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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago ky-chan said…
are you gonna post it? you better! i'm gonna be wondering all night!!! aaaaaaaahhhhh! i don't like not knowning stuff!!!!!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
naa, thought of that one, but i couldnt decide how to go on with it.
If you have an idea how to make it work, please say it.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
me neither!!!!!!!!!!!! its friggin annoying not to know!!!!!!
dont worry, im gonna post it. 5 more minutes.. just 5 more minutes...
over a year ago ky-chan said…
haha! hmm...what if...umm...oh i give up... :)
can't stay for long! i've got homework...
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
here it is! sorry to keep ya waiting, my internet bailed on me so i had to wait till i could post. well on to the zanpakuto:

Shinigami: Ken Toyoshiro

Name: Chesu Ouno (Royal Chess)

Sealed State:
It has a longer Blade than normal. The Handle is Purple and the gaurd is in the shape of a tiny chess board.

Shikai: Yuugisuru! Chesu Kappatsuna! (Play a game! Royal Chess!)
When shikai is activated, a series of golden symbols appear on the blade.
Those are (From the gaurd upwards): Pointed Crown, Circle Crown, Pointed Helmet, Head of a Horse, Head of a Forstress, And a Circled Helmet.
1) Sashizusuru! Heishi! (Command! Soldier!): When this is activated, whenever Ken attacks, anybody infront of him will remain undamaged.
BUt, anybody thats diagonaly infront of him will get hurt by a set of invisible, ghost blades.
Just like when a chess soldier * cant attack forward, but he can attack anybody on his front diagonal, and they cant do anything about it.
*(I dont know if thats how theyre called in English, but we use the Hebrew word for soldier when playing so sorry, please cope with it).
2) Totsugekisuru! koma! (Dash! Horse!): This ability is actually a specail shunpo move thats avaible only once Ken released his sword.
Ken Dashs quickly at the enemy, appearing diagonally behind or infront of him on either side. Then, he attacks.
This attack is unstoppable. If the enemy shields or trys to block it by any means, an invisible ghost blade will attack him, ignoring any defences he haves what so ever.
The only way to survive this attack is to evaid it.

Bankai: Kakeizu no Cesu Ouno ( Family Tree of the Royal chess)
In bankai, all the shikai abilities are kept, only now Ken can (hee hee) flip between his abilitys faster, and without using an incantation.
Of course, he has a few new abilitys:
1) Toride (Fortress) : Ken quickly creates a tiny sphere of ghost shields around him, shielding him from most attacks.

2) Teisatsusuru (Scout): Using this attack, Ken slashes vertically at the air.
Then, 4 long invisible blades also slash vertically at anything thats standing diagonnally to ken at a certian distance.

3) Kougou (Queen): Ken points his sword. Every thing within a certain radius is stabbed by visible ghost blades, that are unstopable,
creating a large sphere of ghost blades around him.
This can be used in growing intervals of 1 minute (first time- 1 minute wait. Second time 2 minute wait and so on).

4) Outenisuru (Checkmate the King): This is Ken's Most powerfull attack, and his second Bankai mode. He and his opponent both get
Bracelets around there hands. His is white and his opponents Black. Just like the king of chess, when these bracelets are hit, they make their wielder faint for an hour or so.
This applys both on him and his enemy.

5) Kishi (Knight): This is one of kens most powerfull attacks. His blade itself turns into a ghost blade, visible to all.
This lets him attack and break any defence. No shielding from this attack. Takes 1 minutes to recharge.

O, one more thing, Each time An attack is activated, the correspondent symbol on the blade glows.
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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
well, on to real life.... HOMEWORK.....
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Woot! I like it!!! *claps*
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Thank you. Thank you. *Bows*
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Yet another idea came out. Finished it already. Ill post it tomorrow so stay tuned ;P
over a year ago john17 said…
hey ur blade th chess thing well its good and all but not being able to block it is a bad idea it makes it an over kill blade and no one likes thos not trying to be mean but if u cant block then...
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
anyone a gundam fan?
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
john17, please understand, they are unstoppable yes, but not unavoidable. They dont just slash the enemy no matter where he stand.
They attack at kido speed. Anybody with shunpo should be able to avoid easly. Also, please notice that the attacks have weaknesses:
The soldier cant attack straight. The scout can only attack diagonally, leaving every body thats vertical or horizantal to Ken unharmed, and so on.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
ok here is another new idea i created last night, after the chess one: (please note that this sword is unfinished and i may still change it):

