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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago grif16 said…
Name: Higen Hitsugaya
Position: Son of former squad 10 captian Toshiro Hitsugaya and close friend of Ariza and Shunji Kuchiki
Age: Appears to be 30
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male

Appearence: He has white hair that reaches down to his mid back and teal eyes. He wears a standard shinigami uniform with a light blue captain like haori over it. He also wears a green sash as a belt around his waist and over his haori. His zanpakuto hangs from the sash on the left side of his waist

Personality: He is an easy going guy who loves to waist time and sleep when ever he gets the chance. He loves to chase girls and is constantly flirting with any that he finds. While in combat his whole personality changes to a serious man with a goal of ending a fight as quickly as possible.

Special Abilities: 1. Freezing Pressence: When he releases his full spiritual pressure the surrounding area grows cold enough for someone to see their breathe and turn rain to snow and freeze over any water that is near by. This ability does not work on water based zanpakuto attacks

Zanpakuto Sealed Form: The sword is a regular katana with a white handle and circular guard with a snow flake design on it

Zanpakuto Name: Shirakimaru (Demon of the Cold)
Release Command: Freeze This World To Its Core

Shikai Appeaence: The handle and guard stay the same but the blade becomes a solid ice claymore blade.

Shikai Abilities: The blade produces blue fire that sucks the heat from anything it touches and turns it to ice
1. His slashes create an immense amount of spiritual power which overflows from the tip of the blade, creating a flow of blue fire shaped like a japanese Oni demon head. The demon flies towards opponents and instantly freezes anything it touches. Shirakimaru can create multiple blue fire demons to attack an opponent from various angles. He can also direct his slashes towards the ground and form a wave of blue fire which rushes over his opponents, overwhelming and freezing them. Powerful opponents (lieutenant level or above)can break free of the ice.
2. Hyogaka (Arctic Fire): With a swing of the blade Higen creates a wave of blue fire that expands 60 degrees from the swing and freezes everything in its path. The wave flys at kido speed and carries power equal to hado 54
3. Hyogaso (Arctic Spears): With a swing of his sword he creates a barrage of 50 blue fire darts that fly at kido speed and freeze around what ever they make contact with.

Bankai: Hyoki no Shiratachi (Ice Demon of the Frozen World)

Bankai Appearence: The sword becomes a four foot long claymore type sword made of ice. The handle turns to ice and where the guard used to be is a glowing blue orb of pure spiritual blue fire. From the orb a large ice blade about 3 feet long grows from the top and smaller ice shards protrude around the orb almost forming a guard. The sky also darkens with raging storm clouds and creates a snow storm with powerful winds.

Bankai Abilities: The sword can still launch the oni but now he can launch more of them in a shorter period of time. The blades pressence is so cold that it freezes the ground. And anything the blade touches will freeze.
1. Hyoran (Ice Storm): The blade emits an aura that makes the surrounding area so cold that a person will slowly start to freeze if they hold still for longer than 3 seconds. The cold makes it hard to move and reduces a opponents speed by 25 percent
2. Kihyoga (Demonic Glacier): He stabs his blade into the ground and creates 4 blue flame pillars around his opponent. Then once the blade is removed from the ground anything caught inside the square will instantly freeze.
3. Tenhyogaken (Heavenly Arctic Punishment): The sword shatters into hundreds of tiny glowing snow flakes and rise into the storm clouds. Then hundreds of holes open in the clouds revealing a white light and from each hole a blue fire oni demon flies out totaling 500. The demons are controled telepathicly and fly at semi shunpo speed. The demons can be destroyed but once they are they create a large explosion that will partially freeze and damage anyone caught in the blast. Once all the demons have been destroyed or used the blade reverts back to it sealed form and cannot be released again for a week. This is a move that requires all of Higen's spiritual preasure and once it is complete he is so tired he can barely move.

Here is a pick of the Bankai Blade
 Name: Higen Hitsugaya Position: Son of former squad 10 captian Toshiro Hitsugaya and close friend o
over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…

Occupation:hired assassin

Skin:Between american and hispanic tan



Eye color: green with blue

Hair color:black

Hair style: flat


Age:638 which should make him appear like 20 but he has a device that makes him appear as if he is 12

Personality:he is cold and cruel killing anybody expect for his family, he also like taunt his enemy that is if they find him
Background:He forgot his past because there was an explosion in his house and the explosion caused to forget everything and the only thing he remembers is that his whole family expect for his sister died.












Total:880(510 by regular stats)-takes 400 to be a captain by regular stats

Other abilities: he made his own kido group that he calls museigigei(silent arts) this type of kido is fast,silent and a good majority of them are stronger than 50 Hado and Bakudo and is commanded by Fugen(silence) No.etc this group of kido consist of both binding and offensive kido,

he also has kuraishunpo(dark shunpo or dark flash step) which is 2x faster than shunpo and if there is a shadow within 20 yards he can emerge from that shadow and while he is emerging his spiritual pressure can't be sensed but he also can't attack,

juukyokumori(dwelling shadow) if he is in a shadow and his whole body is covered by it and he stands still enough he will become completely invisible and his spiritual pressure will not be detectable.

