고양이 What is/are the name(s) of your cat(s) and why?

PkmnTrainerJ posted on Jun 15, 2007 at 06:02PM
I only have one cat now:

Sam(antha) - (♀) - Named by my younger brother after Sam from Big Brother UK 8 (the twin).

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over a year ago panaricanchick said…
Mine is Misu - male. My husband wanted to name him elmino and i couldnt remember it so we we called him Misu. That is how you call a cat in spanish. Its like saying here kitty kitty. lol.
over a year ago busanbusan said…
I got two female cats, the older one Busan, and the younger one Smilla.
over a year ago Mindfreak666 said…
I have one cat and his name is Midnight. I was in like 2nd grade when I named him. I think it is because he is black and he reminds me of darkness and it is dark at midnight. I don't know. I just named him Midnight. I was also thinking of calling him socks because he has white paws while the rest of him is black.
over a year ago Snerkie said…
I got one kitty and her name is Spicey. By kitty i mean fat cat, lol, my mum named her and i forgot why she named her that, i've attempted to rename my cat other things but never sticks :(
over a year ago dlyteful said…
I have 3 cats, 2 of which I got with my ex boyfriend.

First I have 2 brothers named Puss and Mr. Bojangles. Puss is a regular looking short hair with stripes and Bo is same coloring but with long soft hair. When we adopted them Puss was really scared and timid, would hide under the bed all day and cry unless Bo was beside him or i laid on the floor so he could see me. He really liked me from the get. So my (ex)boyfriend wanted to name him Puss because he said he was a 'pussy'. I was like fine but if we are going to do that then we need to call the other Boots. (Puss and Boots) Well apparently his mother never read him books as a child cause he had no idea what i was talking about and neither did his friends. But we agreed on Mr. Bojangles (Bo or Bojangles for short.)

My other cat actually belong to a really good friend of mine but I was the other that named her so I can share that with you as well...lucky you! ;) Anyways, she is a beautiful white and black long hair cat...like black mostly with white stripes and bright blue eyes. I thought she was the most beautiful cat ever and thought her name should be as beautiful. All the names he came with sounded more like stripper names so i suggested Jasmyn. As soon as I said her name she ran and jumped in my lap, we decided she liked it too so thats her name. My friend ended up getting his girlfriend, who is allergic to cats, pregnant and so he gave me jasmyn since in his words 'i guess this ones gonna be around for awhile."

btw- PkmnTrainerJ - how did you make the female sign?
over a year ago PkmnTrainerJ said…
I used my character map on Windows and copy and pasted it.
over a year ago doonis said…
Twitherbee and Jitterbug but I don't know why.
over a year ago heroesfan4eva said…
vada, no idea why tho
over a year ago katiemariie said…
My first kitty is a big Ginger Tabby named Gilbert after Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. My second kitty is a fat black and silver tabby named Isabella after the queen of Spain. My third kitty is a little Ginger tabby named Colby after Stephen Colbert and the cheese.
over a year ago Learn1288 said…
Well my sister's fiance kept calling my cat Kitan (kit-ton) as if to be saying kitten in a weird way ya know? So my sister thought about naming her Kitana, from Mortal Kombat, and I just kept it that way! So that's her name...Kitana! She's the sweetest little thing ever! :)
over a year ago lightyears said…
I have a female kitten, named Amélie after the movie Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, which I love =)
over a year ago babybell said…
My cat Bertie was named when cat protection got him as a kitten with his sisters. Apparantly he was called that cose he looked like a carton cat called bertie, and his name suits him so well. My other cat bellamy ( berties sister) is called that after matt bellamy of muse. + its such a cool name and it suits her.

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over a year ago Katreader said…
Aleister is a pure black cat (not a speck of white) so I named him after Aleister Crowley. Seneca is a female I named after the Seneca Nation of Indians, and Calumet was born in the barn where I keep my horse-so she was named after one of the great racing stables of the 1970's, although I call her Callie, for short!
over a year ago Dark_Silence said…
I had a lot of cats, but they died or they just ran away. My favorite was Jamie (AKA Mamau) because he seemed to reply to everything you said with just a simple meow. I have Spooch Panini (yeah, food name) and I just thought it was a creative name that fit the cat so I named him that way. Garfield is the oldest (he is veige, but I liked him as Garfield). Miaf, his meow sounded liak miaaaf, so yeah. Mellow lady, she is young but very sweet. Kimi Kong, she is black and thin, she looked tiny so I chose an ironic name.
over a year ago pinkmad17 said…
My first cat was a boy and called Tofu. It's a vegetarian meat substatute. When we got him as an 8-week old kitten he had no meat on him so hense Tofu!
over a year ago othgirl_peyton said…
i have two cats Tiger and Špela!
over a year ago Shandy said…
roxy and chelsea, mother (roxy) and daughter (chelsea). and theres no specific reasons as to y i named them that.
over a year ago PkmnTrainerJ said…
I got a new kitten recently. A ginger cat called Ruby
over a year ago nosemuffin said…
I have an Abyssinian named Khayman named after an Egyptian vampire, a black cat named VooDoo (obvious), a Ragdoll mix looking cat named Shade (Shade is the name of the main character in one of my favorite movies), and a grey and white cat named Immelman who was named after an anime called Last Exile.
over a year ago heatherb0828 said…
Pookie, Chloe, and Abby (shes a tabby of course)...all my animals always end up with the ie sound on the end of their name for some reason hmmm
over a year ago smoore23 said…
Nikki - We adopted her around Christmas, so we thought "St. Nicholas/St.Nick" and Nikki just seemed like an good name for her!
over a year ago snwangel1981 said…
I've got Mishie..which is short for Mishemokwa, which means "bear" in Native American. He was a stray at the summer camp where I was working during my teens years, and I let the girls in my cabin name him... so there he got his name! He is a 20lb Main Coon, one of the most lovable breeds of felines! :) So his name fits him to a T! :)

