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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…
Hi to those who know me and for those that don't I was one of the original creators of the RP Bleach:The Fallout, here is my most recent blade even more revised than my other revised version

Zanpakto:chishionaiya(blood diamond)

it looks like a katana but is longer and is double sided,and has a gem filled with blood

chishiohari(blood needle)- only my blood will float in mid air and take a needle shape, the needle shoots straight, they travel at semi-shunpo speed,the number of needles depends on amount of blood, one drop can make a needle

chishiotoku(blood shield)-it takes a deep cut to make the shield, the shield can block weak-meduim(0-50 on scale)attacks, it can block up to level 20 kido for hado and bakudo, this cut has to be like when grimmjow got hit by ichigo with getsuga tensho on their first fight

chishiokansei(blood trap)- a disk of blood appears in front of me and behind me(this one can be moved around), if i stick my zanpakto it comes out of the second disk, i cant attack if the second disk is out of range, range is 30 feet radius, the disk cant do damaged, the disk are created by a cut that is 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide with blood that fills a volume of 4 inches

bankai:akumachishionaiya(demons blood diamond)

the gem filled of blood cracks and spreads around in a 50 feet radius, the blood that is used is blood that is created each time i bleed because the two souls become linked and when the user bloods so does the zanpakto's spirit, the blood from the crystal is stronger than users blood because it is enchanted by even more reitsu(i hope its spelled like that),the sword appears to drip blood too

chishioshiro(blood castle)- a big shield 5 inches thick appears from the pool of blood or if im 3 ft away from the pool of blood,anywhere else it takes 2 deep cuts,like when grimmjow got hit by ichigos getsuga tensho with 1.25x + 2x more, can stop medium-strong attacks(0-80 on the scale), it can stop kido levels up to 70 for hado and bakudo

chishiodansu(blood dance)- i can travel anywhere on the pool of blood at 2x the speed of shunpo

chishioakuma(blood demon)- the gem in the sword breaks completely and forms a pair of demonic like wings made of blood on the user and a set of claws made of blade on one hand, this increases speed, strength,endurance,and gives him the ability to use all his blood even if it hasn't been drawn out of his body(if it hasn't been drawn from his body he summon them at a cellular level and then reform)
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over a year ago zakaweshi said…
why do all blood zanpaktou's seems so god-mod like?
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over a year ago NecromancerJoe said…
zanpakuto's name:Hishoukarasu (Soaring Raven)

shikai's Name: Yaame (Arrow Rain)

Hishoukarasu, a long medium lengthened tanto of about a forearms length and an inch more, transforms into a yume length body bow, the limbs decorated with feathers and lacquered black casing, the string is high density raitsu which charges and forms arrows of reitsu to fire, the reitsu of the bow is separate to it's wielders reitsu, when the bow weakens in string strength, more reitsu can be poured into the bow, this can also be increased past it's limit to unlock it's bankai.

release command: Let's fly Yaame, just like dancing!

bankai name: Munashii Sazanami Tama

The Bow has added bladed arc for close range cutting,the black casing is now red and the feathers have turned into blade's pointing away from the wielder, somewhat looking like a spike covered long bow.

[shikai abilities] - Hishoukarasu transforms into a bow, the bow fires Reitsu arrows. The bow has seperate reitsu stored within it as the bow has unlimited growth of reitsu, one can pour a vast amount into it and then release it in multishots or a single mass burst shot.

bankai abilities
Munashii Sazanami Tama is now more offensive in both long range and close range due to the added transformed spikes and blade along the limbs of the bow for wide arc swings as it's weight is of that of who wields it. A chunk of reitsu poured into the bow can activate it's invincible armor protection guard along the arm that holds the body of the bow itself but ends at just before the shoulder which is unguarded.
The final move of Yume at its stage is Hateshinai Ame(Endless rain)Which the user pours all of their reitsu into the bow,plus whatever reitsu the bow itself has left into one final attack, which the user aims to the sky and fires a single burst shot with the amassed reitsu, once the shot reaches it's peak altitude it then explodes in a massive rain of reitsu arrows to pierce anyone within the range of the users whim, yet this attack does not touch the user for it is his reitsu to wield, even allies can get caught in the crossfire of the massive area of an attack.
over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…
@zakaweshi no its not it was revised by whiteflame himself so don't say anything unless you think you can revise zanpaktos better than whiteflame
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
hi im new here but ive got some great ideas ( I think) so lets start!