Accuracy is one of his deadliest abilities,
he can strike a bulls eye from a mile making him very capable of killing from a distance.

Other equipment: wrist crossbow- it is a small bracelet with 5 small holes on it form those holes metal staves are shot from it that have no cutting edge but instead stab like an arrow.

Age stopping ring-it makes him appear younger than he really is.

Sealed zanpakto design:it is a dagger in sealed form for fast and silent kills the dagger has “Assassin” in black and engraved letters on it making it hard to see, the hilt connects with the guard making it look like a cross. The zanpakto is made of a dulled obsidian making it black but on the cutting edges it has a black steel making it capable to cut.

Shikai:bikoujuunin (shadow dweller)-it become a half-transparent black making it hard to see even in daylight
and it becomes two daggers instead of one. The word “Assassin” has disappeared.

Realese command: unleash the pain of shadows and kill them

kumorishuriken(shadow shuriken)- shurikens form from his shadow and fly forward, 50 can be made per 2 seconds but they are real weak making their speed and numbers the real threat, they have a range of 50 meters and only make small cuts on your skin.

kagesenshi(shadow stab)-i stab the ground and a shadow that appears from the ground shaped like the sword appears and stabs the opponent,only 5 can appear in a row and has a recharge time of 1 sec for each 5.

hitoshirezushouheki (unseen barrier)-an invisible barrier forms that covers one body part,i can pick which body part it covers,and if it breaks it takes 5 secs to recharge and one quarter of the damage dealt when it breaks it carried on to the user.

Bankai:yasumichuuankoku(enclosed darkness lit. close darkness)- they gain a zig-zag kind of shape as if they were used a lot. The user gets covered in all black clothes and gets the shinigami clothes similar to Ichigo's but also all black

shikkyakuankoku(falling darkness)-the strongest bankai move-it traps the opponent in a forever darkness and they relive their fear or worst dream and while this happens they are being driven mad by fear and when it is over they take a heavy amount of damage and become paralyzed for 10 seconds,the user becomes drained of a lot of energy and becomes real weak not being able to hold their bankai and reverts to shikai.

kumoribuyou(shadow dance)-multiple clones of the user appear and attack independently they can only use the sealed version of bikoujuunin. They are half the strenght of the user and only five can appear at a time. If killed only one tenth of the damage dealt when killed is carried on to the user.

hitoshirezushouheki (unseen barrier, upgraded)-an invisible barrier forms that covers 2 body parts,i can pick which body parts it covers,and if it breaks it takes 3 secs to recharge and one quarter of the damage dealt when it breaks it carried on to the user.

Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler

Secret technique:the move that if you visit the inner world while in bankai that the zanpakto spirit doesn't want to teach

Lethality-can kill the enemy in one hit, it drains all energy of the user and makes him revert to his sealed state, it doesn't work on opponents that are stronger than him on stats.

Zanpakto spirit:Shikai- it appears as a 27 year old man wearing black clothes and shielding his face making it impossible to see so characteristics are very rare to see.

Personality:he is cold usually attacking his user when he enters the inner world but it usually turns out a tie

Zanpakto spirit: Bankai- he appears as a 16 year old wearing black clothes but his face is shown.
Skin:Hispanic tan
Personality:he is very cruel wishing to kill his master he almost did once but Yoko was able to defeat him right when he learned bankai (albeit, even though yasumichuuankoku was in bankai he didn't use any bankai moves)
give me feedback

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, feedback...
Going to start off by saying that there are too many little things here. A character really should have only 1, maximum 2, special facets to them. He has a zanpakuto, there's no reason to make him overly complex.
Second, I'll say just one thing on everything that's not a zanpakuto:
Other abilities: I really don't get it, nor do I understand how these would function. Fast, silent and stronger than 50 kido doesn't tell me a whole lot, and it really doesn't let me know just how good they are by comparison to current abilities.
kuraishunpo: It's too strong.
juukyokumori: Seems rather pointless, it's hiding, and just seems really minuscule.
Accuracy: Honestly, don't have to say this. A lot of people like to emphasize their accuracy and what it means, but we all get it, and we get that you're going to miss anyway (just because the other person moves).
Wrist crossbow: I'm no fan of having a zanpakuto along with other weapons. It just seems like overkill.
Age stopping ring: You really don't have to mention this. He looks younger than he is would be enough, a ring that does it just seems like adding more devices.

On to the blade:
1) That's fine.
2) How fast do these shadows move?
3) What does the barrier do? How much can it protect against? What's the limitation for the size of the body part (i.e. is your chest equivalent to your arm?)

1) This one's overpowered. Is this dodgeable? How quickly does it move? How large is it? Is it blockable? Does this function the same for every person? Are they always driven mad, or can this be resisted? I know one of my characters constantly lives his nightmare, would he be affected by this? What's a "heavy amount of damage"? Is it physical? Where does it come from? Is the paralysis complete? How much does this drain you (what do you have left in Shikai?)? What prevents you from just going over to your opponent in those 10 seconds and cutting them in half?
2) That's fine.
3) Same as with 3 in shikai.

