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posted by HaleyDewit
Rachel was sitting at the 부엌, 주방 table, drinking a cup of tea, to calm herself down a little. Since the events of the 이전 night she had been very jumpy. She expected Damon Salvatore to show up out of nowhere and rip her heart, just like he’d done with her daughter. So when the 벨 rang she let out a scream and spilled some tea.
“Mrs. Lindy? I know you’re home” Stefan called from outside. “I just want to talk”
Rachel stood and walked to the door. She opened it.
“Good morning. I’m Stefan Salvatore” Stefan introduced himself politely.
“You’re the vampire that turned my daughter” Rachel commented cold, but trembling.
“And I’m sorry for that” Stefan responded softly. “But I’m grateful that I got to know her. She was a good friend”
“Why are 당신 here? Surely not to reminisce about my children and how 당신 took them from me” Rachel snapped angry.
“Can I come in? This talks so…weird, 당신 know. And if Veronica sees us…” Stefan said warning.
“I’m not afraid of Veronica” Rachel said in such way it sounded like she meant the opposite.
“And that’s your mistake” Stefan replied. “You think because you’re Kelsey’s mother she will spare your life. But she really just needs you. Vervain bombs 또는 wolfsbane grenades 또는 any kind of human made weapon won’t be enough to fulfill her purpose. She needs 당신 for your fangs and the moment she doesn’t need 당신 anymore, you’ll be dead. Derek understood that”
“Derek’s a coward and a traitor” Rachel snapped.
“Derek made the right choice” Stefan commented. “Think about it. If Veronica is so eager on killing my kind and your kind, isn’t she then betraying both Kelsey and Amber?”
There was something in Rachel’s expression that made Stefan reconsider what he had just said.
“Unless she doesn’t know…” he said slowly, 더 많이 to himself than to Rachel.
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Thank 당신 for 글쓰기 me such a beautiful, kind email. Yes, I think epic is the word for the 사랑 Elena and Damon have for each other in Midnight. I mean, she completely destroys a moon for his sake. I wrote a lot about Damon and Elena—and Bonnie and Damon, too—to show that Damon is finally discovering his deepest feelings. In the case of Elena, they amount to three simple words that makes Stefan think that Elena no longer loves him. He thinks that she simply wants to be with Damon now—and after all she does, it’s hard to blame him.

But authors don’t go free of consequences....
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posted by Delenafan2
This is the follow up to my last story. This is some adult content.

Elena and Damon 샤워 Scene
This story has some adult content to it which I’ll have to say it’s rated MA for some content.

The house was quiet when Elena came in. She wanted desperately to talk to Damon about their 키스 last night.

“Damon? Are 당신 here?”, she called out. Hearing no response she headed upstairs towards his bedroom.

“Damon?” she said before entering his room. She heard water running in the bathroom. Was he in the shower? She grimaced hoping to not find him in there with Andie. Her curiosity eating away...
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 image credit; az0965022
image credit; az0965022
Everyone loves Delena. If 당신 need proof, here is the evidence:

In Entertainment Weekly's Season Finale Awards, DE won every category they were nominated in; 'Best Romantic Cliffhanger', Best Kiss, 상단, 맨 위로 Tissue Moment, Most Rewound Moment.

When vampire-diaries.net 팬 voted for their 상단, 맨 위로 5 episodes of Season 2, four of the episodes were heavy on the DE-epicness: (5)'Rose', (4)'The Return', (3) 'Masquerade', (2)'The Sun Also Rises', and (1)'As I Lay Dying'.

DE are up for 2 Tater 상단, 맨 위로 Awards, 'Best Kiss' and 'Best Couple'.

I don't mean to sound boastful 또는 smug, but if the numbers on 팬팝 are anything...
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