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Idol rock band group CNBLUE is recently receiving a lot of attention for coincidently appearing on the local news.

On November 4th, the local KBS news informed citizens that there is a need to enhance airline security 검색 procedures through a corner called, “Today’s News.” However, during that short news section viewers caught sights of CNBLUE members Lee Jung Shin, Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jong Hyun. In the footage, Jung Shin was shown going through security procedures with his arms wide open while Yonghwa was shown waiting on the side.

According to fans, CNBLUE was at the Kimpo airport after coming back from Japan. Furthermore, the footage of the members captured on news was a coincidence during their trip headed to Thailand. Netizens who saw the news commented, “I was really surprised” and “Did 당신 guys come out on purpose? There is no other sitcom-like event like this one.”
The boys of CNBLUE are finally back with their first studio album, “First Step“, and they’re ready to rock their BOICES once more.

The group’s latest 제목 track, “Intuition“, holds an addictive rhythm with a strong 기타 melody, topped off with powerful vocals 의해 Jung Yonghwa. The lyrics of the song illustrate the feelings of a man who can intuitively feel that his girl will leave his side soon, but continues to deny their parting ways.

Check out their comeback stage below which also includes “Love Comes With The Rain!”