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posted by usernameinvalid

I’m not sure why I’m 글쓰기 this down on paper and not on my computer. I guess I’ve just noticed some odd things. It’s not that I don’t trust the computer… I just… need to organize my thoughts. I need to get down all the details somewhere objective, somewhere I know that what I write can’t be deleted or… changed… not that that’s happened. It’s just… everything blurs together here, and the fog of memory lends a strange cast to things…

I’m starting to feel cramped in this small apartment. Maybe that’s the problem. I just had to go and choose the cheapest...
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posted by Supercian
(Trigger Warning: Suicide, Cannibalism)

Episode 001: Pilot - Nia awakens to find herself trapped in a ruined city clogged with garbage. Who are the Afterpeople, and what do they want from her?

That was the write-up in the magazine. I’ve never been one to actually check upcoming 텔레비전 slots, not really one for 텔레비전 in general. In a Hospital room, however, 당신 have a lot of time to scour all the details.

This particular listing was for a show called “Afterpeople”. The 제목 sounded vaguely like some sort of X-Men rip-off, and had it not been for the hours of lying in 침대 and waiting...
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Guard: huh? hey, stop poking me!

Guard 2: I didn't poke you...

SJ: these guys are pitiful

Henry: looks like you're using your time wisely...

SJ: 저기요 dude! what's happening?!

Henry: well... we would like for 당신 to rejoin...

SJ: why do 당신 want me to rejoin? I will admit I kinda screwed up last time

Henry: and because 당신 admit Lumar wants 당신 back... yet I don't know why...

SJ: like a sir...

Henry: not really, we just need 당신 for your stealth

SJ: oh... why are we bringing team back together?

Henry: they broke the treaty

SJ: well then... lets hop to it!

Henry: welcome back

Society of Killers
 jumping Jacks!
jumping Jacks!
posted by FrostyBlaze
BEN: Im afraid of nothing

Lucius: your not afraid of RED killing 당신 in your sleep?

BEN: no


BEN: *meep*

*hides behind Lucius*

Lucius: wimp... *walks away*

BEN: wait don't leave me!


BEN: sh**


LJ: 당신 hear that?

Lucius: nope *smokes*

LJ: I'm sure I-

Lucius: shut up and take this cigarette

BEN: 예수님 H Christ since when have 당신 been able to turn into a bird!


BEN: oh my god my video games!

RED: what are 당신 going to do about it?


RED: uh oh...


LJ: what is happening?

Lucius: BEN getting over his fear...
posted by FrostyBlazer
Solonik: ok... its time to make my comeback

Henry: that might wait Mr. Solonik

Solonik: what? how did 당신 get in here?!

Henry: it pays to not leave the society before Lumar starts teaching stealth

Solonik: wait wait, let me guess why 당신 are here... Demon Lord and Absent Face are fighting?

Henry: yes... WE would like 당신 to rejoin, 당신 are the weapons expert...

Solonik: thanks but no thanks, I will have a big reputation and clients soon

Henry: there will be none of that if 당신 don't help!

Solonik: ...

Henry: fine then... *walks away*

Solonik: wait... let me clean my guns...

Henry: welcome back

Society of Killers
posted by yamishadow2001
HI I'm Jake I've been a big 팬 of the Sly Cooper games, but...I haven't played them in years and I never will again...
It all started when I was playing Sly Cooper and the Thevius Raccoonus I wanted to fight clockwerk, but I died 10 의해 trying to beat him so I went to my Ps2, but before I even was about to turn the game off I heard Clockwerk say," 당신 can't escape forever Jake." I was creeped just thinking about it, I checked the time it was 9:40 I needed sleep.
I woke up hearing my phone ringing it was my my older sister she told me that my Dad had in his sleep I was crying, but realized about...
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This story takes place roughly around a 년 이전 when I was in the seventh grade. Please do not discredit me for my youth, because not all little kids are liars. Around the time, my cousin was living with me, and because our apartment is so small, we had to share a room. Thankfully I had a bunk bed.
So I have a tendency to wake up late at night. No big deal right? My little cousin was sleeping in the bunk 침대 above me and the bathroom door is right 다음 to my bed. I had the door slightly open and the light was on, both me and Nick (my cousin) didn't like the dark. I get paranoid, he's just downright...
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posted by usernameinvalid
My parents car drove out of the parking garage, and I went straight to my room. My laptop sat at my old desk, and I turned it on.