And the secret technique...
First, I'll make my opinion completely clear on this: I hate what's been going on in the Bleach of late (though today's gives me hope). These insane powerups that just make you impossibly strong seems just like Dragon Ball Z, and that's one thing I had hoped would never spread beyond that series. These sorts of secret techniques seem so tacked on that it's ridiculous.
Second, the character (I wont say who, just in case someone doesn't know who's reading this) who uses this is specifically special. I'd say it's rather difficult to apply his case to any other character unless you give them a similarly complex backstory, and even then it seems more like copying the show than having your own character.
Third, it's just blatantly overpowered. Any instant kill abilities, even if they kill the wielder, are just too much. Even if it doesn't work on more powerful opponents, it's still well over what should be the limit.

I know it's detailed, but I wanted to make sure to hit everything on here. Hope this helps.
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
amatsuenmu(heavenly mist) shikai command(rise) shikai appearance (a trident with blue hair in end of trident) shikai abilities produces a frozen fog that freezes anything that comes in contact with fog touketsukiba(frozen fang) blade shoots a rapid heavy amount of ice bankai (not acived
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
sorry my mom made me screw up on my first zanpactou well here it goes again well below this message
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
utatorihibikisemi(song bird,echo cicada) shikai command (sing your song of death) sealed form (regular katana with blue colored sheath and diamond shaped guard) shikai appearance (regular katana) shikai abilities kanutasaezurutori(first song:chirping bird) makes a loud high pitched sound that enables weak spirited beings to be paralyzed and fall to their knees nibanutakoubainozakonchuu(second song:pitch of the bug) any blade and or ice type zanpactou released or earth type zanpactou comes in contact with me it shatters to pieces and is useless to use them over again because they will break once more sadoutashinfuki (second song:truthful note) if a zanpactou puts me under hypnoses i can break free from the vibration of the zanpactou going straight to me and setting me free Bankai:saigoutaoritori (last song:cage bird bankai appearance (all senses are ripped from you making you only see darkness and only letting you only here saigoutaoritori's song which puts you under complete hypnoses and also tears apart your soul when listing to my bankai's song zanpactou spirit form appearance:utatorihibikisemi looks like he has black hair and bug like wings wears a soul reaper's uniform and also has a bird head and insect hook like arms and when uses shikai wings twitch and songs come from there when using bankai same thing happens when shikai but with bankai abilities.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I am gonna re-revisit and revise my first zanpakuto :)

release phrase: Guide your enemies on the path to hell
zanpakuto: Seinaru Jigoku no jiku (holy hell axes)
NOTE: This part was only included becuase the abilities carry over. This character is always in his bankai state and thus the looks of the shikai do not matter
[shikai abilities] -
1)Ono no seigyo (control of the ax)- Using reishi, i can control the hand ax's flight in mid air comparable to the uryu's ability to change directions of his arrows

2) Hason (Corruption): If i hit a hollow with either weapon while using this ability, i can control the hollow for a time that depends on the strength of the hollow (i.e. one of the frog heads could be for like an hour then it dies but menos could be like a few seconds). With a human/shiginami/arrancar, it would disable the limb which it hit for a time related to their strength (i.e. someone like a new soul reaper maybe like an hour again but captains strenth or arrancar if thats how you spell it, for like a minute or two)
3) Gokan o damasu (Deception of the senses): with this ability, i stab the ground and a fog appears. The fog is dense and contains reishi that messes up the senses of the opponent. The confusion lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on how much reishi i use. The fog dissipates when the 5 or 10ish are up. The fog covers an area of about 75 feet around me. You can escape the fog but the sense mess up lasts. Just wanna throw it out there that i would be immune to the fog since its my reishi and im not high all the time XP

Tengoku jigoku no jiku (heavenly hell axes)
See picture in one of the next posts
[bankai abilities]
1) Seigi no tate (righteous shield)- the crystal on the back of the gauntlet shines and a shining sparkling blue shield forms. It has a rough radius of 2.5 feet and can be detached and used as a throwing weapon because it is made out of reishi
2) Tenshi no sero(cero of the angels): whenever the cross shaped ax hits the opponent approx 1 eighth of their spiritual pressure is replicated into the ax. With each hit, one arm of the ax starts to glow. When they are all glowing the energy stored can be released in one massive cross shaped cero like beam

3) Shinjin fukai handan (godly judgement): This attack can take two forms. Once again, it is based on attack numbers. However, it is based on the ratio of how many times i have attacked to how many times the enemy has attacked. If they have attacked more, my speed increases 2x and the cross becomes a shield (picture soon to come). If i have attacked more, the cross ax thing becomes a long point (think suzimebachi only it covers up to my elbow and extends 1.5 feet off the end of my hand and does not kill in two hits etc...) however, it can corrupt like the power of the shikai move

Vizard Form:
The vizard mask for him is illustrated roughly below. Along with his normal stats being increased as a normal vizard would, he has two forms of cero (comparable to Ulquiorra). One of them is the weaker faster version, which is pure white and comes out of a finger. However, with his gauntlet hand, he can use a more powerful cero. It is called Ichisenpointo Cero (one thousand points cero). The general idea is illustrated below as well. Basically, the energy forms into a ball that looks like a thousand pointed star, then, a hazy cloud of black reishi forms in front of it (about .5 feet) then, the cero is blasted from the center of that cloud. It is 10 times as powerful as the normal cero, but also take about 3 times as long to shoot off.

