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posted by lorenluvs
children are being funny but 3 children are hilarious one girl is a 체조 선수 the other is a really cute lil girl and a guy who plays base ball their names are annie, haley, and caleb . they are on a show called brataley. they also have a website called bratayley they created. on 유튜브 lil 체조 선수 level 5 annie used to be on seven awsome kids but quite because of all of the timings and she also makes only 2 shows a week and thats a lot of work also because her family show so it is lot of work. lil 체조 선수 annie was born 2004 started gymnastics at the age of 2 and has her own channel called...
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posted by anniehayleycale
저기요 guys today this one is really going to be about me and Caleb because I really miss him so it is really bad because he never really knew me so back to the point I am one of the 5 million subscribers I subscribed after Caleb died and then it was Hayley and me then after that it was annie and me so that is all I have to say today. so that is what I have to say about them now on to gymnastics I do gymnastics I can do a pullover a cartwheel a fronttuck a backtuck a knee to front tuck a double front tuck oh and a full twist back tuck a back handspring a front handspring a presshandstand a bounder and I can sing really good but since 당신 cannot hear me I will not wright down one of my song well until 다음 time bye
posted by anniehayleycale
Annie was born in Augusta Georgia while her father was station at fort Gordon Georgia. Annie is one of the three siblings that make up the family vlog YouTube channel Bratayley. She is a 체조 선수 who was already training for level 8 at the age of 10. She first started out on YouTube on a channel called acroanna where she 게시됨 gymnastics meets and tutorials. Her parents' names are Katie and Billy. She collaborates with her sister Hayley on the channels Bratayley and OMMYGOSHTV. Her older brother Caleb passed away in 2015
저기요 guys this not acually an artical i am going to give 당신 my verifying accounts here's a list of of it twitter is follow me hastach lorenluvs 다음 is my msp is lorenluvs 다음 is games go girl is ;lorenluvs heres a pic of my movie 별, 스타 planet pic and oh yeah i have another msp it's maicutie123 if that doesn't work just put maicutie i am level 4 with kinda white hair the pic is probley on the bottom 또는 상단, 맨 위로 oh yeah and my instagram is hacked peace
저기요 guys i am back i didn't get a artical request so i am doing a review about the artical bratayley people commented really harsh things about my artical i am only 10 years old the artical is old so 당신 guys should have read it when i 게시됨 it 당신 guys r late i like 글쓰기 articals so u guys can read it if 당신 have something rude keep it to your self here are the list of people that made me sad;joriemcclendon;violetblue2 DO NOT EVER POST SOMETHING RUDE i stop 글쓰기 articals for 8 months but now i'm starting wit a revew on a artical from 8 months 이전 bye hope every one reads this here's the shout out to people who wrote a nice comment;NAFISSALOVE;AND TINK3567 THX PLEASE LET ME KNOW WAT 다음 WEEKS ARTICAL SHOULD ABOUT BYE