Shinigami: Tao MuraKuro
Looks: A young teenager about the age of Ichigo. He has One red eye and one blue eye.
He has Shoulder length Spiky red Hair, that when itr goes down it become Deep Blue.
Personality: He is very Energetic and jokefull most of the time, but at other times he is kinda cold and quite.
He battles sometimes Rucklessly, mindlessly and sometimes coldly,thoughtfully.
These changes in his battle style can really confuse his enemy, because his whole fighting style changes when this happens.

Name: Kagerou Kanpa (Heat Haze Cold Wave)

Sealed State:
Its blade is a bit shorter than usual. Its gaurd is in the shape of a flame with the bottom of a snowdrop at its bottom.
Its Handle is red and blue swirling around each other.

Shikai: Gappeisuru! Kagerou Kanpa! (Unite! Heat Haze Cold Wave!)
In Shikai, Tao Gets Two Swords: One Fire Red With a Flame like gaurd and one Ice blue with a snowdrop gaurd.
In shikai, Tao has the ability to very quickly change the temperture of any thing he touches with his blades:
Raise the temp with his Red Blade and lower it with his Blue..
This process is done very quickly and can change anything to gas, liquid or solid, given the right temperature.
He has attacks in shikai:
1) Kikasuru (Evaporate) : Tao slashes with his Red Fire sword, and a heat wave comes out, which raises the temperature of anything it hits.
2) Reitousuru (Deep Freeze) : Tao slashes with his Ice Blue sword, and a cold wave comes out, lowering the temperature of anything it hits.

Also, when the enemy is cut by a sword, his blood in that area vaporizes or freezes. It depends on which sword he was attacked by.

Bankai: Tanima no Kagounetsu - Kagerou Kanpa ( Valley of Combined Heat - Heat Haze Cold Wave)
In bankai, A cloud of hot and cold Temperature appears, covering Tao and his opponent. When it clears up, It is shown that the area changed,
and now they are both in a vally surrounded by tall mountains.
Now, Tao gets 2 armored gloves on his hands: One Red with a flame symbol and one blue with a Snow Symbol.
Although they are metal gloves, They are very flexibale.
In this area, Tao can change the temperature of anything he wants that has his Rieatsu. Every thing in the Valley has his rietsu, except his enemy.
He can even change the Tempurature of the air itself and set it on fire, or freeze it.
He also retains his Shikai abilities.
In Bankai, Tao has 2 special attacks:
1) Zettaireido (Absulute Zero): When he uses this attack, the temperture in the valley go's way below the zero.
When he uses this attack, Snow starts falling. He can change that snows temperature to create water, then quickly back to ice to create a rain of ice.
2) Kikanetsu (Evaporation Heat): When he uses this attack, the teperature in the valley becomes boiling hot. All the flameble things in the Valley catch on fire,
quickly creating a valley of fierry flames. In this attack, The heat affects the enemys senses, making him see a bit dizzly-wiggly, like through a heat wave.
Each of these attacks can only be used once per day.

The swords look something like this:
ice one without the string thingy...

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 ok here is another new idea i created last night, after the chess one: (please note that this sword i
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
this is the ice one
 this is the ice one
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
please note i changed the chess's king idea.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
I love kagerou kanpa!!! Aww I wish I had thought of that...snowdrops are called snowflakes over here :)
I live in Canada...we have alot of snow!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
i live in israel, we have no snow.. so sad...
over a year ago ky-chan said…
What?!?!?! No snow at all?!?!??!?
I wouldn't be able to live there (no offense!)
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Do they speak English over there? I never mentioned how good your English is for an Israeleon...Israelian...umm, person from Israel...! X3
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
non taken, i hate it here, and i soo agree
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
we learn basic English at school, but my english comes from the fact that i lived 3 whole, happy years in America when i was young, so my English is like my mother language.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Aww! That's so nice that you were able to live in America (I've got few things I dislike about it, but that's beside the point) Here in Canada we're supposed to be able to speak French too, but I fell asleep every class..
I think English is something everyone should know a little of.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Calm down, I personally like Canada better, I've been there to while on a trip from America.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
big smile
Where in Canada did you visit? If you lived in Maine it would be easy to get to New Brunswick...I live in the good ole fishing province of Nova Scotia!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
anyway, this forum isn't for these personal things, thats what chat is for.
This Forum is for personal created Zanpakutos, so heres one. I dont think ill make a Bankai for it, but if anybody has ideas, they're welcome to submit them.