NOTE: I am not trying to put any religious views into anyone
general looks of the big parts, you can see the rough idea of the small ax in the left side. The shikai hand ax is a generic two sided hand ax.

The picture is the cero

Name: Shi
Age: 16
Rank: captain of squad 5

Looks: see picture in one of the next posts

He is a very depressing person. He is almost comparable to Ulquiorra in his attitude towards the world, except insead of protecting Aizen, he devotes all his energies to protecting the soul society and its inhabitants. He loves to read and play music on his ocarina which he always has. He hates loud people, stupid people, fat people and fried foods

Hand to hand: 85
Shunpo: 100
Sword (ax in his case): 100
Kido: 1 (yes i do mean one)
 I am gonna re-revisit and revise my first zanpakuto :) release phrase: Guide your enemies on the pat
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Hollow mask
 Hollow mask
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
bobbyboy- I just cannot understand your zanpakuto set ups please try to list :) Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
by the way, the big ax can be detached from the chain. And both of his hands have gauntlets (right black left white) with sharp finger areas
over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…
going to revise mine
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
well flame I couldn't of said it but yeah take away some of the gear maybe if he was not a soul reaper I could understand being jacked to shit with gear, Also I'd just say he's a shunpo master not have his because to me your kuraishunpo is pointless ,

here's wear me and white flame differ I like that you have other weapons with your Zanpakuto however in some way make your tools surport your Zanpakuto

and yeah your stats about your kido didn't say much also give a Kido list and say howpowerful they are it should be something like this

Hado 98- light javlen if you set it up like this it tells us how powerful it is and what it does :)

and if I sounded dickish i'm sorry :)
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
ok i know i didnt list but i will try
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
umikomiunabarahana(embedded sea flower)
shikai command (drink umikomiunabarahana)
shikai appearance(a trident that has a chain connected to a scythe blade and trident has a sniping like twirl like kaien shiba's zanpactou but white
shikai abilities 1 suidousen (hydrant) sends massive amount of water hurdling from the sky to you the pressure is strong enough to break your bones and send you flying 10 feet under.

shikai ability 2 ouchi no mizu (pit of water) puts you in a casam of water a awaits till you drown

over a year ago Dull_Anime said…
I'm new here, btw nice zanpakutous... Here's mine:

Zanpakutou/Shikai name: Heru Kagi (Hell Key)

Release command: Sokubaku Yami (Shackle The Darkness)

Shikai Appearance:

Changes from a regular sized sword to a mid-sized scythe. The scythe egde is curved down near the pole to create a moon-like shape or most likely a "P" shape. Some of the scythe's blade is left out to the backside to make it look like a pickaxe. The scythe can be parted away into two sections connected by a chain able to extend a few metres away enabling the user to attack from a long distance or chaining the enemy. The pole is black with a normal scythe's blade. The sharp edge is in the inside part of the blade and also the outside with the inside one being a sharper edge.

Shikai abilities:

1)Gouka (Hell Fire) - spins the scythe to the front, summoning a small portal that shots out a small beam of hell fire. Can summon multiple portals.

2)Teleportation - Engulfs the user in darkness quickly and teleports the user to another place in a certain distance in accordance by the user. Used without any incantation.

Bankai name: Akuma Tenshi (Demonic Angel)

Bankai Appearance:

The scythe grows more in length (not that much) with a small sharp pike at the bottom of the pole for stabbing or hitting. The scythe's blade grows a bit larger with a black colour overall except the inner sharp edge, which is in shining white colour. The chain connected is now pure black.

Bankai abilities:

1)Barakkuho (Black Hole) - slices the air that opens up to perform either these techniques:
i. Shadou Kou (Shadow Rain) - Dark energy mixed with a weaker version of hell fire are rained down in the direction of the opening of the black hole.
ii. Shobatsu (Punishment) - An eye opens inside the black hole and shots a large beam of densed dark energy mixed with a stronger version of hell fire.

Bankai works mostly like Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi of Byakuya's. Plus the bankai is smaller compared to most bankais but larger compared to Tensa Zangetsu. Bankai increases the user's speed and reaitsu.

I'm trying to be fair to my shikai and bankai abilities so that it doesn't have to be too much fictional and powerful than the bleach characters... I'm balancing them so that my shikai doesn't over-powers my bankai like some I read here.
over a year ago Dull_Anime said…
And here's my shinigami that represents me weilding Heru Kagi:

Name: Yoru Kage (Shades at Night), male...

Age: 10 years older than Hitsugaya

Occupation: Captain of Squad 5, replacing Aizen. Called "Captain Kage".

