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Source: TMZ.com
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 Nichola Fynn (photo 의해 Janice Allen)
Nichola Fynn (photo by Janice Allen)
British actress Nichola Fynn is making her mark in America and beyond. Most recently she guest starred on the 인기 TV Land laugher “Hot in Cleveland” and coming up she’ll appear in the sci-fi thriller “Altered Perception.”

Of course, audiences will recognize her from her work in the Bond blockbuster “Skyfall” and Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” She’s also lent her talents to the indie world, including Jennifer Blanc-Biehn’s directorial film debut, “The Night Visitor” and writer/director Kate Rees Davies dramatic short “Broken,” which...
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Remember 제이 지 and Beyonce's baby started off a RUMOR and ended up REAL? Well guess what! The baby's name is Blue. And do 당신 know what's so funny about that?

Blue was the name of Jay-Z's old girlfriend before Beyonce. And blue is much 더 많이 prettier than Beyonce.
The biggest 질문 is... How could 비욘세 let 제이 지 name the baby blue?
Yes, Blue is a pretty name but its taken in a slot of Jay-Z's past!

Blue looks JUST like Beyonce, so why not name her Beyonce?

If 당신 have something to add please make an 기사 of it and tell me so I can read it! And please 팬 me because my 기사 are OUT-RAGOUS !👠👠💄💅