My other kitty is Adrianne. She is an adoptee from a family who was unable to take her with them when they moved, so we adopted her! She's a jet black cat with beautiful green eyes, who should really be called Spaz. She is an excitable kitty who if you look at her wrong, goes darting across the house. it's quite amusing! :)
over a year ago claire-aka-bob said…
jasper ♥

we got him when i was 3! and he is the biggest scardy cat in the world!!!
he is scared of everything, including birds!!
over a year ago ToastedRabbits said…
My cat that died - Nicky was named after the nick name for Santa "Old Saint Nick", but because she was female we named her Nicky in place of Nick. =)

My two others at my dad's, Boots - for the white colored socks on her feet, and Blackie - for the overall blackish color mixed with orange.
over a year ago harold said…
Gomo, female, approximately 16 years old. Named after Salrough Gomo, thriddle seer of Tan-Iricid.
over a year ago tinkerluvr said…
Nick: Named after Nick Jonas by my sis.
Emmy: we were gonna call her mischief after my moms chidhood cat but my sis wanted to call her Jonas so we called her M.J. and my dad started calling her emmy and the nam stuck.
Stripe: well, he has a cute stripe on him lol
Princess: well, she acts like one!
over a year ago pollyloveshouse said…
i had 5 cats...
Charlie- got death threats from the judge who lives 2 doors away because he kept waking him up in the night... he now lives in dorset with my aunt

Jessica- Charlie's sister, has kidney failure in one kidney, an infection in the other and has to have dialasis twice a day... lives with my other aunt in Brixton where there are no other cats...

Marble- has catarax and has had it all his life, making him about half blind... but everyone on our 45 house long street seems to know him...

Skye: is the biggest scaredy cat ever, but adorable once he gets to know and trust you

and Cream: hes my little boy, the most adorable fluffy ball of fur in the history of the world!! Incredibly thick though... I have to show him where the food is every morning...
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over a year ago BritKeyser said…
I have two cats, both male. My oldest is about a year old. His name is Gary (Garfield) Brian (After my biological father) Jacob (From Twilight) Keyser (my last name). He's a tomcat.
My second youngest is Jasper (from Twilight) Odas (That dogs name from the Garfeild movie) Edward (Twilight, duh, and Brian's middle name, though mostly b/c of Twilight) Keyser. I just found out he's a persian.
They are both my babies, Gary is about a year old, Jasper is around four months, and I love them to death.
My bro also has a cat, whom he calls Miss. Kitty, I call her el diablo, (the devil). She is the worst, meanest cat I've ever seen.
Ok, I have three now. The devil had kids, but they are sweet.
Anyway, I got a solid black one. I named her Bella (Isabella from Twilight) Alice (Twilight) Marie (Bella's middle name)Keyser. I put alice before Marie because it sounds better.
Bella's about a month old, and they are all my babies!
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over a year ago SpanksU said…
I have one cat a grey persian female named Megatron - I love robots and I loved transformers as a kid - also just because of the whole package it's very hilariously ironic. :)
over a year ago housecuddy4ever said…
I have 6 cats.
Well 11 if you count the feral cats that live with us.I'm not counting my deceased cat.

My cats:
Tang(Tangerine)-My mom named him.He's a Tabby cat.He's the color of a tangerine.I call him Tang instead of Tangerine.When I call him by his actual name he looks at me like he's trying to say,"Are you talking to me?" He's 7months and so is his sister.

Selena(Sena) I named her after the famous singer 'Selena' She's a calico.She has a nose that is half pink and half black.She's Tang's fraternal twin.