Personality: A bit dark, doesn't talk much, tends to escape work and walks around the Rukon districts without any reason, the first in the scene in most situations involving hollows, fastest among the captains, has no intention to become stronger after achieving bankai. Reiatsu is Purple.

Life History:

Belonged from South Rukongai 64, first met by Urahara before the Arthuro incident. Went missing after Arthuro's hollow invasion. Many years after, Yoru Kage (me) came back to Soul Society during Arthuro's revenge again. Mysteriously appearing during the fight, Yoru Kage (me) took over the fight that ended destroying 20% of the Seireitei by using the Barakkuho Shobatsu technique. After days of recovering from that incident, Yoru Kage (me) was called to the captain's meeting and was offered the Captain's position. His past life and what happened to him after the first Arthuro incident was unknown.

Occupational History:

After been appointed as Captain of the 5th Squad, Hinamori was picked by him to be his lieutenant. It was believed that he was close to Hinamori by some way, since Hitsugaya and Hinamori are the few people he seems a bit cheerful to. He’s strict towards the squad despite his quiet personality.

Fighting Style:

He is serious in the battlefield and doesn’t ever underestimate the enemy. He never intends to challenge nor be challenged to battle. Of all the captains, Yoru Kage is the only captain never battled Kenpachi. In battle, he is calm. Fighting mid-ranged is his main tactic, by using the chain most of the time. He is really skillful and fast with his scythe during close combat, once able to disarm Ichigo in his Bankai. Overall, he has small reiatsu among the captains, fastest among them and tends to lose battles involving strong kidou.
over a year ago Fa988 said…
Name: Maruya Hozigeki

Race: Shinigami

Rank: Captain of 9th squad

Age: 300 (looks like 15)

Gender: Male

Maruya is short like Toshiro and with long blonde messy hair, He has dark green eyes like the leaves on the trees at night. He has a pretty tan skin and loves booze just like Matsumoto Rangiku so they often go out drinking instead of doing work. Maruya was born in Rukongai in district 1, when he was young he lived on the streets begging but people didn't dare come close to him because of his high spiritual presence. One day a shinigami came walking he looked at the boy who was sleeping , he lifted the boy and put him on his shoulders then he carried him to seiretei to the shinigami academy . When the boy woke up he was in little room with a school uniform on he began to train and after many years of training he became a shinigami. And now he is the captain of 9th squad replacing tousen.

Zanpakuto: Furuihasu [Ancient Lotus ]

Sealed appearance: it's a normal zanpakuto with a purple/pink hilt and without a guard there's a chain stuck in the hilt with 3 rings at the end of the chain.

Release command: Blossom!

Shikai appearance: The sword changes into a wakizashi (a short sword about 30-60cm long) The hilt is still the same but it now gets a guard in the form of a lotus in golden metal. The blade now is made out of snow white metal.

Shikai abilltiy 1 : Kahen Bahuka [petal storm] A small lotus emerges from the ground then the leaves blow away from the flower and creates a storm of whirling leaves that can cut trough nearly anything.

Shikai abillity 2 : Hasu Doragon [Lotus Dragon] A big lotus emerges from the ground and from the lotus a big dragon of reiatsu appears it then shoots a reiatsu blast at the enemy.

Bankai: Tenrai Furuihasu [Divine Ancient lotus]

Bankai appearance: It's still the same blade as in shikai form but a big lotus flower chained to the sword appears on Maruyas back .

Bankai abillity 1 : hasu no katta [lotus cutter] The lotus flower on his back begins to spin then the sword begins to shine pink and then a half moon shaped reiatsu blade shoots from the blade (just like getsuga tenshou ) and cuts through its enemy.

Bankai abillity 2 : hasu kuro-n [Lotus clone ] three lotuses emerges from the ground and three copies of Mayura comes out of the lotuses , They are mostly used as decoys since they aren't that strong.

Bankai abillity 3 : hasu bakudan [lotus bomb] Lotus petals is fired from the lotus on his back they then get stuck in walls the ground and even on people and when he says hakai [ destroy ] they explode.
Please coment zanpakuto :)
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over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
What does anyone think about my zanpakuto
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Here is a new mask cuz mine was suckish :)
 Here is a new mask cuz mine was suckish :)
over a year ago Dragon-Spirit said…
Zanpakuto- Sokyoku... stolen from Sokyoku Hill

Release command-burn

Zanpakuto apperance; released-large halbred size of small skyscrapper.

Zanpakuto apperance; controlled( possible only by captain level shinigami)normal katana.

bankai apperance-blade glows yellow with intense heat, shinigami's cloths are an undershirt and a robe that is on fire at the bottom(it never burns any fabric)

Zanpakuto has no ability until bankai.

Bankai ability 1- sword can instantly absorb large amounts of reishi from suroundings, increasing the intensity of the blades heat, and creating a crater in the ground.

Bankai ability 2- can create a blast of fire from sword like Ichigo's getsuga tenshou.

Zanpakuto has three levels of heat; yellow, red, blue, each dictating their level of heat.

Shinigami apperance- short, spiky and swept back dark brouwn hair. wears captain robes. has lazy eyes most of the time unless provoked by people he finds "annoying" which he states openly.

