코브라 Kai Complete 코브라 Kai Season 5 Predictions: Some Obvious Some Obscure

TerrySlivers posted on Jun 11, 2021 at 07:25PM
DISCLAIMER: As I stated in the season 4 overview, I am trying my best to keep this overview as original as possible. In other words I don’t wanna blatantly steal other people’s ideas and then shamelessly take credit for it as if it’s my own. If I outright borrow someone’s idea I’ll make a note of it here. Now having said that, if there are ideas out there that can’ be ignored because of their genius I will acknowledge them as borrowed-HERE. I am not quite sure what to do about those ideas shared by myself and others online. I might make a note of that too. (Tory leaving Cobra Kai is an example.)The other chief goal of this exercise is to be as accurate as possible…even for season 5 which is presently a year and a half to two years away. (maybe more) I’m making this sketchy hypothesis
of a season so far off because it helps keep it all straight in my head…and it’s just plain fun. As I stated in the other thread this is a work in progress…

Cobra Kai Season 5 Prediction Overview

* At long last Johnny and Robby will bond (bout time)
* Robby will leave Cobra Kai and join his father’s dojo
but not before the tournament does down
* Aisha will return and broker a deal between Samantha and Tory
* Tory will leave Cobra Kai
* Robby will again face Miguel in the All-Valley, this time Robby wins
* Silver will attempt to turn Anthony Larrusso against his father
* Julie Pierce and Jessica Andrews will make an appearance
* Dennis, and Snake will make an appearance
* Mike Barnes will come to Daniel and Johnny saying he’s fed up
with being Terry Silver’s garbage boy
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over a year ago yorkshire_rose said…
^This is great ! love to read your predictions

I hope you are right about Johnny and Robby reuniting it would be about time too.
I like the idea that Robby joins his dad's dojo. (can't wait to hear the new name for it )
I thought on similar lines as yourself with regards to Aisha but thought that would happen in season 4.
You say that Tory will leave Cobra Kai do you think she will join another dojo or give Karate up all together?
I never thought about Anthony Larrusso doing much but that's a great idea about Silver tempting him to turn on his dad.Would love to see the outcome of that.
If Barnes does turn to Johnny and Daniel in a truce how long will it last or is it even genuine ?

Thanks for sharing i'm waiting in anticipation to see if any of your theories for season 4 and 5 are correct !
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over a year ago TerrySlivers said…
Hello yorkshire_rose
Thanks for replying. This thread might have been ill-advised in a way. (an overview for a season(s) that far off is kinda crazy.) I thought if I broke it down by seasons it would help…but then it only SORT OF helped me keep it
straight in my head. My overview for 5 is a little thin. I appreciate any: thoughts, ideas, or amendments you might have. I feel like what it comes down to is: How many total seasons will there be? Supposedly they wanna do 6 unless viewership and quality begin to suffer. If we knew how many total season we might have a solid chance at predicting some major events each season.

You could be right about Aisha. I really liked her character. I DO hope you are correct.
I think Tory might follow Robby out the doors of C.Kai eventually. I think with the combined efforts
of Robby and Aisha she will. I think she will be down to join Eagle-Fang before Miyagi-Do…maybe by season 6 Tory and Sam have actually become frenemies like Daniel and Johnny. For some reason I feel like it will be Aisha who brings them together.
I believe it will be a very uneasy truce. I think it will be brokered by Aisha mainly because she
has that capability. She is a fan favorite, and her character needs something to do worthwhile.

Anthony…yeah I think that’ll happen because he’s so underutilized…virtually no one would see it coming. Silver is gonna go after ANYONE and EVERYONE close to Larrusso.

Robby and Johnny together at long last…yeah I think its just a matter of time. The audience is due a
a big payoff there…

I still think Barnes is one of, if not the biggest question marks. I think he’ll probably be: Bad, Good, Bad…if that makes any sense. Yeah I think it will be a ruse. (Set up the whole time with Silver as puppet master.)
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over a year ago yorkshire_rose said…
Hi,Most welcome and sorry for my late reply :)

I totally agree about a season 6 it really has to have the same quality as the seasons before it.I suppose we will have see how season 4 and 5 go before we can tell if it goes any further.I hope I am right about Aisha too I am looking forward to her being in season 4 maybe that's wishful thinking and her character will be needed more in season 5 as many people are predicting.Yeah, I am with you on Tory possibly joining Eagle Fang rather than Miyagi-Do I cannot see her ever joining Miyagi-Do.Do you want to see Tory and Sam become frenemies ? I think they just might but I like them as enemies *lol* ! keep the tension going XD ! and like you say an uneasy truce is not a good truce so yeah Aisha's friendly touch maybe needed :)

With regards to Anthony I say bring it on ! he needs to be more involved and if Silver has his way he will involve as many people as he can just to get back at Daniel ! hurry up season 4 *lol* ! *nail biting* or what ?

