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 랜덤 RocketXLila picture XD
random RocketXLila picture XD
A Short Rocket X Lila Story
A road like in Sonic Riders that fly above the ground.

“You’ll never get away with this!” Rocket cried as he chased Embers while on hover boards. “Just watch me, my foxy friend!” She called back. Rocket has been chasing Embers ever since she escaped from a murder scene. Rocket hadn’t know the person who got killed 의해 a certain echidna, but he had seen it and was there so he found it in his best interest to make sure Embers didn’t get away with it. Also, he thought it was what his dead father would do. With him, at the time, had been his friend,...
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 Bullet The Hedgehog
Bullet The Hedgehog
Name: Bullet The Hedgehog
Ages though my series: 13,14,15,20
Likes: annoing Ghost, Hanging out with Rocket and the rest of his friends.
dislikes: Someone harming his friends.
Thoughts on death: Doesn't care if he dies
Closest friends: Rocket, Izzy, Olley
Team: Team Super
Teamates: Rocket and Izzy
Personilty: is very stubborn. He's nice most of the time. He likes to cause mischeif.
Family: mother -dead- father -dead- little sister -becca-dead--
Fueture family: Wife -Izzy- Twin sons -Gaget adn Tyler-
Backstory: -Most of it from a book-
Forms: Super form, vamper Slave
Planned death: Never -is immortal thanks to becoming a vampire slave-
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First off; has anyone read Ice Station, Area 7, Scarcrow, 또는 Hell Island 의해 Matthew Reilly?

If 당신 have, 당신 will immidiatly know that this is my hedgehog version of the starring character.

Credit to Mathew Reilly for the original character. ^^

Name; Lieutenant Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield the Hedgehog.
Age; Not sure... About 35. Looks about 25.
Appearance; Similar to Shadow, only dark brown instead of black, and dark green instead of crimson. Tan muzzle. Has 2 Parrell scars over his eyes and onto his muzzle. Wears anti-flash wrap-around silver sunglasses, black t-shirt and jeans. Wears modern armour...
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