Shinigami backstory- he used to be a lieutenant directly under Byakuya Kuchiki whome he never liked because of his lack of compassion. during a battle with some Menos Grandes' Ryuu's sister was killed in front of him by a hollow. his sister was a lieutenant aswell and they were determined to become captains together. when she was killed he blamed byakuya for it because he could have saved her. Byakuya's only words were "I have no need to bother myself with anyone from outside of my devision." soon Ryuu rebeled against the soul reapers and attempted to kill Byakuya,but he was not any match for byakuya and was defeated.

after a trial he was given mercy and sent to a remote location in a hollow infested area. he was stuck in an invisable box for 100 years, 50 of which he spent clinging to sanity. just before his mind was broken a large power tore a hole in reality directly below him and swallowed him. It was a portal to hell!

it was a pitch dark void of pain that increases allways. the pain is always worse if you dont know where its coming from. thr pain drove him over the edge and forced him to to fuse with his hollow side. this gave him the ability to escape from hell by ripping a hole in reality.

ill add more later if anyone is intrested.
over a year ago onix11 said…
This is for bleach the fallout

Name: Unknown

Race: Arrancar

Height: 4'0

Weight: 1 ton

Description: Sometimes called the unkown by Jester. He is in a seemingly calm mood until someone mentions his height. He is skinny but weights a lot more than what he looks. He has white hair and crimson eyes. His hollow hole is on his for head and it is surrounded by a bone, which is what is left of his hollow mask. He has two loyal followers who have strange fetures as well. The largest one, Harim, has the same thing as his master exept it is on his right eye. He is the strongest melee fighter and has the most endurance. His other follower, Trim, is very thin and has incredible speed. He can keep up with some of the strongest arrancar. His fit up is on his left eye.

Abilites: He is able to launch a massive that is 10ft in circumference and it is blue. It takes him a bit to charge this move an it has a massive recoil. This is why he weights so much. Harim fires a regular cero and is not cery good at creating them. Trim uses bolas that are faster than normal, which gives him an edge against a slow opponent.

Zanpakuto name/apperance: His zanpakuto's name is Draconia, it is a fire poker with a black handle. It starts to turn crimson the angrier he gets. It also increases his ceros power. It was not made for combat so he rarely uses it, letting his subordinates do all of the fighting.

Release: Become the bemoth. His body meshes with his two followers. A bright light is let off and he becomes his original self. A large skeloton dragon about fifty feet in size. It is capable of flight in a battle and has three heads. The middle head acts as the unkown. It stays stationary during the fight but launches a massive cero that is 20ft in diameter. The far right head acts as the defense head because of its endurance. The far left head is the stricker because it can lash out and attack with lightning speed.

So this is a project that i've benn working on for a while. Give me your knowledge.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Ok this here is a simple zanpakuto and not so original, but just to pass the time ill upload it, until my better ones will be completed:

Name: Toumeina Tokage (Transparent Lizard)
Sealed State:
A normal lengthed katana, the only thing special is that the handle is in the shape of a snake-lizard tail with the blade coming out of the mouth.

Shikai: Shikaiosaru! Toumeina Tokage! (Disappear! Transparent Lizard!)

In shikai, the sword simply dissappears, leaving only the handle. Actually, it just turns invisible, leaving only the user able to see it.
It has only one ability: When the sword hits something, the user has te ability to lengthen it by an inch or shorten it by one, or maybe even not change it at all.

Bankai: Hasunoike , Toumeina Tokage (Lotus Pond , Transparent Lizard)

While activating bankai, the blade becomes visible again, then the user pushs the tip of the sword, making all the blade push down into the lizards mouth.
When all the blade dissappears, the lizard is shown to become longer, until it is in the length of a sword. then it dissappears.
What really happens is that the lizard keeps growing while invisible, until it is something like Renjis Bankai, ?Hihio? Zabimaru, only not in parts and invisible.
It is also alot thinner than Zabimaru.
It has 3 special abilitys:
1) Like Shikai, only it can grow\shorten any number of milimeters to the limit of 2 meters whenever it touches something.
2) If it is cut, it becomes visible for a moment, then it grow again to its formor sieze before being cut.
3) It can grow from its body smaller versions of itself, that move forward to attack the enemy .
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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
What WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
This is just an idea to pass the time.
Please comment and say your true opinion.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Ok heres another one, this one is one of my favorite creations of mine but it is still unfinished. If any body has a question on it or would like to comment please do it!

Shinigami: Gin Akisa
Looks: A yound boy about the age of 14 with yellow and dark-blue hair. He has dark-blue eyes.
He wears a short blue jacket with a furry/feathery hood thats always down.
Personality: Hes very cheerfull and likes to joke around alot. He is always full of energy, ready to jump on any adventure he finds interesting.
He has upmost respect to his zanpakuto, and often talks to it, making tem have a great relation ship between zanpakuto and shinigami.
In battle, he uses Hand-to-Hand fighting techniques as well as his sword, using them whenever he see fit. He is very fast and uses his speed to aid him
in fast, quick attacks that leave no time for the enemy to rest.
When he releasess his zanpakuto, the air around him becomes uneasy and sparkly.

