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 My Drawing of Mekashi (I drew it last 년 x3)
My Drawing of Mekashi (I drew it last year x3)
This story isn't finished yet but I'm hoping it'll be done soon.

Mekashi: The Other Side

The story of how Mekashi became Mekashi. The events that create her, the events that unleash her, the events that drive a girl into becoming a psychotic monster who we know as Mekashi.

The sun had risen out of its slumber, inflicting the world with its powerful light. It was a Wednesday morning, the middle of the week and the middle of the school year. Inside a house, inside a room, a bedroom to be exact, a girl slept soundly in her 침대 until an alarm played some sort of a Metal song. Two 초 after,...
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posted by kittyluv57
Bedtime is supposed to be a happy event for a tired child; for me it was terrifying. While some children might complain about being put to 침대 before they have finished watching a film 또는 playing their favourite video game, when I was a child, night time was something to truly fear. Somewhere in the back of my mind it still is.

As someone who is trained in the sciences, I cannot prove that what happened to me was objectively real, but I can swear that what I experienced was genuine horror. A fear which in my life, I'm glad to say, has never been equalled. I will relate it to 당신 all now as best...
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posted by Lancelot8
I'm a 팬 of CreepyPasta just as much as the 다음 guy. I read it almost everyday. Recently, I have been 읽기 Sonic.exe.

It was okay. Just like any other. A guy gets a video game disc from a friend and has a letter with it. He reads it and thinks its a little joke. Obviously there's something wrong with it. Ignoring the letter he puts the disc in the computer. He then notices strange things about, has many openings where he can take out the disc and destroy it, but keeps playing out of curiosity. At the end he hears a voice and a plushy ends up being behind him and looks like the thing he...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
cRYPT: Boots! Trevor! Caller!

Trevor: yes?

Caller: yes?

Boots: ... (yes?)

cRYPT: I have a task for you...

Trevor and Caller: what is it?

Boots: ... (like 당신 can't do it)

cRYPT: I want 당신 to take down the other Proxys

Trevor: but Zalgo says-

cRYPT: i d0NT cAR3 wHAT zALLG0 sAYS? i wANT sL3ND3R t0 sUFF3R?

Boots: ... (dam*it, he is going cryptic again)

Caller: we are on it sir!

All: *all leave*

cRYPT: Jane!

Jane: yes?

cRYPT: take down RED... we are having war on both sides...

Jane: bu-

cRYPT: g0?

Jane: yes sir! *teleports*

cRYPT: *sigh*
posted by FrostyBlazer
*phone ringing*

49: yes?

Slender: we need 당신 and your 프렌즈 to help us

49: better than this dead end job, I'll be there soon


49: ok Mr. Sonic, 당신 can not eat nor talk for 1 hour

Sonic.EXE: *shakes head*

49: do 당신 want the tooth

Sonic.EXE: !!!!!!!!!!!!

49: I take that as a no

Tails Doll: it would bring bad memories for him...

49: guys, we are going to Slenders!

96: *screeches*

49: shut-up! god how did I end up with these people!

Tails Doll: 당신 got hung over...

49: that explains it...
posted by FrostyBlazer
*2 weeks later*

Slender: breakfast is ready!

Johnny: awesome!... just because 당신 don't trust me doesn't mean 당신 have to stalk me...

Hoody: I'm not stalking you...

Johnny: bullshi*

Lucius: how the hell did 당신 learn how to cook?

Slender: I had a daughter...

Lucius: cool

Porter: I wonder what Zalgo is doing...


Zalgo: ...

Lisa: ...

Zalgo: FUC-


Masky: we are clearly out numbered... so we must devise a plan

Lucius: well... we should gather people that are not apart of Zalgo's Army 또는 supporters of it

Johhny: and if 당신 let me go I could get my guys to help you...

All but Lucius: NO!

Lucius: do we have a choice?

All but Lucius: NO...
posted by FrostyBlazer

46: ok Mr. Timothy 당신 are free to go...

Masky: thanks...

96: *screeching*

46: shut-up! god I work with a mute and a banshee!

Porter: ok, let me teleport 당신 guys outa here...

ToTheArk: how did 당신 get here?

Porter: I can teleport... its in the name

All: oh

*Meanwhile... again*

Zalgo: it is time to take action! Clockwork!