Shinigami: Akita Kuro

Name: Hanshakyou (Reflecting Mirror)

Sealed State: A normal Blade, a bit wider than usual.
Its guard is in the shape of a full half circle on top of a empty half circle.

Shikai: Kuusousuru! Hanshakyou (Dream! Reflecting Mirror)
When activated, The Blade shines brightly for a second, and when it ceases to shine, the blade is shone to reflect very good.
In Shikai, ***** has only one ability, Which he doesnt need to say loud to activate:
: When he uses this ability, a ferry special mirror is created in a certian distance he decides from him.
This mirror reflects only him.
This mirror reflects not only the appearance of the user, but also his distance, meaning that when he moves, it moves with him, at the same speed,
and at the same angle, staying always at the angle from him he deciderd at the start.
This means that the mirror looks like an illusionary copy of him, that shatters when its hit.
He can put the mirror in a certian angle, making it as thopugh he is reflected frim some place else.
He can create up to 7 of these mirrors at a time.
To understand it more clearly, ill give an example of a combo he uses:
The enemy is in the middle. He stands a certain distance to the right of the enemy, and then creates a in front of the enemy, in a 45 degree turn from him.
Then he creates another mirror behind the enemy at a 45 degree turn from him. Then he creates another mirror right ahead of him himself.
All the mirrors are at the same distance from one another.
Then he rushes foward, attacking the enemy.
His Mirrors can also face and reflect other mirrors.
To the enemy, it would seem as though hes attacking him from the front, back, and his two sides simultanesly.
Something like this:
*: Enemy. $: Our Hero. | , \ , / : Mirrors


$ * |



$ * \


over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
sorry, i don't quite remember, i was like 5 years old.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Ahhh! I get it! I like the mirror concept. Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?
(I understand about the chatroom thingy! Gomen nasai!)
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
I'm happy you understand it, i thought my idea didn't come through well enough.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Another Idea, Hope you Like it, cause i sure do.

Shinigami: Kuro Shirohon
Looks: Black Hair and Blue eyes. He usually wears a Black T Shirt And Black Long Pants. He wears wierd long bracelets around his hands.

Personality: He is usually very Energetic and Happy. He trys to act cool, but often gets disturbed and ends up looking not cool at all.
Although he doesnt look like it, He is actually very smart, and a great tactician.

Battle Style: In Battle, Kuro Uses Tricks to get the full potental of his swords abilitys.
He often distracts the enemy by using a set of rush attacks, only to lead his opponent to where he wants.
he often thinks forward in battle, Thinking how to get his enemy in his attack.

Name: Soden no Kage (Sleeves of Shadows)

Sealed State: The Handle is black. The guard is in the shape of A circle within a circle, connected by two vertical lines. They are both black.
The blade is a bit longer than usual.

Shikai: Kageru! Soden no Kage! (Darken! Sleeves of Shadows!)
In Shikai, Kuro runs his hand over the blade, and it turns into a black scimitar. The scimitars blade looks like in the picture below, only black.
The handle and guard remain the same as in sealed state.
In Shikai, Kuro has only 1 ability:
Tatsu Kage (Cut off the Shadow): This ability is activated from the moment Kuro Enters Shikai.
While this is activated, Kuro can cut anything he wants through its shadow, meaning, that if for example Kuros swords shadow stabs his enemys shadow,
The enemy will take the hit as though he was stabbed with the sword, and not his shadow.
This is Kuros Power. Shadow Fighting. He can even cut a tree just by cutting its shadow.
This only applys when kuro wants. Plus, to clarify things, only Kuros shadow and his blades shadow have this ability. He cant attack a shadow on the ground with his real sword and expect to do damage
Only his shadow Has the Tatsu Kage ability.