Name: Raiu Shuu (Thunderstorm Eagle)

Zanpakutou Spirit: A Thunder Blue Eagle, Sitting on top of a high antenna in the middle of the sea during a storm.

Sealed State:
The Blade is normal lengthed, The gaurd is in the shape of 2 Wings that look like they are made of thunder. The Handle is bright blue.

Shikai: Noboritsumeru! Raiu Shuu! (Go [ascend] up to the top! Thunderstorm Eagle!) / Noboru Ueno! Raiu Shuu! (Soar Above! ThunderStorm Eagle! )
In Shikai, Gins hand that isnt holding the blade becomes wrapped in a lightning gloves that goes all the way to his shoulder.
His hand grows talons made of pure lightning.
He has a few abilitys in shikai, which are:

1) Henkasuru Rai no Tama (Alter Sphere of Thunder): When Gin uses this ability, a lightning sphere appears in his gloved hand.
He then can make any weapon he wants from that lightning sphere. The weapon can turn back to lightning at any moment and reappear once.
The second time the weapon will remain as a lightning strike attacking the enemy.

2) Rai no Ori (Cage of Thunder): In this attack, Gin charges lightning sphere in his hand, then tosses it at the enemy.
He can then make it suddenly grow, enclosing an area in a cage made of lightning. The cage then starts becomeing smaller, electrifying anything caught in it.
It then dissappears. This attack is only a special varation of his Henkasuru Rai no Tama attack.

Bankai: Yanoyouni Raiu Shuu (Lightning Speed Thunderstorm Eagle )
While activating bankai, Gin rases his sword to the air. Then, a thunderstorm is created, and a single flash of lightning is shot at him.
When the dust clears, it is seen that his eyes are now Thunder Blue and Hawk like.
In bankai, Gin has the ability to turn himself into lightning, make his whole body thunder. This way, he can move at the speed of lightning.
He has all of his shikai abilitys still intact, although a bit stronger and faster.
Plus, he can now do 2 Henkasuru Rai no Tama at a time, one for each hand.
He has a few more abilitys, which are:

1) Yaridetsuku no Sugoiarashi(Spear/Lance of the Fierce Tempest/Violent Storm): In this attack, Gin creates a spear of lightning in his hand.
Then, he throws it at his enemy. It creates a little storm behinf it on its way, and when it hits the enemy, it unleashes the power of the storm.

2) Sen Kotori no Raimei (Thousand Little Birds of the Thunderclap):
Using this technique, Gin creates hundreds of small birds, all bright thunder blue and made of lightning.
He then can make te birds fly and attack the enemy, with the ability to transform into lightning weapons whenever the user wishes.
One of his techniques with this attack is activated by the word Raiuniau (Be Overtaken by a Thundershower).
When this is said, a lightning strike strikes right through each and every bird, impaling every thing in its path.

Other Abilities:
1) Arashi Shunpo (Storm Flash Steps) : This is a special Shunpo inented by Gin .
With this shunpo, when he dissappears, he leaves behing him a spark of lighting that electrifys whoever touches it. It only stays there for a second or two.
2) Rai Sai (Thunder Punch): This is a varation of Arashi Shunpo.
Instead of creating a spark behing him, he takes it in his hand, releasing it in a mighty Thunder Punch.

3)Sugoiarashi Shunpo (Fierce tempest/Violent Storm Flash Steps): This can only be used at bankai. This time, instead of leaving a spark of lighting,
he leaves a copy of himself made of thunder. This technique is similar to the " Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho " Shunpo technique, only that when attacked,
it electrifys the attacker with a small shock before dissappearing.
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over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I still would like opinions on my update :)
over a year ago Dragon-Spirit said…
continuing from last post...

after escaping from hell he proceeded to Sokyoku hill to take the Sokyoku. This ofcorse was after rukia was saved from exacution by Ichigo. this interupts the story by preventing it from being destroyed. once he did this he raided the departmant of research and development to retreive his original Zanpakuto, Ryu Kiba. he now wears both on his left side, but never uses them both at the same time.

Ryu Kiba appearance: Shikai- white blade with the texture of a dragon tooth.
Bankai- large sickle/scyth with a white glowing blade and black staff.

