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posted by boomerlover
Suddenly, out of nowhere, I stopped, dead in my tracks. Someone was watching me, but I didn't know who. I pricked my ears and unsheathed my claws, ready for battle at any second. It was dark, yes, and I had my very best 프렌즈 waiting for me at home, counting my kits. I couldn't give up my life now. But I wasn't even sure if I was going to fight. I swished my tail in anger and warning, telling the enemy to back off. I sniffed the air, and drank in the scent. I suddenly realized who it was, my stomach filling with relief.

"My, Iain, 당신 scared me well." I purred. But then I remembered. He was...
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posted by Puffed_Bubbles
Okay I did a song!!!

Puffed_Bubbles and PowerPossible-
separate that,it's impossible!
Boomerlover is even 더 많이 awesome
Cuz she likes to draw Brick together with Blossom!
And Tomboi,ah,don't we forget her,
She's the only one who always says:Grrr!
This team is for: Oh,dear!
We are together like 벨 and Gir!
We are so always happy and we have only cheer,
At least that's what I always hear!
We are so awesome,we are so cool!
Now I have to shut up,cuz it's time to learn for school!

No I'm just kidding I don't have to study. I mean,who studies?!??! It tells me to write 더 많이 so:jhfwhfolkewhoidlkw jdiolksajdpwqlksajdoq...
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posted by boomerlover
I 사랑 to draw, especially horses,wolves,puffed kitties,and birds.

My 가장 좋아하는 hobby is getting on the computer,playing football,and drawing.(I just said that //.O )

Photoshop is my favorite computer program, nothing else in my mind adds up to it.

I love the bands Three Days Grace,Owl city,Pillar,Stabilo,Skillet,and oh my gosh, so many more!!!!!!

Favorite Three Days Grace songs:

Every single one ever made

Favorite Owl City songs:

o Fireflies
o Hello Seattle
o The bird and the worm
o 딸기 avalanche
o The saltwater room
o Meteor shower

Favorite Pillar songs:

o Hypnotized
o Bring Me Down
o Holding On...
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