Bankai: Kakudai Soden no Kage ( Stretching Sleeves of Shadows)
In bankai, Kuro keeps his original ability, plus a new one:
Sattou no Kage (Rush of the Shadow): This ability is activated once his bankai is activated, and stays active during bankai.
When this is activated, Kuro can freely control the lengths of every shadow in the area. He can also legthen only single parts of the shadow,
leaving the rest of it as normal. He has a certain limit to how long he can stretch the shadow, also if his shadow collides with another one that limit is
doubled while his shadow is still in contact with the other one.
This enables him to use his Tatsu Kage ability more efficently.

 Another Idea, Hope 당신 Like it, cause i sure do. Shinigami: Kuro Shirohon Looks: Black Hair and Blu
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
He kinda looks like this, only the color of his hair and eyes are different, and he has a smile on his face X3
 He kinda looks like this, only the color of his hair and eyes are different, and he has a smile on h
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Heehee! He's cute...but I love the idea of the shadows!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
thanx X3, a self portrait of me (I wish)
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Haha! Sorry to say it, I'm taken. ;) but your Soden no Kage is really cool! It reminds me of some tv show when I was little of someone who stole the other persons shadow... :)
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
I didn't mean it like that :) Anyway thanx, But now im outa ideas...
over a year ago john17 said…
alot of people make miror based zanpacto i know one thats part of the soul merchents rp
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
yeah i know, but still, as long as its different
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I am so boring :) You two and your fun nationalities... I have lived in Saginaw Michigan my whooole life
over a year ago rantora13 said…
Ulqiora@ ha I live in flint,mi though I lived in ireland before I came here.miss that place. But yhea a lot of shadow and mirror based zanpakuto, like my espian is dymound and heat based thou I think on its own its genaric.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
people, i know shadow and mirror based zanpakuto aren't original,
but still, if you use them differently than u can make them original.
Otherwise, any ice zanpakuto will resemble Hitsugaya's and any fire one Yammamoto's .
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
hmmm, doesnt anybody post but me??
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Naw! I'm here! I thought I posted ideas, but I just read over it and they didn't show...hmmm...ah well!

Mah Ideas!!!!
Hawk zanpakuto
Ivy zanpakuto
Orca zanpakuto
Colour Changing zanpakuto (?)

Just to jog some ideas...
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Color changing zanpakuto! Great idea! I remember creating something similar 2 years ago... O yeah! it was the invisible lizard thingy i made only different style. NVM. This is a new idea( If you can call it that way). Its actually mainly a character idea i wanted to make for some time, so here it is:

Shinigami: Kensa Hira
Looks: A yound boy, Spiky Dark hair and bright green eyes.
He is a fan of Zaraki Kenpachi, and like him, he loves to fight. The difference between the 2 is that while Zaraki is kinda Crazy (And we all love him like that),
Hira doesnt get as crazy as him, and fights however he wants, also using Kido when he needs to.
He has an enormous amount of Rietsu, but unlike Zaraki, he doesnt release it in a burst and can control its power.
He has mastered Zaraki's Technique to stop an enemys sword with his bare body, although, since his rieatsu is smaller than Zarakis,
he is cut more easly than him.
In battle, he likes to prolong the battle, and fights randomly but smartly. He has very keen intellect and can catch on situations fast
and create tactics fast, although his pirsonality doesnt show that about him.
When fighting, he is often seen laughing, and from time to time talking to his sword in the midst of the battle.

Name: Boureino Bunshin Hime (Ghostly Doppelgänger Princess)

Zanpakutou Spirit: Looks Like a Yound Girl Dressed in long clothes made of shadows that envelop her.
She is very quite, only talking when talked to, and sometimes not even then.
She has Long dark hair and deep green eyes.

Sealed State: The blade is normal lengthed, although it has little marks and drawings on it.
These marks give the illusion that there is a blade within the blade.
The Handle is black and the guard is in the shape of a circle, with 3 cresent shapes swirlling around it.

