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샬럿, 샬 롯 La Bouff Favourite 샬럿, 샬 롯 Dress ?

25 fans picked:
Red 고삐, 홀 터 넥 Dress
Mardi Gras Party Dress
Dress Worn at Tiana's Palace
Long Sleeved Dress
Wedding Dress
담홍색, 핑크 Dress at Tiana's Wedding
 haynay24 posted over a year ago
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Ribon95 picked Red 고삐, 홀 터 넥 Dress:
love this one :)
posted over a year ago.
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3xZ picked Red 고삐, 홀 터 넥 Dress:
My favourite.
posted over a year ago.
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ajotma picked Dress Worn at Tiana's Palace:
It's so cute, I love Flapper Dresses!
posted over a year ago.
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AudreyFreak picked Red 고삐, 홀 터 넥 Dress:
Cute and incredibly flattering. I like her cafe dress too.

Actually despite how gaudy the wedding gown is, I do love her wardrobe.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago