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Dear Ms. Meyer,

Hi. I’m Tria. It’s nice to meet you. As 당신 have probably guessed, I am 글쓰기 to 당신 concerning your series known as “The Twilight Saga.” If you’ll forgive me for being rude, I’d like to be blunt.

You fail.

Again, apologies for my rudeness. If you’ll allow me, I’m going to back up this assumption of your literary failure.

Let’s start with the plots, looking at each book individually, and then the 책 as a whole.
Twilight: Barely has a plot. The book is 300 또는 so pages of nothing happening besides mooning on about Edward and his eyes. Then 당신 throw in three...
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Okay most of the Twilight- Haters would say that Edward is too old for Bella and that make him paedophile but I don't think so (not only because I am twilight fan) is because that Edward is literally 17 and he feels and thinks as a 17 년 old. I mean take someone 당신 know is really smart that doesnt mean they are have lived any longer than 당신 have they just learnt 더 많이 in the years they have lived. I bet 당신 they still act their age.
To be quite honest I know a programme that is aired in India as well as here where the Guy is at least 55 years old with 5 kids three of them older than the girl...
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critical analysis
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I have read all 책 and seen the movies.
Most importantly, the fact that it’s 판타지 doesn’t excuse the themes and messages in the book. Fiction is merely a vehicle humans developed to communicate important lessons, values and philosophies. I am not claiming any of the implications I discuss were intentional on SMeyer’s part. Whether 또는 not the author 또는 readers are aware of it, though, the Twilight series communicates dangerous messages about what is acceptable 또는 admirable 또는 desirable.
Also, I highly recommend link. It’s long, but fascinating and deeper than the 책 themselves....
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