7:30 pm

I logged into Facebook, but soon grew bored due to the fact that no one I wanted to talk to was online. I remember my friend telling me about a site the other day. He said lots of people got on it, and shared something called, 'Creepypastas'? Well, I decided to try it out. I went to the site, and the first thing I saw was a quite creepy quote at the 상단, 맨 위로 of the page.

8:00 pm

As I continued to look into the site more, I encountered quite a few stories with the...
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posted by cannibalZoey
Masky for some reason was actually being a bully me and Toby heard him yelling " 당신 MAKE ME LOUSE I MAKE 당신 SNOOZE !!!" before throwing Ben over him body slamming him on the ground knocking him out which made us run faster then finally making it to Masky "MASKY WHAT ARE 당신 DOING !!!! 당신 DONT EVER BEHAVE LIKE THAT !!" Toby said with no fear of getting slammed too " don't 당신 see what he did to new Masky and he though new Masky was a pushover !" Masky said with a psychotically kind vocie " no brother he didn't we saw the whole thing we think your taking this assertiveness thing way to far!"...
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posted by usernameinvalid
I've always loved anime, ever since I was little. One of my favorites in particular is Code Geass, I watched this 아니메 nonstop, I would often get so 로스트 in the story I would forget reality for a moment. That is, till I found out the dark truth behind Lelouch and the Rebellion.

The story revolves around Lelouch, and at the beginning he was a normal, happy little prince, till his mother was killed and his little sister, Nunnally, was left blind and paralyzed.

In reality, Nunnally was killed along with Marianne, and Charles sent Lelouch away to a mental institution in Japan. Even then, little...
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Zalgo: where the hell is ShadowLurker!? I need my anger pills!

SL: i'm home!


SL: i'm sorry i'm late sir, but on the way I saw some killers that where not with Slender!


SL: sir, take your pills

Zalgo: *takes pills*

SL: feel better?

Zalgo: yes... what are these killer's names?

SL: Jacky and Itzy

Zalgo: go get them...

SL: yes sir *teleports*

Zalgo: *sighs*

*ring ring*

Zalgo: *pulls out DiPhone* yes?

Observer: we got BEN

RED: when do we get to kill him!

Observer: we are not killing him! Zalgo get over here before he starts to chew the rocks in this cave

Zalgo: i'll be right there
[WARNING: This is for once not a fictional story! Everything in this 기사 is real, and DO NOT recommend actually trying this game! It is dangerous, and I don't want anyone getting hurt.]

This 기사 is composed of everything I have heard about playing Hitori Kakurenbo, rolled up into one article. There are several different interpretations, so I've included all I could find so I don't leave anything out.

Some people believe this game is actually a ritual to call a malevolent presence into your home. What exactly 당신 are calling changes depending on the source, I have heard some say 당신 are...
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posted by FrostyBlazer

Shadow Lurker: stealth commander

Lisa: adviser

Scarecrow: assassin

Mr.Widemouth: infiltration

Observer: adviser and 초 in command

Zippers: assassin

RapRat: spy

RED: brute

Strangled Red: computer glitcher

Suicide mouse: deceiver

Squidward: consular

Hypno: trickster

KillWaker: the living weapon

Herobrine: computer defender

The Smiling Man: human relations

Dr. Locklear: high commander

Scollex: killer

Ascaris: killer

Ghost: spy

Redd: killer

Pyramid Head: brute

Pyris: chaos starter

Targeter: assassin

??? (shall be reveled... SOON): ???

NOTE: I may update!
 ShadowLurker and Lisa
ShadowLurker and Lisa
 Mr. Widemouth
Mr. Widemouth
 Strangled Red
Strangled Red
 The Smiling Man
The Smiling Man
 Dr. Locklear
Dr. Locklear
 Ascaris and Scollex
Ascaris and Scollex
 Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head
posted by BlondLionEzel
I was about ten when my grandfather told me this story. He always knew what it was, but he never knew what it truly was. The word ringed in his head like a bell, and it still lingers to this day...Wendigo.