Shinigami: Nabe Takewa

Name: Ougonnno Sunadokei (Golden HourGlass)

Zanpakutou Spirit: Its a yound boy with golden hair and golden, cat like eyes.
He acts very much like Hitsugaya Toushiro.

Sealed State: A normal length blade with symbols of gold engraved on it.
The handle is black and gold and the gaurd is in the shape of an hourglass.

When in shikai, the handle turns into a hourglass with a glass handle (that is part of the hourglass) between the two sides.
When in this form, the zanpakutou has the ability to unleash a stream of compressed sand from the Zanpakutou in any shape
by switching the Zanpakutou upside down (Or the other way around).
The Zanpakutou can not be flipped again unless a certain amount of time passes.

Bankai: Soumei Ougonnno Sunadokei (Wise Golden HourGlass)
While in bankai, a large golden sphere of Riatsu Surrounds Nabe, and his eyes turn gold.
While in bankai, The Zanpakutou keeps all its shikai abilitys, although now Nabe can manipulate the sand at a much better level.
While in bankai, The Zanpakutou has a few main abilitys:

1) Jidainisakinjiru! (Be in advance of times!):
When activated, he is able to see a few seconds into the future when he wishs too.
After each peek though he has to rest half a minute before he can use this again.

2) Temadoru (Take (much) time, Be long (in doing), Be delayed) :
During this state, every thing that enters Nabes golden sphere becomes slower in every aspect (Except the mind of course (and reactions and stuff)),
(Excluding anything which has his riatsu).

3) Sassokusuru (Lose no time (in doing)):
During this state, Nabe becomes very very very fast, including his sand attacks.
This state is still impurfect, so He can only maintain it fore a few seconds each time, and can use it at intervals of 1 minute each time.
The longer he waits without using it (Since entering bankai), the more time he can maintain it for.

4) Chikokusuru (Be behind time):
In this state, If his opponent is touched by the sword, the time for the opponent will fly more slowly for only about 1.5-2 seconds,
but this encludes his opponents mind and reaction as well.

5) Jikannnishibarareru (Be restricted by time):
When activated, The hour glass on the sword starts pouring sand downwards. When all the sand falls, a great explosion of time is blasted,
making any thing that is touched by the explosion return to its regular state: Bankais become Shikais Become Sealed States, Ressuraction gos back to normal
and thus on. Nabe can use this ability only once per Bankai, so he pretty much doesnt use it.

I know there is a 3 ability limit but i couldn't hold myself.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
dude, if no one's taking my advice im gonna make the worlds most ridiculous zanpakuto...

Shikai--Midoritako (The green octopus)
Release-Tobu (Fly)

Appearance-unreleased it is seafoam green with a squishy hilt. released it becomes a living zanpakuto, with eight arms that grow from the blade.
Ability 1--it has suction cups that make your opponent slightly confused when they touch you.
Ability 2--it sprays ink to blind the oponent and can strangle them if it gets too close.

Bankai-Tako no Fukushuu (Revenge of the octopus)
Appearance--similar to Luppi's release, only it detaches from the sword and manifests into a real octopus.
Ability 1--if it's not in water, it pretty much dies.
Ability 2--if it is in water, it can blow harmless bubbles that are both mezmerizing and completely usless.
Ability 3--in water it's speed increases and can drown its opponents...but only if they're in the water too.

umm...i don't think i need to explain weakness and stuff, because it's basically crap. don't stifle my creativity! i made it purely for fun and should be used as an example of what not to do!

over a year ago zakaweshi said…
i only said that the blood zanpaktou's always sound ridicolusly god-mod often, since the bankai bends blood to controll the opponent, always seems god-mod if you glance at it
over a year ago rosidu993 said…
ok how would u actully make one
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over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…
big smile
@zakaweshi but did i say i can bend the opponent blood no,but i see your point at a glance blood type zanpaktos do seem over powered(OP)
over a year ago ky-chan said…
dude, i made a frickin' occtopus zanpakuto and no one likes it? i dare you to make one as freakin' cool as that!!! hahaaa!
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
ky-chan, you really shouldnt be such a critic about other peoples zanpakuto's. it really doesnt matter if there are so many, people just like to make what they want.
over a year ago john17 said…
over a year ago Sleepo said…
my zanpakuto

Shikai/name: Raikiri (lightning Cutter)

description: in its sealed state it takes the form of a regular katana with a black hilt
and in shikai state i really can't describe it with words so here is a picture ^.^

Shikai realese command: Strike them down.