I am with you on Barnes just can't wait to see what happens there ! Silver is the puppet master of everyone really *lol* ! Great rambles hey !

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TerrySlivers commented…
No worries at all…I don’t think I’ve seen the predictions about Aisha coming back over a year ago
yorkshire_rose commented…
I have read a few 코멘트 on 유튜브 :) over a year ago
over a year ago TerrySlivers said…
Some thoughts I had:
As to your point/preference about Samantha & Tory staying enemies indefinitely…
you are undoubtedly correct that IT IS better for dramatic tension. In fact, you could really make the case that the Tory-Sam feud is even MORE bitter and seething than the Johnny-Daniel feud ever was. (And the Johnny-Daniel feud lasted like 35-ish years?) The original J-D Halloween fight was savage
when they all ganged up on Daniel…but then Miyagi showed up and evened the score. It was bad by any estimation but none of those old school Kai-guys had spikey brass knuckle thing-ees.
Also, its much easier to just milk that feud till the end. If the writers jump to the frenemy thing too soon…they’ve sorta short-changed all that build-up…and that’s not good drama. The writers will have to rebuild a new rivalry. (That’s why I think when that finally does happen the main bad-ee will probably switch to Kyler which wouldn’t be a COMPLETE rebuild.)
On the other hand, if neither character shows much growth that’s not good drama either…unless there is
an arc for one of them at the ex$pense of the other… if that makes any sense? One Good-One Bad like in the original trilogy. IMO the writers have given Tory a sympathetic enough backstory that she probably won’t stay bad forever. Maybe in season 6…maybe in a spin-off series-who knows? …but they’ll be frenemies instead of enemies before its over methinks.

The other random thought…and one I keep coming back to: what are the odds of Barnes being the
same old sociopath we know from the OT?

On one hand, Chosen was worse/equal to Barnes in the OT…and now he’s GOOD!
If you remember Chosen was prepared to murder both Daniel and Kumiko over a perceived
slight to his ego/honor. Whereas, Mike and his goons did have a moment at the cliff where it is unsure
whether he would have actually let go of the rope killing both Jessica and Daniel.
Mike unlike Chosen was motivated by money rather than ego/honor.
I don’t wanna get into the weeds on that anymore so I’ll just say:
If Chosen can change so can Mike Barnes.

BUT if every former bad guy becomes a good guy straight away we don’t have enough villains to last 6 seasons. Right?

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over a year ago yorkshire_rose said…
^I know stop making all the baddies good ! *lol* we need more people that we love to hate so to speak !

Tory and Sam are just on a par with Johnny and Daniel and I suppose it's only a matter of time before they join forces in some way or another....maybe not the best of friends but certainly enough truce between them if it's needed against some other female enemies !

I certainly agree the Halloween fight was very brutal you really felt Daniel's pain.I think you are right about Kyler and I also think his main rival will be Hawk and not Miguel but again I could be wrong.I am with you on Barnes all the way just can't wait to see what he brings to the table.Yeah,for sure if Chozen can change so can Barnes but there's something inside me that thinks Barnes just isn't changeable he is bad through and through but again I could be wrong *lol* I bet we come back to this forum after watching season 4 and your predictions will be right or not far from right and mine all wrong XD !!
TerrySlivers commented…
I feel good about some of ‘em. But, I think you’re giving me way too much credit. You’re too kind. over a year ago
yorkshire_rose commented…
NO I am not too kind i'm just saying the truth :) over a year ago
over a year ago TerrySlivers said…
Still More Rambles…

THE ALI DILEMMA: The writers delivered and brought Ali back like the fandom wanted. They did it in a way that served the story of the main characters. Is that where her story ends? Well, it would certainly be neat and
tidy if she just made her little cameo and that’s that. If that’s all of Ali we get to see…you couldn’t begrudge ‘em too much. Both Johnny and Daniel were finally forced to face the truth about the dynamics of their personalities. Furthermore, Ali sorta gave Johnny the nudge he needed to pursue Carmen. BUT let’s not forget the smooch that nearly was between Johnny and Ali…so there’s something there. (Or at least that is the carrot the writers dangled in front of the trap?)

I think most of the time you have to follow the path of most conflict when trying to make a specific prediction. So with that thought in mind…if Johnny and Carmen move in together, he becomes Miguel’s
de facto step dad. This of course, would ratchet up the conflict between Miguel and Robby, AND Johnny and Robby. It could also have a negative ripple effect on Johnny and Carmen’s relationship.

