 (because I can't wait for January) and I found 'Damon asking for forgivness' scene.I watched it and I figured out something and in this 기사 I would tell 당신 what I figured out.
In Season 2 when Damon is telling Elena that he loves her for the first time we can see tears in his eyes because he has to make her forget,because he loves his brother 더 많이 than he loves himself. He said 'This is probably the most selflish thing I ever said in my life.'-and it was,but making her forget it was the most selfless thing somebody can...
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posted by HaleyDewit
The Salvatore Boarding House
Stefan and Katherine were back home. Stefan had told Jeremy everything that had happened on Elena’s birthday and only after making sure Jeremy wouldn’t do anything stupid he had left.
“You must be hungry” Katherine said and before Stefan could 코멘트 she went off to the basement. She came back with two bags of blood and walked to the cupboard, where she pulled out two wine-glasses. She poured the blood in the glasses as if it were wine. She gave one to Stefan and lifted hers to toast. “Cheers” she said and she hooked her arm in Stefan’s. She pulled...
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Credit: link

1.Being completely truthful to a girl 당신 want to pursue about the fact that 당신 stalked her for four months to make sure she wasn’t a woman 당신 loved 145 years 이전 and still kept a picture of in your bedroom
2.Being truthful to a sad girl about stalking her to a cemetery
3.Being truthful to this girl about how 당신 knew where her house was
4.Being truthful to this girl about how your parents, 또는 your father, really died
5.Being truthful to this girl about the fact that you’re immortal and will never grow old while she will
6.Being truthful to this girl about how 당신 have this intense...
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posted by Ianrocks
This is how i imagine it.

Damon and Stefan both sat on the 침상, 소파 thinking, and arguing with each other. They were both trying to figure out a way to stop Klaus from taking Elena. 5 분 later Damon got up and went to his liquor cabinet to pour himself a drink.
Stefan looked at him in shock. "seriously Klaus is about to come here and kidnap the woman we both love, and 당신 think now is the best time to get drunk"
Damon looked at Stefan then resumed to pouring his drink.
"Damon" Stefan said getting up. He went over to Damon and snatched the bottle away from him.
"Stefan give me the damn bottle...
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51. OneRepublic: 사랑 Runs Out
52. The Veronicas: I Can't Stay Away
53. Jason Mraz: I Won't Give Up
54. Tawgs Salter: Brave
55. Plumb: Taken
56. Better Than Ezra: Breathless
57. Nina Nesbitt: The Hardest Part
58. Ellie Goulding: How Long Will I 사랑 You
59. Colbie Caillat: I Won't
60. Train: Hey, Soul Sister
61. Ashes Remain: On My Own
62. Brooke Fraser: Something in the Water
63. Jonathan Jackson: Let There Be Lonely
64. The Fray: Happiness
65. Sia: 불, 화재 Meet Gasoline
66. Taylor Swift: Wonderland
67. Gabrielle Aplin: Home
68. Ronan Keating: When 당신 Say Nothing At All
69. Plumb: Without You
70. Bryan Adms: (Everything...
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