Bankai name: Amatsu Raikiri (Heavenly Lightning Cutter)

Bankai desciption: The sword looks just like its shikai state but longer
and the owner gets wings made of lightning.

Shikai abilities:

Raikou Senbon (lightning needles)
the sword glows light blue/white
and as the owner swings it thousand
senbons (needles) made of lightning
rains down. (inspired of quincy's Licht Regen)

Raikou Geki (lightning strike)
The blade sparks with lightning and
when the blade stabs someone it paralyzes them.

Bankai abilities:

Chidori (one thousand birds)
The blade starts to glow and spark when the owner
throws it to the ground when it reaches nad touches the ground
a circle of light forms around it and anyone that is cought
in the circle will be blinded by the light then One Thousand
birds (made of lightning ofc) ise from the ground striking who
ever that is in the circle.

Raikou Kyanon (Lightning Cannon)
The blade glows with a big light blue aura
(like getsuga tensho before fired in bankai)
and then thrusts it to shot a big blast of lightning.

no comments
over a year ago ky-chan said…
im not that big of a critic...geez, i was joking. the only real critizing i've made was an observation that everyone is developing theirs around dragons...it's not a bad thing of course, hence why i made an octopus zanpakuto--is it so wrong that i can't inspire others to be creative? oh well...
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
heres a zanpakuto:
Name: Shinjo (Fish Cake)
Sealed Stated: a very short knify sword.
Shikai: Tabechirasu! (Eat a bit of everything!)
When in shikai, the sword become a fish cake, that has the ability to become squishy!
Bankai: Kirikuzu to Shinju (Chips and Fish Cake!)
In bankai, the fish cake multiplies into milliones of fish cakes and chips. In this form, every thing touched by a fish cake or a chip becomes yummy!

ky-chan, you enspire me ;)
keep up the good work
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Woot! I'm adding you as a friend!!! X3
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
thats just sad. i thought most bleach fans were serious about this kind of stuff but that just looks like your openly mocking it.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
i mean, by all means, you should be creative, creative is good. but no offense, stuff like is just an insult to the whole bleach franchise and all the fans. but of course, no offense intended.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
stuff like the octopus and the fish cake zanpakutos to emphasis
over a year ago ky-chan said…
No, I'm not trying to mock it. I'm sorry if I came across that way. I truely do love Bleach and all it's fans, but I was doing it for fun, certaintly not to mock anything. Bleach isn't all serious which is why I'm trying to change things up a bit. I mean, I truely respect Bleach, but I'm showing it by having fun, which is another great Bleach virtue: anything goes!
over a year ago ky-chan said…
But by all means I understand what you're saying. No offense taken.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
Well hey! Ashisojizio is a giant yellow baby catepillar with a red cape...just saying...
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
i still think you really should, at least, not make a completely worthless zanpakuto aand post it to make people laugh or something. if you tried i bet that couldve been an actual good zanpakuto but as i said, you made it completely useless and without meaning
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
yeah but captain kurotsuchis's zannpakuto isint completely useless
over a year ago ky-chan said…
I did make one back there...I put weaknesses and stuff on the post beneath it. And I did have a meaning...a majority of people made dragon-like zanpakuto, and I posted this to inspire and be creative. If you think about it you can break the trend of everyone else and make it entirely unique. The octopus was a bit farfetched, but it's proof of what the human mind can create that's totally out of the box!
over a year ago ky-chan said…
My octopus one could drown people...
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
yeah but some things are better left in the box. im sorry if im coming across like a dick but i get defensive easily. plus bleach is the only thing im devoted to.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
well, technically the only franchise im devoted to
over a year ago ky-chan said…
No that's fine. I'm a bleachoholic too and I get where you're coming from. It's an example not to be a sheep. Why not be a goat? Or a maybe an animal no one would think of...(I don't mean that literally.) it's healthy to break away from trends and be unique buy I'm sorry I tried. I'll stop.
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
nah thats okay. i really just remembered that one fraccion guy of the Barrangan that was ultra gay so i guess i just majorly over reacted.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
forget i said anything. im a jerk sometimes i guess.
over a year ago ky-chan said…
:) that's okay...I can be a bitch sometimes
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over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
well now im guess im going to make another zanpakuto... based on a camara
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
spelt correctly lol, Chimera
over a year ago ky-chan said…
:) yay!!!! You get 10 points for uniqueness!!!
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
over a year ago ky-chan said…
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
Zanpakuto - Purinsesukimera ( Princess Chimera )
Sealed Form - Has a scarlet red hilt and a blood red sheath. The blade is the length of a Nodachi and the handle is longer than average. The tsuba is shaped like a diamond with small spikes on the sides.
Release Command - Burst And Show Your True Self, Purinsesukimera
Released - Throws the zanpakuto in the air and shouts the command and the zanpakuto bursts into fire and pierces in the ground. The flames spread out and a wind blows the flames into the form of a chimera who has the head of a lion, dragon wings and feet and a snake for a tail. Can change into a complete lion, snake, or dragon at will.
Released Form - The shinigami has her zanpakuto from its sealed state and fights with her chimera.

