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Disclaimer : Cream the Rabbit, 또는 any other Sonic the Hedgehog character is a trademark of Sega, and any references to Satan 또는 demons in this story is not intended to offend anyone who may be a Christian 또는 Catholic, I am a Christian myself.

Creamania, The Evil Empire
Story 의해 : Mark (mPowered16/Markster Games)


(Scene 1, Dinner) :

Anthony : Here I am alone rotting in this cell, having daily doses of bizarre drugs because they think I'm insane, I'm only human, everyone makes mistakes.
Guard : Be quiet!
Guard 2 : It's 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 time, come this way.

James : 당신 don't seem to be very hungry.
Anthony :...
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Tails : Zzz

??? : Tails! Get up!

Tails : *blink blink*

??? : TAILS!!!

Tails : *Opens eyes*

Sonic : 저기요 little buddy!


Sonic : Uhhh....

Tails : Nevermind...Now what do 당신 want Sonic?!

Sonic : 당신 wanted help getting Cream lover-boy!

Tails : SHUT-UP!!!

Sonic : 당신 SHUT-UP AND LISTEN TO ME!!!! 또는 you'll be single for the rest of your life!!!

Tails : FINE!

*Knock Knock*

Cream : Hello?

Tails : GRR!!! SONIC!!!

Sonic : I'm sorry!

Cream : Am I inturrupting anything?

Tails : No come in...

Cream : Thanks!

Sonic : DUDE!!!

Tails : Whoops!*RUNS OVER*

Sonic : *Lifts Eye-Brow*

Tails : *Opens...
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