This could be the point that Ali re-enters the picture. She is divorced and wants a fresh start…or has to take care of one of her folks whose health has taken a turn for the worse-let us say. Maybe she needs to get her kid(s) in a new school district and decides to move back despite the epidemic of karate riots plaguing the valley.
If Ali is single and looking to mingle…Johnny and Ali dating would definitely be a severe blow to Daniel’s ego deep-down despite his attempts to down-play it. So needless to say, if the writers go this way you have conflict between Daniel and Johnny once again.

I sorta think all of the above and more will happen. Johnny will: date Carmen, then Ali briefly, and finally he will reconcile with Shannon. (At the very-very end that is.) Ultimately, Johnny and Shannon will have another chance at being a family. Carmen and Johnny will remain friends. Johnny and Ali will also decide to be friends. Johnny and Miguel will still remain pals of course. Robby and Johnny will finally reconcile…and Miguel will be sincerely happy for Johnny and Robby both. (EVERYONE will be pals as they join arms singing happy sing-song-y sing-a-long songs under rainbow skies with gumdrops and cotton-candy clouds. Lol.) Except for maybe Daniel who still irrationally resents that Johnny dated Ali…even though he did pretty well in that department with
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over a year ago yorkshire_rose said…
^*lol* !! XD Well I think you should be on the Cobra Kai writing team ! Your ideas are on a par with theirs if not better :)

I don't think gumdrops candy-cotton and rainbow skies will last very long with all the fighting and tension over the years *lol* I love the thought of it all though !

I too think that there is still a spark between Ali and Johnny maybe they will date again at some point but I don't think it would last but they would always remain friends. Daniel would be a little jealous of Ali and Johnny dating he still has a soft spot for Ali even though he's happy enough with Amanda. But the how about Daniel and Amanda separating because of all the Karate drama and she then ends up confiding in Johnny and they end up being together for a while...now that would put the cat amongst the pigeons *lol*

Also what a turn up for the books if Johnny or Daniel turns out to be dad to Tory ? a bit far fetched I know but stranger things have happened so who knows. I do think that if Johnny and Carmen moved in together or even got married, tensions would always remain between Robby and Miguel they would never be a good fit for step brothers but then that might be a good story line just saying *lol*

Oh the possibilities are just endless it let's our imagination run away with us ! just can't wait to see what happens. All that being said though i'm surprised no one has lost their life throughout all this do you think that may happen at some point ? I think they just might but I wouldn't like to say just who it would be.

More rambles indeed *lol* !
over a year ago TerrySlivers said…
Yay, Team! We‘re gonna get this all talked out I think. Haha
Rambles Rule! Well mostly…sometimes I annoy myself with it BIGTIME!
It sure can be pretty fun musing about a show as good as this though right?

I give you kudos for your use of idioms. I also would like to say I believe you’re onto something with a # of your ideas. Rock On!

I can totally see the whole Amanda-Johnny angle going down. However, I don’t think they’ll go full paperback romance novel on it. But, I can definitely envision a version of that where it looks like from Daniel’s vantage point that’s what is goin down….If that makes any sense? Even the mere perception of Amanda cheating with Johnny would be enough of a powder keg to send Daniel to the moon and back!

I too, think it is quite plausible that Daniel and Amanda actually separate for a time due to: Daniel being Daniel, the strain of the war with Silver, and plain-old fatigue from the fall-out of WELL….everything.

Imagine Johnny and Carmen are on the outs during the same window of time that Daniel and Amanda are separated…both Daniel and Johnny begin dating Ali unbeknownst to each other? But then when they do find out about each other-calamity ensues…then later the crazy sorta levels off and they‘re back to the usual heckling:
DANIEL: Surely, you didn‘t take her to BlahBlahBlah looking like that did you?
Where DID you go?
JOHNNY: You Writing A Book, Larrusso? Well, Make it a Mystery!….
We Caught some arty-farty foreign flick if you MUST KNOW.
JOHNNY: YEAH! She seemed to like it.
DANIEL: Good thing Ali was there to read you the subtitles

Then when Daniel and Johnny have sorta made peace with the fact that they are both dating Ali….BLAM! Daniel perceives Johnny and Amanda to be together!!
The aforementioned Johnny-Amanda situation would really be
the devilish double-chocolaté icing atop the evil red-velvet cake- wouldn’t it?

And yes, I agree with you 100 percent that Robby and Miguel living under the same roof as step-bros would be great for drama. It could definitely happen but I dunno where it fits in the timeline of things. That’s not to say it is not possible of course. (Mind you…I’m just going off of a sketchy timeline of things that could be utter garbage.)I think Robby is probably over at Cobra Kai through all/most of season 4. I look for him to move into Terry Silver’s palatial estate. Perhaps during season 5 it’s Father Knows Best with Johnny Lawrence under Carmen’s roof? I dunno.