First Ability - Ni Naru ( Become )
The shinigami loses the zanpakuto and becomes a hybrid of a snake, lion and dragon of flames for a brief period of time. Lasts two minutes then reverts back.

Second Ability - Dobutsu Senmon ( Animal Specialty )
The shinigami’s zanpakuto gains properties of the chimera mixed animals. A fiery blade for the dragon, spikes along the sides for the lion, and a venom edge that poisons when it connects.

Third Ability - Basuto ( Burst )
The chimera ally bursts where it is and engulfs the surrounding area in flames for about twenty seconds then reverts back to a chimera of flames.

Bankai - Ojo Kimera Ni Naru ( Become The Princess Chimera )
The shinigami fuses with the chimera in a tomb of flames and bursts out of it with wings of a dragon, horns, clawed and scaled arms and legs and a snake tail. Fur covers up all of the upper torso except the arms for a female shinigami and only covers the legs of a guy shinigami. ( havent decided if it’s a chick or a dude yet ) Has the ability to use any of the animals abilities at will, like poison or fire, and hasgained the ability to fly.

First Ability - Furufomu ( Full Form )
Picks one of the three animals and becomes that animal for one minute. Gains the abilities of the animal as well, like running on all fours or slithering.

Second Ability - Baningukuro ( Burning Claw )
Her claws become fiery and when the cut something they leave a trail of fire on the cuts.

Embureisu Honbun Fu~Yuri ( Embrace Full Fury )
Becomes the chimera, losing all sense of humanity and only knows how to kill or be killed. Follows its instincts.
Lasts three minutes but after the shinigami reverts back to sealed form and goes unconscious or acts shaken.

eh its not the best ever...
over a year ago ky-chan said…
But it counts as cool originality in my books! X3
over a year ago john17 said…
dude both yall wasted all that time god
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
lol haha
over a year ago bleach_num4_fan said…
Zanpakuto - Akuenjeru
( Arc Angel )

Sealed Form - Has a bright yellow handle and a matching sheath. The tsuba resembles Ulquiorra‘s except it has four prongs on it instead of two. It is long, about the length of a nodachi and has a larger than normal handle. Even though it is rather long, it is very light and agile. When it is slashed, it seems to leave a slight trail of light behind it.

Release Command - Migaki Daun
( Shine Down )

Shikai Release Form - The shinigami shouts out the command and spins the zanpakuto out in front of herself while it slowly fades into light. She then puts her hand out to her side and a scythe about two feet taller than she is starts forming from the light except it has a two foot long spiked spear head at the bottom of the scythe. The scythe, besides the blades, are completely gold including the trim. She uses it just as fast and proficiently as her normal zanpakuto. When you look closely at it, it seems to swirl with light around it.