Shikai: Kiretsusuru! Boureino Bunshin Hime! (Split! Ghostly Doppelgänger Princess!)
Hira pulls his finger from top to bottom across the blade, and the sword dissapears. Instead, He now has a black Bagh Nakh (Search Google) .
The Bagh Nakh is a claw-like South Asian weapon designed to fit over the knuckles or concealed under and against the palm.
It consists of four or five curved blades affixed to a crossbar or glove, and is designed to slash through skin and muscle.
(In this case, its something similar to whats shon in wikipedia, only the blade is straight. )
in shikai, Boureino Bunshin has now special attack or power. All it can do is switch the blades position along the handle quickly.
Hira's skill with using it makes it up for it.
1) Kenseisakusen (Diversionary Tactics): This isn't an official attack. When Hira uses this tactic,He starts performing amazing combos,
all too make the opponent understand his fighting style, then, he completely changes it, along with the position of his blade.
This enables him to surprise his enemy.

Bankai: Hira has no bankai, although his connection with his zanpakuto is good enough for having one.
When he talks to his zanpakuto, he often calls her by the nickname Buri or Hime, as he is to lazy to pronounce her full name.
She doesnt mind it at all. In fact, she likes it, and sometimes he can even call her into shikai just by calling Buri or Hime.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
over a year ago rantora13 said…
Read it,and was like WTF, is ichigo's deal now. Sudden faint really.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
his is a charcter comeing in after the 100 year gap what he's rouge from soul society

Name : Azriel

Height : 7'8

Weight : 290 LBS

Body type : athletic

Muscle build : medium muscle build

Age : 2000 ( he looks like he's 20-25 )

apperance : picture below will be self explainitory :P

Persnailty : careing,understanding, often laid back, feirce , humores, cute,loveing,protective,joyful,playful,,he roi c, perverted

Like's : food,woman, sake, his Zanpakuto, the person whose paying him Money.

dislike's : Centeral 46, the king of soulsociety , Rey, Arrcanar, Espada, Vegtable's, certain soul reapers, ass hole's, other perverts, pain

backround storey : Much like Kisuke Uharah he runs a shop in the human world but he move's around alot more than Kisuke he has two other former captain class soul reapers working for him. he was kicked out of soul society 2 year Prior to the starting of bleach the fallout he was former captain of ninth divsion he was kicked out because Along with Hanzo Former 12th divsion captain because they were accused much like Kisuke of trying to turn soul reapers into hollow's, the king of soul society offered them a choice they were sentanced to life in prision but broke out when Miroku and roku did the big prison break Azeril opened up a Porno store to the human eye but to other shinigami he's seen as Dangerous along with his two parteners Hanzo has bounty on his head in soul society, Azriel to has a bounty on his head however soul society is unaware of there location as well as wear abouts though he is some where in the human world.

Stats :

Shunpo : 100

Strength : 90

Durabilty : 80

stamina : 80

Swordsman ship : 100

Kido : 98

hand to hand : 70

agilty : 99

spacial skills :

Master shunpo Specialist

Master swordsman Specialist

Immense Spirtual pressure

Master Kido expert

Zanpakuto :

Shikai name : Angel of heavan ( Tenshi Oozora )

Bankai Name : Gurdian Angel of Hevan ( Shugo Tenshi Oozora )

Release command : Shine Tenshi Oozora

Sealed state look : the blade looks like a normal katana it's a brighter Silver than a regular katana.

Shikai desciption : When Tenshi Oozora enters shikai it turns into a birght silver long sword the gaurd is a star of Davaid the hilt has a bule cross going on it. The blade is 5 feet long.

Bankai Desiption : when Tenshi Oozora turns into Shugo Tenshi Oozora the blade extend 2 feet makeing it 7 feet long the Gaurd is a pentagram now and the Hilt is shaped like a cross the blade is now bright yellow.

Shikai Abilties :

Tenrai Keibatsu ( Divne Punishment )

This is a rather odd abilty Azeril holds up his blade and a burst of energey come's off of the blade it than starts to "rain" what looks to be meduim Javlents of Light 100-200 javlents fall this abilty take's up 1/3 of his retsu and his a 30 second cool down time the area of witch it covers is a 40 foot raduis the javlents fall at Kido speed and are equal to a Hado that is level 60.