Clockwork: yes lord Zalgo?

Zalgo: I need 당신 to break Zippers out... again...

Clockwork: yes lord Zalgo...

Zalgo: Observer! RED!

Both: yes?

Zalgo: go capture BEN...

Observer: yes sir...

posted by captpounce
I just got kingdom hearts (the first one) from gamestop brand new, so I cracked out the old PS2 and gave it ago. The first thing I noticed was that the 제목 screen didn't have Sora, it was Kairi. "What the hell.." I said as I stared at the picture of Kairi. The song was just a little higher pitch than I remember, I thought it was just me and I pressed New Game. Instandly I was Sora and I was in Hollow Bastion. The KeyBlade was Oath Keeper and 당신 could talk to Kairi. I talked to Kairi and she said "Sora...your time..." Then Kairi disappeared. My controller shaked and the oath keeper started...
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posted by FrostyBlaze
Slender: are 당신 ready?

Lucius: ready as Freddy!

Slender: ...

Masky: OK then... your first opponent is sonic.

Sonic.exe: this will the easy!

Lucius: says the blue hedgehog...

Jeff: burrrrnnnn!

Sonic.exe: shut up!

*goes super sonic*

super Sonic.exe: foolish mortal, I am go-


Lucius: I 스톨, 훔친 your rings :3

Sonic.exe: what?

*pulls out smg*

Lucius: who is god now?

*insert CSI 과학수사대 intro 음악 here*

Slender: he is very practical

Masky: that's ONE of the reasons I suggested him

slender: one of the reasons?
posted by Lancelot8
You'll probably read this and say, “That persons got issues.” Well, I don't have issues.

It's nothing new to 당신 people, but let me say what I want to get out to you. CreepyPastas are real. 당신 may think after 당신 either make 또는 read one that its all just fake. It's not. As 당신 write a CreepyPasta, the main character, monster, 또는 whatever it's about takes shape in real life. I know from experience.

I'll be playing a Sonic game and see his eyes and mouth change to the exe status. Every damn time too. But it's only for a second, then I'll hear someone whisper to me to keep things interesting...
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posted by emmaisobsessed
~Not Mine. Taken from the 크리피파스타 wiki~

We've all had those times, late at night. Maybe you're a little tired, and 당신 turned off your lamp to help 당신 relax, so it's just 당신 and the dull glow of the screen. 당신 hear a little noise behind 당신 and jump. 당신 turn around, and there's a jet-black silhouette of a man in the corner. But as your eyes focus, 당신 realize it's only just your curtain. Damn cat was playing with it again, got it all twisted up. The house was just settling, and your mind jumped to a dark place. Nothing to be afraid of, not really.

That's pareidolia. It happens to everybody...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
*ding dong*

???: oh shi*!


???: hello good sirs!

Slender: change back Jack, its us

EJ: Slender! *poof*

Jeff: *sinkers*

EJ: what?

Jeff: 당신 live with Laughing Jack!?

EJ: yes, why?

Jeff: *laughing hard*

Lucius: question... what I have heard about "Laughing Jack", how the hell did he get a mansion!?

Slender: I gave him 20000000$

Lucius: what made 당신 do that?

Slender: I killed his girlfriend and her family

All but Lucius: *back away slowly*

Lucius: 20000000$ is justified now .__.
posted by FrostyBlazer
Zalgo: hmmmm...

Observer: hmmmm...

SL: hmmmm...

Lisa: hmmmm...

Targeter: hmmmm...

Pyris: hmmm...

BVRV: pika...

Zalgo: I got it!

All: what is it?

Zalgo: ok so someone knocks Slender out...

Observer: and?

Zalgo: then we bring him here and chain him to the wall...

Targeter: and?

Zalgo: then we capture his proxys and torture them so he gives up!

Observer: but wouldn't he just "Slender walk" out of the chains and warn them?

Zalgo: ._.

All: ._.

Zalgo: fuc*
posted by FrostyBlaze
Slender: Observer, 당신 are in charge

Observer: yes sir...

Slender: train the new proxy for me *slender walks*

*Ding Dong*

Masky: yes? *opens door*

???: contract for 당신 sir

Masky: thanks seedy

SE: 당신 are welcome masky

Masky: Who is your friend?