First Shikai Ability - Jikko No Tenshi No
( Angel’s Execution )
Raises the scythe in a guillotine like position and brings it down fast, making a columned slash of light fall down on the target.

Second Shikai Ability - Tenshi No Sukui
( Angel’s Salvation )
A column of light engulfs the shinigami and instantly heals any wounds. Less for more serious wounds but clears away cuts, bruises and pains. Can be used in a max of five minutes apart.

Third Shikai Ability - Tenshi No Acu
( Angels Arc )
Holds the scythe to where the blade tip is close to their feet and waves of light emit from the point and arc around attacking everything nearby in a circle around the shinigami.

Bankai - Kansei Aku
( Completion Of The Arc )

Bankai Release Form - The scythe swirls more vigorously with light but stays the same in shape and size. There is a pair of massive wings of light connected to a giant halo on her back that’s just floating there but enables her to fly. Her shinigami clothes turn into something like rukia’s clothes when she was in the repentance tower thingy except it more long and has a gold sash around her waste. Her right arm also start glowing with light and her eyes become a very pure blue which seem to have light traces moving around in her iris’s. She can fly at very fast speeds that are almost as fast as her shunpo.

Uses all Shikai abilities with -

First Bankai Ability - Tenshi No Kami Sutoraiku
( Angel’s Divine Strike )
A more enhanced version of Jikko No Tenshi No except the light around the scythe focuses on the scythe and fires Jikko No Tenshi No’s everytime she slashes the scythe. Lasts for one minute.

Second Bankai Ability - Tenshi No Kami Arashi
( Angel’s Divine Storm )
She holds her scythe up and it floats up into the sky and bursts, bringing down a rain of light beams on the target, then reforming in her hand.

Third Bankai Ability - Tenshi No Kami Ni Sasageru
She impales herself with her scythe through her stomach and causes a huge explosion that can wipe out anything in a miles radius of the blast. When its finished, she is either seriously injured or unconscious and has reverted back into her shikai. This can only be used once every week or else the strain on her body will cause her to die.

My Shinigami Character - Koisuru Tenshi

Hair - Bleach Blond

Eyes - Bright Blue

Body - Small like Rukia except a little taller.

Figure - Very slim and slender

Skin - Pale

Age - Appears mid twenties

Race - Shinigami, Captain

Personality - Calm and collected and keeps her emotions hidden in battle. She is very serious half of the time but loves to take things laid back. She is very defensive when it comes to her pride but tries not to be. She acts on the defensive in battle but gets offensive quickly if she gets agitated or enraged. She is one of a small few people who have a light typed zanpakuto but she wields hers like a master and could easily be called a captain and more.

History - Grew up in Rukongai District with a group of three kids ; Shuken, Reyuka, and Shiine. They were all around thirteen in appearance, Her and her friends went out into the forest and about a mile out they ran into some hollows while they were eating. Shiine was quickly killed by a massive hollow quickly followed by Shuken. Her and Reyuka were running away, holding onto each others hands desperately. Reyuka was stabbed in his leg by a hollow and they both fell to the ground. She stood watching as if time itself had slightly stopped. She closed her eyes and scream, Somebody help! Then, there was a flash of light and the hollows were gone. She swore that she had seen a beautiful angel wielding a golden scythe just before she fell unconscious with a saved Reyuka. After that day she went to the shinigami academy and trained and later found out it was her zanpakuto, Akuenjeru, who had saved them. After that she swore to become a great soul reaper to avenge her friends and prevent things like that from ever happening again. She later gets married to Reyuka and becomes one of the most well known and famous captains ever, captain of the eighth squad.

Stats - A master in Shunpo, Speed, Strength, Skill, annd Endurance. Shunpo, 90, Speed, 90, Strength, 90, Skill, 85, Endurance, 85, Kido, 65, Hand-to-Hand, 60, Sword Skill, 85, Intelligence, 80, Stamina, 80, Reiatsu, 80.
over a year ago Railen said…
Name:Railen Kaminari

Zanpakuto-Ken o Hauringu(Howling Swordsman)
Release command-Surasshu(slash)
Bankai-Tsuinhauringu Kenkaku(Twin Howling Swordsmen)