Milo(Bunny wabbit/bunny rabbit,scaredy cat,Bugs Bunny)He looks like a rabbit(apparently).He's 11 months.His fur is soft like a rabbit.My mom named him after the cat from 'Milo and Otis' He's scared to death of one of our other cats.

Moo(Moo Cow,Happy Cow,Cow)He's 2 weeks.His eyes and ears are open.He's so cute ^^ He currently has blue eyes,they'll either change to yellow or stay blue.Changed his name because Cow just sounds so bad...I still call him Cow.

Louis(Lou) He's a white cat with blue eyes.He has orange spots on him.I guess he's my cat.He is 1 1/2.He had a twin.My dad named his after somebody.
He's a tomcat and basically lives outdoors.He comes back to our house once in a while.

Arnie(Herman)He's Lou's twin.He was sweet cat.He's named after the governor of California,Arnold Schwarzenegger.He died in December of 2007.He got ran over D;

My mom's cat:
Precious(Bea)She's a calico,like Selena.Selena is her twin.Selena is more orange and her mother is more black.She's 7.She is expecting kittens anytime soon.We are arch enemies.

Feral cats:
Honeybun,Cupcake,and Doughnut they look 1 or 2 years old.They are gray tabby cats.

Possum-He's a little kitten.I picked him up when he was a 2week old kitten.He doesn't remember that.He looks like a Possum.He's so cute! ^-^.His mother is gone(stupid redneck idiot across the street from us traps cats.Moron)

Mama Cat-She's Possum's,Honeybun's,Cupcake's,and Doughnut's mother.She has been missing for 1 week.

All of the feral cats live underneath our trailer.
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over a year ago cocacola said…
I have a cat named Rosie for reasons I am unaware of...

but my older brother caught a stray kitty one day that was white with grey spots and blue eyes, he thought it might have been blind, we named it Bitchzilla because it was really uncooperative, but we let it go back to its mom.
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over a year ago Sappp said…
Pluishenko, Pluis for short (that's a normal cat name in the Netherlands). After my favorite figure skater, Evgeni Plushenko.

over a year ago pink_punk said…
i hav a cat..male..abt 5 years old...first his name was jumbo..then we named him shampoo...cuz he's very clean n tidy..!!!
over a year ago axlluver43 said…
I have three named Faye, Flower and Slash.

I named Faye because of my great aunt Faye who died a week before we got her

I named Flower, Flower because she loved to roll around in my mother's flower garden.

I named Slash after Slash from Guns N Roses and when we got him, the top of his head was all poofy and curly so I couldn't resist!
over a year ago fanfly said…
I have 3 cats- Wookie, Oona and Madmartigan.
Wookie and Oona came from the same litter and are about 10 years old. Wookie of course is named after Chewbacca's species in Star Wars- which I love! (the originals, not the new ones) She's soooo tiny and fluffy. She looks like a mutated dustbunny- I almost named her that!
Oona is named after the faerie in Legend, another fav movie, and she's my little pixie princess. She's a calico tabby and is pretty small too.
Madmartigan is only 4 years old and he's my only boy. He's named after Madmartigan from Willow, yet another fav movie! My mom wanted to name him Yoda- ha! He's about as wise and peaceful as a wildass monkey! Madmartigan suits him way better. I call him Mad, sometimes Baby Mad or the Mad. He's a big, obnoxious boy. The most high maintenance, special needs cat I've ever had. He barely drinks water on his own, which cause chronic urinary tract infections, so he has to have special food and I feed him water out of a dropper every day (he loves the attention). I also take him for walks every day on a harness and leash so he can get the exercise/attention he thinks he needs. My neighborhood is too dangerous to let him out on his own- too many cars, stray dogs, hawks and rattlesnakes. He's so spoiled. My other babies are sweethearts.

My mom has 2 cats that came from the same litter as Mad. Their names are Midge and Melon (Watermelon). Midge is named after a friend of my mom's who died. She's a little crazy and will only let you pet her if she's alone with you, if someone catches her being affectionate she has to get up and leave.
Melon is named that because my mom thought the marble tabby stripes on her belly looked like the pattern of a watermelon. Little did we know that she would grow to the size of a watermelon! She is one fat, lazy cat. I swear, she's Garfield personified.

My sister has 5 cats! Shoo, Kitt and Kaboodle, Howl and Peach. Shoo used to be my cat long ago but I gave her to my sis because I was moving. Her actual name was Siobhan (can't remember why), but we never called her that. My mom didn't like it and so called her Shoo and the name stuck.
Kitt and Kaboodle came from the same litter as Midge, Melon and Mad (they were born of a feral cat and we rescued them). I think Kitt and Kaboodle are pretty self explanatory. They're boys and Kitt is a big puma of a cat with the most laidback disposition- he's so sweet.
Kaboodle or Boodles as we call him is absolutely gorgeous- pale cream with spots and stripes and blue eyes.
Howl and Peach are pretty young still and they're boys too. Howl is named after Howl's Moving Castle, which my neice loves and she also named the other one Peach because of his pink nose. She told me once that she pretends he's a girl. lol She's only five. Go figure.

