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Matthew Knight asks Cameron some 질문
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 i just got this on me
i just got this on me
ETHAN:played 의해 MATTHEW KNIGHT 13 ep
SARAH:played 의해 VENESSA 모건 13 ep
ERICA:played 의해 KATE TODD 12 ep
RORY: played 의해 CAMERON KENNEDY 13 ep

RORY was kind of a dork till he got bitten 의해 erica. ERICA was a dork allways was bing made fun of and then she got bit and now she is cool and RORY thinks she is hot. ERICA kisses RORY just to get him to shut up it works to. ETHAN is a dork he isent a vampire but ha can see thinge befor it happens and his eyes het all blank and it is cool. BENNY he is still kindof a dork he is cool and he has powers and and he putts spells on things and in one pf the episodes he brings a dog back to life and it turns bad. I 사랑 MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE.
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Oh my goodness... This has been anticipated 의해 me since season 1 ended. For all 당신 people like anticipate October 2011 ;) I found this on Cameron Kennedy's twitter.
Link to PROOF!
I am soo excited and I hope 당신 guys are too!!
The excitement can be overwhelming and there are no leaks yet of the names of episodes 또는 how many episodes there will be. But for the sake of super 팬 lets hope there are 더 많이 episodes than season 1.There were maybe 10 episodes to first season? Hopefully 더 많이 will come in season 2. (: It will be nice to see our 가장 좋아하는 characters in action once again!

Loves, Kamrynn (Codyluver)
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