SE: His name is Porter... he is a rouge SCP

Lucius: ok lets add that to the what the hell is that list...

Sonic.EXE: now is my chance to get out of here!

Lucius: *shoots tazer*

Sonic.EXE: jnhjhbjanjkbneailoveKFCgjablaeamnsjn *faints*

Lucius: I win
posted by FrostyBlazer
*meanwhile in the underworld*

Zalgo: *snickers*

Observer: whats so funny?!

Zalgo: oh, sorry... funny thing on the show

Observer: every one here?

All: yes sir!

Observer: go prepare yourselves for the 다음 attack...

All: yes sir! *all walk away*

Zalgo: 저기요 Observer!

Observer: what...

Zalgo: I got new guys!

Observer: what?

Zalgo: meet Mr. Widemouth

Mr.W: hi!

Zalgo: Lisa

Lisa: hey...

Zalgo: Targeter

Targeter: ...

Zalgo: and Pyris

Pyris: Why am I here again?

Zalgo: they will be are new commanders

Observer: ._.
posted by FrostyBlaze
Zalgo: finally, my 일 off...


Zalgo: WHAT?

SL: the grunts are having a fight again

Zalgo: then go take care of it

SL: how can I when 당신 only addressed only half of them of my rank!

Zalgo: its my 일 off

SL: its your kingdom!

Zalgo: its still my 일 off!

SL: ._.

Zalgo: ._.

SL :c

Zalgo: :c

SL: :P

Zalgo: :P

SL: :l

Zalgo: :l

SL: :[

Zalgo: :[

SL: :B

Zalgo: :B

SL: thats it, im going to play on my DiPod

Zalgo: finally...


Zalgo: shi*
posted by FrostyBlazer
Lucius: 1 일 and my new house is on fire

Slender: *sigh*

Masky: gah! *holds chest*

Hoody: whats wrong bro?

Masky: i'm having a 심장 attack- ak ak ak ak, 당신 aughta know 의해 now! *flop*

Lucius: nice Joel reference...

Hoody: Maksy! speak to me man!

Masky: cheese cake

Hoody: he's alive!

Lucius: good, i'm glad to know that a killer that I don't know is alive...

ToTheArk: do 당신 always have to be like this?

Lucius: yes...

Slender: ok! everyone here?

all: yes sir!

Lucius: wait! where is that SCP guy?

Slender: who?
posted by FrostyBlazer
Me: hi guys im home!

Jeff rip offs: hi!

Jeff: *mph*

Me: what the hell is going on?!

Jeef: Jeff killed my brother

Jef: i have RED eyes

Jeffy: I have two knifes!

Jake: Im his step-brother!

Lucius: *drops cigarette*

*10 minuets later*

Me: did 당신 have to burn my house!?

Lucius: yes

Jeff: what the hell was that?

Lucius: your fan-base

Jeff: im screwed

Me: were the hell am I supposed to live!

Lucius: hey, just walk it off...

Me: I hate 당신 guys so much...
posted by CreepyPastaBabe
"Omg, i can not wait for prom!" i said to my three best friends, Joleigh,Mary,and Katie. " Yea! me too!" said Mary. the other two pitched in and said "same here!" and "me three!" "so guys, when do we go shopping for dresses?" i asked we all decided Wednesday after school, sense it was on a Friday. Wednesday comes around and we all get into my car and head to Lakeveiw Mall. Mary picked out a long 물오리, 청록 dress with an open back. Katie picked a medium purple dress with a side bow. Joleigh picked a similar dress but pink. i, picked a medium white dress and bought matching boots. the night before...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Slender: *grabs Observer*

Observer: Firebrand!

Firebrand: yes sir! [i'm sorry my friends]

*floor catches on fire*

Observer: 당신 will burn and suffer!

Hoody: master! we have to get out of here!

Lucius: hey! someone actually makes since!

Slender: *drops Observer*

Toby: not again!

All: *runs out*

Rake: we have to get out of here!

Observer: *pulls out DiPhone* ZALGO! TELEPORT US OUT OF HERE!

Zalgo: huh? oh come on " how I met your mother" is on

Observer: ZALGO!

Zalgo: fine... *opens portal*

Observer: to the portal!

All: *goes through portal*