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posted by joeven67
I live in England UK and must be the biggest 팬 over here. I have been watching Chuck for 18 months every 일 some in the morning and at night and never get tired of seeing it.
As I have terminal cancer this is what brings a smile to my face every day.
The chemistry between Zach and Yvonne is truly magic, I have looked every where for a program of the same ilk the nearest is Republic of Doyle.
Everyone wants to be Chuck and save the world get the stunning girl, I know I certainly do.
If ever a film needs to be made this is it if I won the lottery I would put up a start fund to get it on the road.
It is a great pity tv series have to end, I just hope something is done.
posted by MyTake
I 사랑 this show! It is just an 시간 of pure fun. Nothing to figure out! 당신 can just sit back and enjoy with lots of laughter.

The sidekicks could make the show all 의해 themselves too. Last night that scenes with 모건 and Lester!! 모건 explaining to him that there is real turkey and not frozen! Then he tries to escape the Buy 더 많이 to get the turkey that Ellie threw away!! It was too much!!

The week before it was even funnier!! That scene where 모건 and Lester make Jeff 제비, 삼키기 the pen 캡, 모자 so that Mr. Awesome could do the Heimlich step 의해 step and they could write it down on their CPR exam, that was too much!!

Oh and don't even get me started on Casey! When Chuck left that message to release "The Casey" that was the icing on the cake last night!!

Just watch once, I swear you'll be hooked!

NBC if 당신 취소하기 this show, you're dead to me!!
posted by Councilman
Before I saw "Chuck Vs the Ring" I was reminded of a line I once did in "The 음악 Man" about the excitement of anticipation one feels because I had it a plenty. And truth is I was not disappointed in anyway, except the possibility we will never see Morgan, Anna, Lester and Jeff along with the rest of the Buy 더 많이 Regulars like Skip Johnson, Big Mike, even Emmett, now that Chuck quit. These people were the comic relief in the show.
I also have to repeat how pleasantly surprised I was at with the performance Jeffster put on. Who'd have thunked it. Certainly not me after the off pitch job the...
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From the first moment I learned Chuck could be in jeopardy of cancellation I have been posting here on 팬팝 and at many other locations to bring what ever information I could find to anyone interested in saving what I believe to be a very worthy program. Along the way I have found I was not alone in my efforts making hundreds new connections along the way.
While the number of posts on this 포럼 may not show very large numbers believe me they are there. I have found the even though our numbers may be small and growing on 팬팝 so far everyone with whom I have had contact have been extremely nice people from all over the world.
If we do indeed fail in our efforts I wanted to make sure 당신 knew there was at least one person who was very appreciative of 당신 efforts. There are still a few days in which we may have some sway over the NBC Networks decision. So don't give up now. And I thank 당신 once again.