Release command: burn

hollow form: robe and sword turns white but mask appeares black. inversion of colors could be due to how quickly he took control of his hollow side but no proof exists to back up this claim. his sword doesn't change shape, just color.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
yo ulquiorra1313, i kinda liked your zanpaktos 3rd bankai ability, godly jugment or something like that. Thats really original, using the number of attacks made by you or your enemy decides the state of the sword. Thats cool.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
oh comeon!!!! please sombody just say something, comment even if you think it is bad! especially if you think its bad!!!!!!!!! JUST SAY SOMETHING!!! TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Olkay! Hiiii! I likes yours!!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
ky chaaaaaaaaaan whats going on why havent we heard from you!!!!!!!!!1
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Heehee! Sorry! I was busy with intense bio homework and martial arts...with my broken collarbone...but I'm back!!!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
ehhh??????? k glad your back!
over a year ago ky-chan said…
yay! thank you! X3
over a year ago ky-chan said…
i made an article on some (a lot) of Bleach tidbits I found... not opinion based at all, just a little something something to read about Bleach! X3

over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
o ive seen that one! didnt even notice it was you who wrote that.. My bad
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
when i read that i was happy to see that Tite kubo hasnt thought of ending bleach yet. It seems it has just begun.
I mean, UNAHANA Fighting!!!!! I really wanna see that!
over a year ago ky-chan said…
thats okay! im trying to increase the useless and incredibly random knowledge of Bleach!!!
over a year ago onix11 said…
The person who made this forum was a genius, to bad he doesn't. post anymore.
over a year ago Epsilon_Omega said…
zanpakuto: kiegetsu (Arched moon)
[release command: yurusu(Forgive)
Shikai: Kiegetsu
[bankai name] - So_bo Kiegetsu (Shadowy arched moon)
=description(shikai) - Dual daggers link Similer to that, has a slight glow,Both wielded in a unique way fighting style is very un-orthodox.

[shikai abilities] -
= Insen Haro_ (Hidden Line wave) An attack that starts from a small line into a growing wave. depending on the power put into the abilty can be very devasticating
= tekuragar: A wave of ones hand causes a shadow to be blanked across an area. the wielder however can see through the shadow. Non_lethal usualy a distraction
Bankai abiltys:
Enhances both shikai abiltys.
Incredible speed.
Yobaikaryu (moon crawling stream)
An upward slash quickly engulfs any oppenant in a glowing stream of shadows.

Note: Though the wielder of this zanpakuto has a limit to his defence, but none to his speed and agilty Making him a enemy whom his deadly in close quarters combat and almost un matched in close quarters.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Hmm... Has any one read the newwst bleach manga chapter? Its along one.
Almost 800 pages. I think its name is something like:
Harry Potter and the Deathly HOLLOWS.
Just trying to raise the atmosphere here
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 Hmm... Has any one read the newwst bleach 망가 chapter? Its along one. Almost 800 pages. I think its
over a year ago Railen said…
ok here is my second one plz comment on first one and this one pg.131

Shinigami:Tenma Akihito

Shikai release-Sukūruranburu Sora(Rumble the Sky)
Shikai name-Tōru(Thor)

Shikai info-Tōru is thrown into the air and shot back down in a bolt of lightning. The katana is is blue blade emitting blue and white electricity around it. The guard is a 1-inch think silver square with little squares marked on each corner with a bolt inside each square. The handle is a foot long and is white with 5 blue diamonds shaped marks on both sides. The blade is marked with a lightning streak on both sides.

Shikai ability 1-Speed has increased to the point that flash step can't be used anymore. Everything is basically running but really fast.

Shikai ability 2-Tōru provides unlimited amount of lightning.

Shikai attacks:
-Omoi Boruto(Heavy Bolt)-Tenma pulls Tōru close to chest and scratches it to create sparks. The energy is stored up and is fired when slammed down. Alternative use is that the energy can build up if stored and can be used to increase attack power.

-Kaminari Bakudan(Lightning Bomb)-Electricity builds up in his hand to make a huge ball of lightning and then is thrown at enemy. Sort of like a heat-seeking missile.

Bankai name-Densetsu no tōru(Legendary Thor)

Bankai apperance-He stabs the ground and a big lightning bolt comes and completely envelops Tenma. As the lightning clears everything has changed from his sword to his outfit. His armor is blue and resembles a knights with a long blue and white jacket. His helmet almost looks like a hollows but its blue and white also. Zanpakuto turns into a bigger version of Ichigo's shikai only its completely blue with more lightning streaks in it.

Bankai abilities are the same as shikai.

Bankai attacks:
-Haiboruto(Hyper Bolt)-A more stronger version of the Omoi Boruto.

-Tōru no hanmā(Thor's Hammer)-A huge lightning bolt creates a hammer out of the sky and smashes the opponent.

-Saishū-tekina kaminari(Final Lightning)-The strongest attack. Tenma is charged up with electricity, holds the sword with both hands pointing at the opponent, draws the sword back to his side, then charges in with great speed and upon contact releases all of the pent up energy.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
umm Railen, nice zanpakuto, although i still like my lightning based one better.
Also your Final Lightning Attack is very much like my Thunder Punch Attack.
Liked your Thor's Hammer Attack, instead of a simple lightning, a mighty Hammer of lightning!

over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
urghhh.... Ive got a bunch of ideas, but i just cant seem to make them.
Its so annoying.
Nihongoga skoshi Wakarimas.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
heehee! you can do it! if you want i can shoot out some ideas...!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
ok, ive got an unfinished idea of a Chess Game Zanpakuto. I already have its shikai but im in loss about the bankai.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
hmm...does it make the demension a chess board? oh man! that'd be sweeeeet!!!
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
nvm, i just thought of an idea. it may not be to strong, but its defiantly original.