There was one other cat from the big litter- her same was Satsuki (Suki). She belonged to my other sister and was named after Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro. She was a pale Siamese looking cat with blue eyes. Gorgeous but definitely psycho. She disappeared from their house when she was less than a year old.
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over a year ago khfan12 said…
at my moms house i have two girls, Gracie and Scarlet, and at my dads, i have a girl Sassy who is my oldest cat.
over a year ago Jeffersonian said…
I have three cats. Elvis was named after Elvis Presly because he always has a Elvis Presly grin. I have no idea why the former owners named Oscar his name. Angel was named because as a kitten she looked like such a Angel ( she's a huge trouble maker)
over a year ago mrsblack_1089 said…

He's just plain crabby, lol I got him when I turned 4 (I'm 13 now) so he's pretty old. My mom told me to name him Chester cuz it was a lyric to one of my favorite songs when I was 4 (Oh Chester have you heard about Hare...) but he actually sleeps on my chest sometimes, lol :)
over a year ago Subsidl said…
Currently we're having 8 cats.

1. Schnurri (in english she would be named Purry because she purrs a lot). We didn't give her that name. She's 17/18 years now and we just try to make the rest of her live good. She wasn't too happy in her family before.

2. Fritzchen. Again, we didn't give him that name. We just wanted to care about him because he was in a very bad condition. He was supposed to go into an other family, but he was feeling too good with us

But now.. We chose all the names and they're all from Star Trek. We aren't obsessed with Star Trek, it's just a joke.
3. Phlox (from Enterprise. I think it was the doctor there. I never watched this series)
4. Nagus (from Deep Space Nine. The Nagus, boss of the Ferengis)
5. Q (Next Generation. Oh, he's so annoying!! The character and the cat!! But I swear, the cat is exactly like the character)
6. Ferengi (the species)
7. Spot (from Next Generation. That's how Data's cat was called)
8. Borg (she's way to cowardly for being a real borg)
over a year ago TVMadnezz said…
2 Male cats

Bravo - Named after Johnny Bravo

Otto - Named after Otto Mann, bus driver on the Simpsons.
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over a year ago 18wanda said…
Milo, black cat with no tail
Carlo, black cat
Meemee, fa tabby and white
over a year ago ChinaMarie said…
I have four cats

Christmas Eve (female) - You can probably guess why I named her this, but for the slower of us, she's named this because she was given to me on Christmas Eve.

Storm (female) - She was originally named this because she was a black cat and my husband came up with the idea that we should name her after a black character from the marvel comics, hence Storm. Although now her personality matches the name... chaotic, wild, unpredictable.

My other two cats, Katie & Chrissy, both females, I didn't name. They were rescued cats. So I'm unsure why they were given the names they have.
over a year ago green79 said…
I have 2 cats.

The first is named Puffin. I know that it's a weird name but she has REALLY puffy hair and me and my siblings were all young when we got her so we named her Puffin.

The second is named Holly. We just thought of a bunch of different names and everyone liked the name Holly so that's what we named her.
over a year ago SilverStarlight said…
i have 2 kats
Gizmo- my aunt found her in the backyard. gray and goldish tiger cat. like treats and chasing just about anything that moves, lol
Sassy- gramma found her on a golf course. black brown n' white calico. dosent like stangers, bit of a spaz. odd fetish for rubber bands.
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over a year ago preamapimster said…
i named my cat kita cauz everi1 had a different name 4 the cat my bro wanted to call her ted, my dad wanted to call it a tiger, my sis eric!(itz a boy in school she likes) but mom said to call it kitty but soon we found out itz a male! so thats why his called kita!
over a year ago rosie77 said…
I have a female her name is bambam she is black and white and has a mustache
over a year ago AlisonEsch21 said…
Elton John, male i named him after one of my fav singers
over a year ago AaronHaley4ever said…
Only one kitty for me. He's an 8 year old ginger half-persian half-ragdoll. His name is Remus (for Professor Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter books).
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 Only one kitty for me. He's an 8 년 old ginger half-persian half-ragdoll. His name is Remus (for
over a year ago jadore_renard said…
Jazz. I named him after a family friend's dog who was put down. Yeah I know... I was seven ^^; Any ways I really loved Jazz the dog and thought naming someone after him would be nice.

This is my kitty :3 He likes to bite.
over a year ago cherry_bloody said…
Ever and Zephir are soooo cute names 4 my cats . But Ever died last year . Here is her picture .Zephir is alive !!!
 Ever and Zephir are soooo cute names 4 my 고양이 . But Ever died last 년 . Here is her picture .Zephi