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Brucas&Angie Do 당신 like the banner & the 아이콘 of the spot 또는 shall i change them?

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YEAH! They are really great<33!
사랑 the icon...but...could 당신 plz change the banner?
I like the banner...but YEAH...change the 아이콘 plz!
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 sophialover posted over a year ago
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always-forever picked Change EVERYTHING!:
dont get it wrong, i really like it! :)
but i think its to little of angie in both..
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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Janni picked 사랑 the icon...but...could 당신 plz change the banner?:
I love it, but it would be good if we could make banner with Angie on it too..? Maybe we can ask Lucey?
posted over a year ago.
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I agree with always-forever and Janni :]
posted over a year ago.