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Cesc Fabregas Do 당신 think he'll drop Arsenal for Barcelona?

47 fans picked:
Maybe. It's hard to say.
 kristine95 posted over a year ago
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kristine95 picked No.:
i don't think he will actually. and i have to agree with the arsenal leaders, it's quite disrespectful of barcelona to say that cesc wants to go to barcelona. he's signed up for a long contract, and i believe he'll stay in arsenal at least 'till the contract runs out! :)
posted over a year ago.
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Shanice_12 picked Maybe. It's hard to say.:
I don't knwo what to believe sometimes.

Such good players in the Arsenal team, if Wenger doesn't figure something out I think they will start leaving for better teams.

I hope he won't though =D
I would die :(
posted over a year ago.
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Jijulik picked Maybe. It's hard to say.:
ohhh,no...I don't think so!He is created for the Arsenal!
posted over a year ago.
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monasalah picked Maybe. It's hard to say.:
i dont know but i hope i realy like barcelona
posted over a year ago.
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sunshine_96 picked Maybe. It's hard to say.:
Yeah .. itss hard to say1 :]
i l0ve Cesc :].
posted over a year ago.
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drunksheep picked No.:
No, he said that in an interview...
posted over a year ago.