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This isn't mine but a friend who loves situation Bamon in the show.

The show fan-fiction, Season 4: Evil witches have just imprisoned Damon in a tomb.

Damon got up off the damp floor. It was dark. He vampire ran to the entrance and tried to pull at it but it was no good, those witches had gone and put a spell on it and he would never be able to get it off. He wondered if anyone had realised he had gone. Would Stefan 또는 Elena bother to come and find him he thought bitterly to himself. He walked the other way, the tomb went back a long way and he peered around through the darkness, feeling the...
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If 당신 have read the TVD novels, 당신 would know that Damon Salvatore and Bonnie McCullough share a deep and meaningful connection. In fact some readers of this series have even found their connection highly unusual and unlike anything that they have evr read. Most people like to constantly question, "What is going on between Damon and Bonnie?" 또는 "Their connection is interesting and unique." A lot of TVD readers seem to show a huge interest and fascination with the Bamon connection and truthfully, I can see why. To me, Bamon's connection in the 책 is the most interesting, intriguing and...
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