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DrDevience posted on Dec 19, 2008 at 09:54AM
Now that each spot can be searched, is it considered acceptable to cross-post images to different Spots?

I have a ton of CPH pictures, but they are already scattered in the Denmark & Scandinavia Spots.

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over a year ago germany123 said…
i think you skimmed that post aholic?lol

i only had three which are now buried deep inside the image section since i reported them to be moved (i asked nicely) am an unsure if the f4 have some kind of "batch move" tool where the pictures could just be moved here.
i would find it acceptable to double post though moving them would be the best option- but i know how many pictures you post so i am thinking..hmmmm one wouldnt have THAT much time :D
over a year ago aholic said…
LOL omg yeah sorry I did xD xD xD I actually don't know. Haven't been fanpopping very much lately.