Dallas Dallas Mayor Campaign

Ronald posted on Dec 28, 2006 at 08:45AM
With most of the Dallas mayor hopefuls having announced their decision to run in the upcoming mayoral elections in May 2007, the Dallas mayor campaign is sure to be heat up even more.

Most of the candidates announced their decision to contest as early as January 2006. Once most of them figured out the ability to raise the money and began to put the structure together, they went forward with formal announcements and kick offs of the Dallas mayor campaign.

Almost all candidates refer to their ratings to prove their strong name recognition, high-approval rating and negotiating skills in helping to bring the City Council members together. There are at least eight contenders considering a run for the mayor’s job. They are magazine editor Zac Crain, banker Max Wells, lawyers Roger Herrera and Darrell Jordan and City Council members Gary Griffith, Don Hill, Mitchell Rasansky and Oakley.

Pat Cotton, a longtime local political consultant, said she considers Ed Oakley’s chances of winning a long shot, but she praised him for his ability and his commitment to the job. She supports lawyer Darrell Jordan, and she will be working on his campaign for mayor.

For more information on the upcoming Dallas mayor elections and one of the contenders Darrell Jordan, log on to on link

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