-Zanpakuto sealed form-A 2'5" katana with a black guard with three prongs from the back of it, the handle is wrapped with black with silver points on it.
-Zanpakuto apperance-Katana grows a few more inches along side the back of blade metal pieces similar to fangs pop out and blade is surrounded by purple arua. When black arua takes over, bankai is ready for use.
-Zanpakuto ability 1-When Ken o Hauringu makes contact with another Zanpakuto, the opponent loses all abilities until the fight is over with (excluding bankai).
-Zanpakuto ability 2-User senses increase similar to a wolf. Eyes change pupils black surrounded by orange, fangs and whiskers grow, smell is enhanced and so is hearing. This happens as soon as Zanpakuto is realeased.

-Bankai apperance-Katana splits into two katanas both surrounded by the black arua and levitates at my side spinning in circular motion(similar to Sora's final form). Outfit changes into a black vest with a silver picture of a wolf on the back, a short white shirt with black cargo shorts with silver lining. Two pockets at the bottom that hold fang shiruken and gloves that goes a little bit above my wrist thats black and silver.
-All shikai abilities stay along with:
-Bankai ability 1-Almost how Byakuya can control his bankai with his hands, I can do the same with the katanas.
-Bankai ability 2-Instead of sealing off the opponents abilities, my Zanpakuto copies them and use them during the fight. When fight is over, abilities are lost.
-Bankai ability 3-For every scratch my Zanpakuto makes on the opponents Zanpakuto, reistu is transfered from them to me.

My shinigami is named Railen. He got the name cuz when he was alive, he looked up to Raiden in MK. He became the captain of squad 5 when the Zanpakuto rebellion was done and word got out that he subdued most of the Zanpakuto. He gets along with everybody and its kinda hard to get him mad. And he really cares about his sqaud especially Momo.
He's currently trying to find a wife cause he hasn't had the chance to get one but that doesn't make him lose his focus at all. What he really wants is to learn how to be better at kido.

Stats- King of Shunpo 100, strenghth 92, skill 90, endurance 86, kido 70, hand to hand 80, sword skill 90, intelligence 86, stamina 90, reiastsu 95.
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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Sorry, didn't mean to offence anybody. I really have some great serious zanpakutos i just wanted to have a little fun. I really really love the Bleach series and didn't mean to make fun of it.
So sorry to all the bleach fans i offended.

over a year ago rantora13 said…
Grif that blade is sigreds blade in soulcaliber 4...just saying.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Shinigami: Kita Kenhoshi

Name: Kusa Hayashi Korai (Ancient Grass Forest)

Sealed State: A normal length blade. The Handle is Dark Green
and the hilt is in a shape of a leaf with hundreds of tiny strings
connected inside of it. There is also A single leaf connected to the edge of the handle.

Shikai: Haeru! (Grow! / Sprout!) Kusa Hayashi Korai !
When in Shikai, A short chain sprouts from the handle, and at its edge is connected the leaf from before.
Also, Kita Gets a wooden branch wrapped on his hand (The one not holding the sword).
while in shikai, there are 2 abilities/attacks that can be used:

1) Wood/ Grass Manipulation:
During shikai, Kita can turn any thing made of wood or grass to any other shape, as long as he touched it before with the hand with the branch,
and as long as there is anough of the material to create what he wants (Meaning he cant make a wooden fortress with a simple branch).
He can change the size and shape, width and even strength of the manipulated item. ( For the strength of the item, he uses his own Riatsu).

2) Kusa Keiteki (Grass Whistle) : When Kita uses this ability, he flips the sword upside down a quickly stabs the ground. Then a lond sharp pointed wooden branch
shoots out of the ground and attacks the enemy. By command, Kita can creat another branch that shoots out from the first one on any pont of it.
That way, even if an enemy dodges his first strike he can still do a suprise one. There is a limit of how many branchs he can sprout out of the first one.
They move in straight lines. He can shoot a branch from a branch that sprouted from the first, but still has the same limit.

Bankai: Kusa Hayashi Korai no Shizukesa (Ancient Grass Forest of Silence)

In Bankai, the twisted branch around the wrist becomes wider until creating a full glove made of wood from his palm along to his shoulder, there it ends in three sharp leaves.
In bankai, He has several abilities, not encluding improved grass manipulation and an improved Kusa Keiteki.

