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posted by Blaze_of_Ares
I'm rewriting the 'Arena of Chaos' Would 당신 guys read it?

Here is the summary:

It was the 년 10000, the two Demi-God camps, Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, have combined, after the Giant war, and was renamed Camp Demi-God. The Greeks moved to Camp Jupiter as Camp Half-Blood was small so they went there. The camp has gotten bigger, with the help of the Gods. The entire camp was rebuilt. New Rome is now Athome, Athens and Rome. It is a city with a mixture of Greek and Roman structures. The Gods trust their kids now and 불, 화재 users are common. Terminus still guards the borders. Romans still...
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posted by Blaze_of_Ares

We sat in a circle. The seven going for a camping trip was a great idea. We needed to take a break from the stuff going on at camp and we were still recovering from the war. The 불, 화재 burned dimly, giving the area a creepy atmosphere

"Who wanna start with the..." Leo said and took a torch light. "Ghost stories" he said in a very creepy voice.

"I'll do it!" I say, snatching the torch. "This, is an old scare new recruits!....the tale of the Ghost Centurion...." Leo started to hum the haunted melody.

"During the reign of Julius Caesar...there is a Centurion, Avis Caelum. He was...
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posted by Tigerslily
Arron’s P.O.V

Cool I thought as Mr. Boone told us where we were to go. I walked beside Destiny and Colby. The girls were talking away, I walked in my room first and seen this last person I wanted to see. I’m a happy person most of the time, but this one person I’ve known for less then 20 minutes, has made it to my ‘I hate with a passion’ list.

“oh hey, I remember you, you’re the dude that was with the two hot chicks” he looked me up and down.

“There my best friends, yeah” His smile got a bit wider.

“So their not your girls, sweet” No. He doesn’t...
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We traveled so fast, I couldn't even think straight! When we reached to Half-Blood Hill, I almost forgot who I was!
My brain slowy started to function properly again.
"Where are we?" I asked Percy.
"Half-Blood Hill." Percy answered.
"Okay, now tell me the location!" I told him.
"Long Island." He answered.
My mouth fell open. It only took, like, 초 to get here, from New Jersey to Long Island!
"But, we got here so fast!" I cried.
"Transportation is easy if 당신 have a Hellhound." he mentioned.
I glanced at the dog, he looked exhausted as he rested against a bunch of trees.
Percy gestured me to follow...
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I woke up with the taste of 땅콩 버터 in my mouth. Elena was staring at my face with a worried expression on her face.
"Are 당신 alright?" she asked.
"Uh...yeah..." I answered confused.
I couldn't remember what happened earlier until my brain started to function properly again. I backed away from her when I remembered the incident at the Gift 샵 earlier.
"Why 당신 punched me?" I asked.
She looked at me as if I was Priscilla "Monster-Stlye".
"Why would I 펀치 you, Amelia?" she asked without answering my 질문 first.
"You were different." I stated. "You had goat had were...
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posted by Silena_Isabelle
    I haven’t discovered who I am, but it all started a very chaos afternoon. It was really tragic for me, I don’t know who to turn in to, 또는 asked help to. I mean it was hard, I don’t even know who my mother is, all I know my dad told me she died long ago. He remarried but I felt like an outcast, so I ran away from home. I walked down the streets, it was dawn and I am alone, I don’t know where to go. A strange woman from afar kept looking at me, so I tried to avoid her, but everywhere I go she’s there. The alley lights turned on, and it’s about time for sun...
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posted by werevamp246
I see that on Half Blood 언덕, 힐 we are growing into a bigger family. Many newbies have joined and that makes me happy. The only sad part is that the oldies, Alex, Teddy, Mike, etc, have gone. Nobody here takes credit for making hbh. That's all Teddy.(thx!) I made a list of the people and places.
Werevamp246- Angel/ daughter of Hades and 선실, 캐빈 leader
Sadie_Kane- Allea/ Daughter of Apollo and 선실, 캐빈 leader

HON_Rules-Megan. Daughter of Athena
llrulez- Skye/ Daughter of Poseidon
Demon_wolf- Kelly/ Daughter of a Satyr
Hollistergurl- Juilliana/ Daughter of Apollo
Bianca_Forbes-Vanessa/ Daughter of Apollo
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Drew: Wake me up when september ends
Andrea. 21 guns
Blaze: Hero
Angel: Beautiful soul.
Isso. Keep Holding On
Me :Nobodys Home
Cara: Family tree
Nicholas: I am iron man.
Fallis: im with you.
im sorry if i forgot anyone.
and a good theme song for HoT iyself id Somewhere over the rainbow. Live While Were Young. And Our song. I really wanted to do this for so long and i hope people like it. :)
I really grew to 사랑 this place and i hope it doesnt die unknowlingly. I 사랑 everyone here and thank 당신 for your time and 사랑 i 사랑 당신 too.
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