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 Lindsay Monroe
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This CSI 뉴욕 바탕화면 contains 초상화, 얼굴, 근접 촬영, 얼굴 만, 세로, and 헤드샷. There might also be 기호, 포스터, 텍스트, 칠판, 사인, and 서명.

CSI 과학수사대
CSI 과학수사대 ny
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>Q: For starters, Congrats on winning the October FOTM! What do 당신 have to say to everyone who voted for you?
>A: Guys.. thank 당신 for watching CSI 뉴욕 and for being such great 팬 of this show :P I don't know why 당신 voted for me :P but I'm really happy and I have to say I'm proud to be the CSI 과학수사대 NY October FOTM :P it even sounds great :)
>Q: So for those of us who aren't that familar with you, tell us a bit about yourself!
>A: Well I am a huge CSI 뉴욕 팬 :) I am a student in law school, which is why I looove these things..crime..law, police, killers, clues..and I looooooove...
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I saw a this on another Grey's Anatomy site so i made a CSI 뉴욕 version of this game so here are the rules and instructions:

You will need:
An episode of CSI 뉴욕
Drinks that come in a can 또는 bottle(usually done with alcohol but can also be done with other beverages like pop, juice, water etc.)
Shot glasses

-If someone says boom take a shot
-For every scientific word 당신 don't understand take a sip
-Every time Mac says "let me start the story for you" take 2 sips
-Take a shot if some calls a character 의해 their first name if the are usually called 의해 their last (ie. Flack, Hawkes, Angell)
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Well, its pretty self explanatory. Jess dies [I know sad but true] and Don emotionally distressed. Everyone tries to remember Jess for who she is and through the struggle they pull through. Made 의해 LyzabethSay on youtube.
CSI 과학수사대 new york
The team re-opens a two 년 old case to clear someone of wrong doing. Lindsay returns from Montana and has her big moment.
CSI 과학수사대 new york
season 5
greater good
full episode
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