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Celebrity Kids 가장 좋아하는 Celebrity Mum

37 fans picked:
안젤리나 졸리
제시카 알바
제니퍼 가너
nicole richie
katie holmes
할리 베리
제이미 린 스피어스
니콜 키드먼
아일라 피셔
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 liza2 posted over a year ago
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x-xsarahx-x picked nicole richie:
shes awesome!!
posted over a year ago.
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Lackson4ever85 picked 제시카 알바:
Jessica alba is a great and awesome mom,and i think the baby is so Adorable,but also Jamie,Katie,Angelina and Nicole R is awesome too
posted over a year ago.
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sapherequeen picked 제이미 린 스피어스:
The girl did a lot to be able to raise and keep her daughter, Maddie!
posted over a year ago.
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retrolove83 picked 제니퍼 가너:
i know eh? Angelina is a terrible parent!!!!
posted over a year ago.