Tenrai doki ( Divne wrath )

this abilty is a Bule flame that Azeril Launches if this abilty hits you it cannot be put out by normal means but can be stopped by a Sealing Kido or a Bakudo however if a Hado is launched it will be engulfed once this flame hit's it's enemey the flame will rapidly spread over the body until the person is completely engulfed if the enemey is completely engulfed they will burn and die in a duration of 5 minutes . this abilty travel's at Kido speed , it's not a honeing attack it can be dodged, it's equal too a hado 60 like the first abilty, this abilty costs 2/4 retsu.

Tenrai Kyouran ( divine fury )

This abilty is one of his most powerful abilties he unleshes a Holy blast that is much like Inuyashas wind scar only with light it travels at Kido speed and it is equal just like the rest of them to a level 60 hado this costs 2/4 retsu to use this abilty. this abilty can take out 2 and half Minos Grande but like Inuyasha's wind scar it can take out 300 hallows , this would do good damage to a regular Arrcanar and would do meduim damage to an Espada depending on the Espada, this attack is also easilty dodgeable if your paying attention.

Bankai Abilties :

Kaen Kouketsu ( Flame of Purity ) This is a strengthed Version of the first Abilty , the flame when it hits you take's less time to kill you once your engulfed instead of five minutes it take's 3 minutes, it's now equal to a level 70 hado travels
at Kido speed instead of a torrent it's a blast of Bule flame that take's up a aread of 5-10 meters it costs 1/3 retsu to use.

Tenshu kyouran ( God's Fury )

Instead of a bunch of Light Javlents falling from the sky, This is a blast of 100 little bolts that resemble cross bow bolts he launches this from his blade this attack much like the first shikai abilty has a 30 second cool down OR he can wait 60 seconds and Launch one gaint bolt that looks like a Balista this also travels at Kido speed and is equal to a level 70 Hado. this abilty costs 2/4 retsu

Tenshu Doki ( God's Fury )

when this happens a Gaint paladin Figure surounds Azeril ( picture a sassunoo from Naruto ) it is wearing heavy plate armor that it has a cross on each shoulder pad each on flameing with the blue flame that Azeril can use as are it's eye's it has a Paladin like look, the sword is the same as Azeril but it has no Gaurd it also has a Sheild , Azeril can strike in unison with the Gaint or the Gaint can just strike when the Gaint strikes it take's a good 30 foot Raiduis Azeril can also strike independtly the real power of this Abilty is the Sheild it Redouces both Kido and Pyschail attacks by 50% Azeril can only use one of those if he redouce's Kido he cannot redouce pyschail attacks as well as even if he didn't use the reouceing on pyschail attacks he has a 10 minute waiting peroid. after this abilty is used Azeril's Zanpakuto returns back into it's sealed form this abilty costs 4/4 retsu

Image below is Azeril
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 his is a charcter comeing in after the 100 년 gap what he's rouge from soul society Name : Azriel
over a year ago jstar18 said…
Okay I'm not gonna lie Wolfmaster but you blade is ridiculously over powered. Level 80-90 kido is consider forbidden so it is over powered to have more than one ability that has the power of a level 80 kido or higher. And a shikai should not have an ability above level 60 at the most. You need to make some changes in order to use this blade.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
I made the change's .....anything wrong with my attacks ?
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
People, spread the word! A new forum for your original manga ideas has been created!
over a year ago zakaweshi said…
[quote] 1) Kenseisakusen (Diversionary Tactics): This isn't an official attack. When Hira uses this tactic,He starts performing amazing combos,
all too make the opponent understand his fighting style, then, he completely changes it, along with the position of his blade. [end of qoute]

i think this guy would have tons of fun figthing zakaweshi, my character can not only change his attack style in the blink of an eye, he can also change weapon completely
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
yeah... mine will still beat up yours!!!! Kill him Hira!!!
Yes Master... Come Renfield! Yes Master...
any way on what page is your charecter id love to see it?