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Buffyverse Comics After 12 issues of "Angel: After the Fall" and 2 issues of "Spike: After the Fall" do 당신 still consider them canon?

14 fans picked:
I never did.
Yes, now 더 많이 than ever!
No, not anymore.
 nosemuffin posted over a year ago
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nosemuffin picked No, not anymore.:
Mmmm, I know it's petty.. but I can't help it, Spike is my favorite person in the whole verse. Yes, the Shanshu was originally written into existence for Angel, but as soon as Spike got himself a soul, I was hoping it was for him. And then the way the episode 'Destiny' played out, it gave me even more hope, by at least leaving it open. And even though it was sad, Angel signed the freaking thing away. So the fact that Lynch is giving it back to Angel, with a gift-wrapped guarantee really irks me. I just think that he should have left it open-ended. I was kind of hoping that somehow they could both achieve it.

Another thing that I'm not sure about is the whole Spike + Illyria relationship. She's much more interesting with Wesley, but he's a ghost now, meh.
posted over a year ago.
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I kind of gave up on the Buffy comics, and haven't yet picked up the Spike comics, so I can't really answer the question.
posted over a year ago.
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movygirl picked Yes, now 더 많이 than ever!:
Gave up in the buffy comics? Why? WHY?
Sorry, but do u know what caffeine does to Willow? That's exactly what buffy does to me - i regret...
posted over a year ago.