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Just ideas for CC.

Chase"i just want to say to 당신 something.i 사랑 심장 is broken without you.if we have problems we must found the light together.i 키스 House but...but i not feel anything.i think only for with me"
Chase"why 당신 say me that 당신 키스 House.why 당신 not lie me?it will be secret .And we will live i cAn want divorce."
Cam"because i'm your wife!and now i not want lies 또는 secrets.i just want childrens,home and to can say me MRS.Chase"chase 키스 cameron

Chase see cameron in park.
CAM"hi.what 당신 do:)?"
Cam"watch childrens.they...
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Cameron's POV: "okay, lets go meet dad at the park so he can take 당신 to his house." Melinda and Cheyenne always 사랑 going to see Chase.
Cameron thinks: I miss Chase, he made me feel
안전한, 안전 with him. I wish we never got divorced.

Chase's POV: "hi girls." Chase smiles and hugs his daughters. he thanks Cameron. she nods and gets in her car. Chase watches her drive away and thinks: I wish we never divorced. I miss her smile, her eyes, and her ring hand in mine......I still 사랑 당신 Allison Cameron

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