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Can 당신 Pass the Ultimate Villains Quiz?

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The Disney villains are evil, mischievous, and well, incredibly fun to watch. How well do you know these film baddies and their despicable ways? Let’s find out with this ultimate test:
Which villain talks about the importance of body language?
Match the quote to the villain: “I’m surrounded by idiots.”
Match the quote to the villain: “Perhaps you’d like to see how snake-like I can be?”
All of these villains are seen with crocodiles except
When Ursula disguises herself, she goes by the name
How many eggs does Gaston eat each day?
Which gambling villain loves to roll the dice?
Hans says he has ____ brothers who pretended he was invisible for two years.
All of these evil villains are seen looking into a mirror except
Which villain considers turning someone into a flea, putting that flea into a box inside of a box, mailing that box to herself, and then smashing said box with a hammer when it arrives?
Which statement about Prince John is not true?
Mother Gothel warns Rapunzel about everything except
If you want your score to come out of the shadows, then you need to play your cards right and take this quiz again.
If you want to get a higher score, we suggest trying this assemblage of questions again. If you search far and wide for the correct answers, we think your new score will be Maleficent … we mean magnificent!
The Magic Mirror on the wall says your score is the most perfect of them all! There’s no need to concoct a quiz-taking potion or dress in an ugly disguise because you’ve just conquered this test.
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