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On a Saturday afternoon Brianna, Moonlight, Shadow, and Sonic were all playing Just Dance 2 at Sonic's house and Brianna and Moonlight were doing "Cotton Eyed Joe" 의해 Rednex (Very specific dont'cha think? XD)
Brianna: Ugh! Im all sweaty! T_T
Moonlight: This is a fun sweaty dance! :D
Brianna: *Still dancing & slaps the back of Moonlight's head*
Moonlight: Ow.
Brianna: Shut up!!!
Sonic: Meep!! O_O
Shadow: *Facepalm* Idiots... -_-
Brianna: *Still dancing & slaps Shadow's forehead*
Shadow: Ow! T.T
Brianna: FINALLY! Its over! -_-
Moonlight: Awwww... DX
Sonic: Good, now we can-...
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