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posted by trisha1
In 3rd grade we went of a field trip to a farm and there was a cow grazing and a kid said "Come over here!" then it ran over to us then the kid pulled a weed out of the ground wanting to feed it to the cow then it got mad at him and ran back to it's spot where it was grazing.
posted by WaiLana-Yoga
Cows are peaceful, docile creatures who crave 사랑 and affection, just like us. In fact, if 당신 approach a cow, she might stop grazing for a moment and look right at 당신 with her wide, doe-like eyes. She might even come over to greet you. If you’re really lucky, she could offer her soft furry head for 당신 to pet.

This loving, gentle nature of the cow was widely recognized in ancient India and cows were treated tenderly—like part of the family. It is still like this today in many communities in India. Along with one’s own mother and Mother Earth, the milk-giving cow is considered to be...
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