1) Hayashi no Zetsubo (Woods of Despair):
Kita Strikes his hand on the ground, and thousand of wooden thorns similar to the ones he uses in Kusa Keiteki surround him and his foe.
He has complete control over all the plants in the area he creates. He can use his Kusa Keiteki now in a larger scale, with no limit to the number of sprouts of branches he can make.

2) Hayashi no (?sono?) yamazakura (Forest of the wild cherry tree)
To use this ability he thrusts his sword into the ground and it disolves. Then a giant cherry tree blossoms where he struck his sword.
Not only can he now use his grass whistle attack from the tree in limitless numbers and sprouts, but he also has another ability with the tree:
By his command, all the leaves of the tree fall from it and completly surround him and his opponent.
He can use every single one of these leaves and lengthen them form both sides and make them sharp and pointy quickly enough to hurt anybody there.

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over a year ago ky-chan said…
See? It's amazing how far you can break from normal trends and make something purely amazing and unique!!!

i ran outta ideas so im just gonna comment and encourage people! wooooootttt!!!
over a year ago bobbyboy100 said…
mizugetsuonkyureku(water moon echo lake) sealed state:normal zanpactou with a light blue hilt shikai apperance:same as sealed state shikai abilities:yorugetsune(night moon sound) puts enimie in enternal hipnoses if they hear the sound of such a high pitched song it can make you go to sleep (it comes from zanpactou hilt) yorusanpoukagamigetsu (night walk mirror moon) makes enimie's sences 100000 times slower making every thing in comprehencable and making them incedibly slow and lower in brain power and cuts wont effect them until 10000 of years later kigen no miizu (rise of water) shots high powered burst of water tenteiyoroi no sono nishi(god armor of the west) shelds from any attacks much like heirro bankai:none
over a year ago Anna2908 said…
Zanpakutou Name: Tsubasashini(Wings of Death)
Release Command:Bunkatsu!(Split)
Bankai Name: Kakusa reta honoo, Tsubasashini (Hidden flame, the wings of death)
The sealed form is a zanpakutou resembling Ichigo's sealed zanpakutou, except that sharp spikes can form at the tip and base of the sword psychologically. The crossguard is similar to Byakuya's Senbonzakura. The hilt is dark blue, the colour of the sky half an hour after sunset and appearance is as any other zanpakutou.
In shikai, the large sword splits into two twin swords, each about half the original sword. The base is wider than the tip, with a ragged spike coming out of the base. One on each side. The tip is also ragged. Crossguard turns into a round circle plate.
Shikai abilities:
Modori- Return.
Can also be done with Kazeshini in shikai. In shikai, the swords are connect by an invisible yet unfeelable chain. The swords are thrown towards the enemy like projectiles. If miss, they turn in and flies towards the wielder, cutting the enemy from the back as they go.
Kaishou no Korosu- Killing Burn
The swords charge up super dense reiatsu in the blade and holds it in there. When the wielder activates/yells Kaishou no Korosu, the reiatsu shoots out at incredible speed, and causes giant explosion.
In sealed ability:
The large sword can be reformed into a zanpakutou which greatly resembles the zanpakutou showed at the beginning of every episode in the zanpakutou arc.
Bankai abilities:
Kashou o Korosu
Fukkatsu- Revival
Returns any object to perfect state by being touched by blade while activating Fukkatsu. Faster version of Orihime's soutenkesshun
Kaimetsu-teki Dageki- Fatal Blow(got this idea from this online game I play)
Shoots fatal bullets made up of super dense reiatsu, hidden bomb and kidou.
In Bankai, a phoenix appears and the wings envelope the weilder, sort of like Daigren Hyourinmaru. The swords now grow a bit bigger in lenghth, and resembles Zangetsu in shikai. However, unlike Zangetsu in shikai, the base is smaller than the tip. Near the tip, there is a dip like a hole, like Katenkyoukotsu in shikai. Except that the black bit is on the botton and white on top. Under the dip, there is an identicle dip in the black bit, directly under the one on the blade. At the base, it is identicle except it is a spike sticking out. Beneath that, the spikes from shikai still stay, except they form into smaller spikes which can shoot out bullets.
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