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-Name:MATT the lynx(Master-Aresnal-Turbo-Tech)
-Likes:Adventure,Sleeping,His Buddy
-Title:Legendary warrior
-Old Tilles:Posses hero-Techno lynx-Hero all around-Chosen one
-Home:Travels a lot!
-Freinds:The freedom fighters-other
-Eye color:Red-Green-Blue
-Hairstile:Short mohawk
-Outfit:Grey jacket-Watch
-Powers:Too many
-Personality:Prideful and short tepered
-Super forms:Super-Ultra-Charged-Hyper-Were-TS master-Max-Demento-Overcharged
-Other forms:Watch-Iron-Red minion-Galatic
-Teeth:Razor sharp Vangs
-Other:Scar under eye
theres was a world that had a battle of good vs evil.good aways loses because they dont have a special person to stop the world being controlled 의해 the morphius jake and his brother ultimate aretraining together to be the strongest."ultimate i gotta say your pretty good.okay were gonna kick it up 또는 notch 당신 got it?"ask jake."you sure got it"answered ultimate.they both charged to each other and a big explotion almost destroyed the place."dang 당신 almost destroy the place"said jadow."i know right"said ultimate."hey guys.this 늑대 is here.said evoila the wolf." time no seek."said...
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Dark is Mephiles' darkside, which was named and made his first story appearence in "Teaching Darkness: Visions". He existed in Mephiles' mind and is what is responsible for Mephiles' dark thoughts; 의해 existing, he can taint and manipulate Mephiles' mind in a way similar to what Mephiles tried to do with Shadow in "Teaching Darkness".

Mephiles hints off his presence in the early chapters of "Teaching Darkness: Visions", but does not make himself known to the readers until chapter 5, when the sight of the red 에메랄드 drives him out of the back of Mephiles' mind, and allows him to take over.

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First off; has anyone read Ice Station, Area 7, Scarcrow, 또는 Hell Island 의해 Matthew Reilly?

If 당신 have, 당신 will immidiatly know that this is my hedgehog version of the starring character.

Credit to Mathew Reilly for the original character. ^^

Name; Lieutenant Shane 'Scarecrow' Schofield the Hedgehog.
Age; Not sure... About 35. Looks about 25.
Appearance; Similar to Shadow, only dark brown instead of black, and dark green instead of crimson. Tan muzzle. Has 2 Parrell scars over his eyes and onto his muzzle. Wears anti-flash wrap-around silver sunglasses, black t-shirt and jeans. Wears modern armour...
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Name: Shock
Birth name: Duji King
Adopted name: Duji Thomas
Age: 10 & 1 1/2 (11 in Sep.)
DOB: 9/17/2000
Siblings: Kori the Dog, Gra the Hedgehog
Parents: Dead
Eyes: Green
Fur color: Black & white
Wears: red bandanna, white gloves with red designs on them. And red and white shoes.
Power: Electricity
Abilities: He can strike his enemies with several lightning bolts from the sky. He can fly using his electrical powers, create an electrical force field, channel electricity through any solid thing that doesn't break, and an electric whip. And simply zap 당신 with electricity.
Weakness: Water & anything...
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