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I would like to note that anne 쌀 wrote the entire series before Meyer in case any idea's that anne 스톨, 훔친 it from stephanie __________________________________________________

1. The character louis thinks he deserves to be in hell....hmmmm sound familar to another vampire?Edward perhaps

2.Animal Blood can be drank 의해 뱀파이어 but they prefer human blood in Interview with a Vampire AND Twilight soon followed this way

3. The 뱀파이어 skin dazzles humans apparently....Which is a lot like the sparkling skin that the cullens posess

4. There are immortal children in both of the books. The unnamed children...
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OK, this is my very first 기사 - I have never written an 기사 for 팬팝 before. It's a poor excuse if this turns out to be the poorest 기사 ever submitted, but I'm going to use it anyway... please go easy on me xD. This is LONG, so 곰 with me, I appreciate it!

I have been wondering for some time now about Bella's vulnerability, state of mind, and 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 mental well-being. New Moon, in the beginning, was my favourite book of the series, for two reasons: Jacob Black was instantly likeable and interesting, winning the 제목 of my favourite character, but also the black hole that Bella...
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In which Dylan and Cole discuss Chinese food, sleeping and vampires. (The Twilight stuff happens around 1:23, if 당신 want to skip ahead. It's awesome.) xD
critical analysis
zack and cody
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I am totally ignoring Breaking Dawn in this because Stephenie Meyer broke all the rules in there. [Vampires cant have children, they have no body fluids, etc etc]
Reasons i think Jacob is better for Bella than Edward is:
1. Edward/Bellas relationship is based on appearance. She is constantly talking about how good he looks, how velvety his voice is, how graceful he is, etc. She said Jacob was beautiful once 또는 twice and called his new muscles impressive once 또는 that she is jealous of his tan skin. She thinks Edward is too good for her because she looks plain 다음 to him. She thinks Jacob is too...
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when i first read twilight, i loved it. i loved all of the books. the first mocie was good but i dont like the others at all (this is my opinion, sorry if 당신 dont agree). i even wished people were 더 많이 like the characters in the books.

the important thing to remember is that these 책 are meant for entertainment. do not take ideas 또는 조언 from this book. 당신 dont realize it, but at least 2 types of abuse happen in this book. edward is considered controlling and a stalker. jake is considered a sexual abuser and a petaphile. bella is considered a klutz, idiot, and a needy person. these books...
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