It started when my grandfather went to a camp to learn about ancient traditions of the Native Americans, specifically the Algonquian peoples. They were the most widespread of all the native peoples.

"So, do any of 당신 know the Wendigo?" Thomas, a friend of my grandfather's asked his 선실, 캐빈 mates.

"No. What is it?" My Grandfather asked Thomas nervously. He had heard the name before, but he didn't...
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Annabelle is real.

One of the creepiest parts of the truly scary The Conjuring is the evil possessed doll Annabelle, who makes up the cornerstone of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s spooky museum of trophies. Director James Wan redesigned Annabelle for the movie, giving her a much 더 많이 disturbing appearance, but in real life Annabelle was just your run of the mill Raggedy Ann doll.

Donna got Annabelle from her mother in 1970; mom bought the used doll at a hobby store. Donna was a college student at the time, and living with a roommate named Angie, and at first neither thought the doll was anything...
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posted by WammysBoyzRock
Jeff entered the 집 of his victum. The house was dark and showed no signs of anyone being awake so he figured his victum was asleep.

His victum, Believe Bridesmaid, was a middle aged man who lived alone and Jeff found him to be the perfect target. He had been watching this man for weeks and knew everything about him and how his house was structured so he knew exactly how to get to the bedroom.

He crept into the room with his 칼, 나이프 ready but suddenly stopped in his tracks when he saw a young, pale, raven haired, boy sitting on the 침대 with Believe Bridesmaid, holding an empty seringe, his...
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posted by FrostyBlazer
Karl: lets see all your little secrets...

Henry: well it looks like 당신 are using your little magical potion

Karl: how the hell did 당신 get in here?!

Henry: i'm 프렌즈 with Kage, remember?

Karl: oh... and my "potion" is nothing magical...

Henry: yet 당신 still don't give us the secret

Karl: 당신 wouldn't understand it anyway, why are 당신 here?

Henry: they broke the treaty

Karl: WHAT?

Computer: download complete

Karl: oh! that's the files of the CIA and SCP

Henry: showoff...

Karl: do 당신 want me to rejoin 또는 not?

Henry: well, if 당신 are up for it

Karl: let me pack my bags

Henry: welcome back

Society of Killers
posted by abbythesheepdog
i was planning on getting a Sonic riders game after watching the commercial. after when end of school, i have finally time in to find the game. i looked through everywhere on Ebay. wow,expensive as i imagine. i only found the cheapest one, but it looks like a plain 'ol Sonic Riders CD.It looks horribly scratched. Meh, i could work?.....right?. bought it. i waited 4 days. KNOCK KNOCK. Finally! the CD! as i opened the door , nobody was there. only a package on the floor.so i picked it up and began to ran to my room and play it.It probably will work right?

When it beggined,there was no sound. no...
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posted by thatlimbokid
As the 제목 said.

Anyways, I have short memory in terms of pictures, so when I was watching a 당신 tube video about Jeff The Killer, Smile Dog apeared on the screen.

BUT, The 다음 day, I didn't remember the picture at all...

How is it possible? I Don't know. But this short term picture memory came in handy, and I found that out just then. 2 months after, I was watching a pewdiepie video, and it buffered, so I read the 코멘트 for a while. But when I looked, there it was, As sombodys icon. It was the first one there...

But again, still dissapeared the 다음 day.
The third time was a few days back.....
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posted by emo_girl1994
one 일 i was sleeping over at my 프렌즈 house ( this happened last Saturday/Sunday) so there was 5 boys and 5 girls ( if 당신 include me) and there where no parents, and we where all really hyper so, i heard something down in the basement and everybody was really loud so of coarse i screamed to get there attention a couple of min. later we are all in the basement i went to go look in the closet, and there standing in there was maskey and he said " cheesecake?" then he just walked out of the house saying bye and i'm like "WTF, just happened"