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ok so, just let me clear my throat,
oh wait im typing not talking...
well pretend 당신 can hear my voice,
ok so im using a deep clear tone...
well heres your article...

Bridget Regan is HOT

ok and that was the whole artical, enough said.
and if 당신 dont think so feel free to jump off the nearest sky scraper.

that would be a nice artical wouldn't it, but apparently it needs to be longer so I shall post Bridget Regan is hot just a couple 더 많이 Bridget Regan is hot times, because Bridget Regan is hot and we must all be aware of her hotness... All must worship Bridget Regan's hotness for we must all look upon her hotness to guide us through blockbuster and our tv guides. This way from knowing Bridget Regan is hot 당신 can change lives! Now say it with me Bridget Regan is hot, Bridget Regan is hot, Bridget Regan is hot, kill those who appose her... well not literally kill, 더 많이 like destroy them socially 또는 academically.
Thank you,