Will Tory turn out to be the daughter of someone in the Miyagi-verse? Danny? Johhny?
Silver? Barnes? Kreese‘s granddaughter? Some said Ali. Some are saying Julie Pierce. (I don’t understand Ali and Julie because Tory’s mom has been in the show already…technically .) It certainly would be something if she was the daughter of one of the legacy characters. Tory is one of my favorites for sure. I totally get why fans think Tory might be of legacy-lineage….the way she came outta nowhere, the natural ability, the killer instinct, the Tory with a “Y” callback etc.
If she does turn out to be someone’s kid its gonna require a fair amount of exposition just to make it credible/believable for the viewer. (IMO) They could definitely do that. It’s just that it is MUCH easier to make her an an unknown. These writers more often than not, make very conservative choices as to keep things from seeming too out of leftfield. Yet, they do however seem to like the occasional red herring…which I think is kinda what was intended…but I dunno?

ex. We found out Ali was a surgeon so right away people start thinking she’s gonna operate on Miguel. Which was a more than logical conclusion at the time.

It’s interesting you mentioned that about someone dying…I was just thinking about that a couple days ago. So who dies, if anyone?
My money is on Kree$e. I go back to him. His character is geriatric. The writers have gone out of their way to give Kreese a backstory. There’s little doubt he’s going to have a redemption arc. But once that’s done his character is likely done.
Plus, Martin Kove’s initial contract was originally only for two seasons. (supposedly) So it was something like 2 seasons of Kreese…then 2 seasons of Silver. Most likely he was meant to be a casualty at least at one point. But who knows? Aaron Paul as Jessie Pinkman in Breaking Bad was going to have a similar fate but ended up staying till the end.

Who else is on the most likely to expire list IMO?
(@ some point during series)
1.) Kreese
2.) Miguel’s Grandma
3.) Daniel’s Mom
4.) Miguel’s Dad
5.) Barnes/Silver
6.) Sid/Louie
7.) Kumiko
8.) Chosen
9.) Ali
** I feel like the high school students…all have plot armor from death after what happened to Miguel. Can you imagine? The egregious death of a high school student linked to karate? After all that has transpired already? Even with Silver pulling strings…NO MORE Karate in the Valley…like at all-EVER Again!

* Don‘t Feel Like You Need to Type Back Anytime Soon. I have outdone myself and typed an actual novel this time. I mean really, this post has gotta be some kinda fanpop
record or something!
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over a year ago yorkshire_rose said…
Oh, rock on indeed *lol* !

Amanda and Johnny need to get together so Daniel can be sent to the moon he is a bit smug sometimes XD ! wicked laugh Muuhoowaha well I thought it was wicked *lol* !

It is fun musing around with thoughts and ideas over a show as good as this I fully agree. I have enjoyed your rambles and serious predictions you have shared. Thank you for listening to me ramble on it's great to get it out of your system :)

Time will tell if anything we have mentioned will come to light and I still like the idea of Robby and Miguel becoming step brothers that would bring on more tensions but like you say things do have to fit in at the right time so who knows just what is going to happen in season 4.Bring it on i'm so tired of waiting now ! so let's see what happens. I think your list of who may die in season 4 is viable. You have certainly chosen wisely here and I can't see any of the kids dying either so let's see if anyone does loose their lives.

You are right this forum must be a fanpop record and unlike some clubs we have been civil and respected each others thoughts and ideas. If you have any more ideas please feel free to share them although I think we have covered all bases for now *lol* enjoy the rest of your time on fanpop and you are welcome on my page anytime :)
over a year ago TerrySlivers said…
I appreciate your candor. That last one got a bit extreme…I apologize…
Kept adding on to this idea…and that idea, and going off on tangent after tangent
pretty soon it’s a novel.

I WAS aware it was getting a bit out of control as I typed/edited.
But, I kept it that way because a lot of those ideas I just wanted to get jotted down somewhere before
I lost ‘em to the wind. Kinda like you said…a mini time capsule of sorts to look back on when this thing finally aires…that was really what I was hoping for. I sincerely thought maybe some other folks might
chime in. I s’pose I hoped maybe something I said might invite others to theorize and collaborate, too.

I’m WAY into the theory-side of things. Yes, I’m one of of those annoying people that starts dissecting the movie on the way to the parking lot. But I totally get
that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I think Cobra Kai ‘ll probably aire earlier in Europe
I wanna say it did last time? But I dunno? If so-LUCKY!

Anyways, been good talking to ya.

over a year ago yorkshire_rose said…
^There is no need to apologise I enjoyed reading all of it ! that's what the forum is for and yes it would be nice for other people to share some thoughts and theories but this club is new so maybe at some point we might just get some more people sharing their views.At least all your ideas are here now so you can refer back to them whenever you wish.

Let's see what happens it will be great to discuss everything that season 4 has to offer and you are welcome it's been good talking to you too. Peace right back at ya :)
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