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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago rantora13 said…
That's true
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
over a year ago rantora13 said…
Why not try orginizing on a sheet of paper and then brainstorm that's wut I do.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
That would be a rather smart thing to do.......
over a year ago rantora13 said…
Trust me it helps
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
A;right sounds good
over a year ago tayandkris4evr said…
Another Zanpaktou. Tell me what you think. :)

Name: Calm Blood
Shikai: Thirst
Ability: Once stabbed with thirst, the blade immediately begins to draw out your blood and store it in it’s hilt. The blood stored in the hilt of Thirst can be used to form a weapon, but the blood makes the weapon, every blood is different so each time the wielder of Thirst get’s a new weapon. But after using Thirst’s blood’s weapon, the blade becomes harmless during that battle.
Look: Thirst is a dagger with a metallic and purple hilt. The hilt is made up of jagged and odd edges. The blade is short and curved.
Bankai: Dying Dream
Ability: As you are stabbed, slashed, cut, and ripped by Dying Dream, you are in a dream world. Your life flashes before your eyes, you see your past and present and feelings of those times. As you die from the loss of blood, your future plays before you as if you hadn’t met the wielder of Dying Dream. You die, along with your dream.
Look: Full black hilt, with golden demon skulls with horns pointing up for the guard. A long short sword/dagger type blade.

Other: The wielder can move very fast with both Shikai and Bankai. The blades, Thirst and Dying Dream cannot cut very deep. So the purpose for the speed is to allow the wielder to cut the enemy many times.

Name: Akiyo Yukimura
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0
Occupation: Teacher at the soul reaper academy
Family: Haru Yukimura; brother
Personality: Akiyo is a very closed person, he is very quiet and reserved. He wont speak unless spoken to, but he very respectful and kind. He has a warm heart. He cherishes his solitude and enjoys to just sit outside and listen to the wind. Many people think he is a brooding man, but really he just likes to over think things.
Looks: He has long straight light blue hair. He is quite thin, many people think he is weak, but really he was just born out of proportion. If he was shorter he’d look a bit more normal, he says. He has soft yellow eyes, a long face, and thin lips.
Likes: Peace and quiet, birds, exploring, his best friend Jushiro, his little brother Haru, watching battles, making battle plans, working
Dislikes: Ruthless barbarians, anger, swamps, bad cooking, Ichimaru Gin, (sometimes) Urahara Kisuke
over a year ago Dancing_Petal said…
Chihiro isn't a master at everyhting..she is only an expert at kido...also she is a prodigy....you haven't obviously seen other people's characters on this forum..many of them are much more overpowered than Chihiro..i'm an avid believer in well balanced Zanpakuto...and route for those who have orginal ideas and try new things..if you have a specific problem with her stats could adress them more clearly Ulquiorra1313
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over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Well just my problem was i think if i read correctly it said master at hand to hand and master swordsman and i realize that there are some very overpowered characters on this but i really like giving advice to the regulars like you and Rantoa because i know you guys would understand and reply in a rapid fashion :) Feel free to comment about anything i say

Character: Ran (storm)
Age: 29
Height: 5'9
Race: I came up with a new race and a story to support it. He is a quincy soul reaper
Flash step: 100+
swordsman: 0
Hand to hand: 0
Kido: 100
Long range: 100

When Ran was younger he was one of the most successful Soul Reapers in the entire seirete. In fact, he was the vice captain of squad 1. However as his years advanced and he saw the things that hollows did to humans, he decided he hated the ways that soul reapers went about purifying hollows so he decided to join the quincies and learn how to kill a hollow. When he attempted to get the powers of a quincy, both his zanpakuto and the quincy emblem were destroyed. Ran went a full week with no powers at all. His mind was in constant turmoil. When he went to his inner world, all he could see was rain pouring down and gale force winds whipping the terrain (an island in the middle of the ocean). However, he soon embraced the imbalance within himself and immediately the storm lessened and a bow formed in his hand. He then had the power to both kill or purify a hollow at will. He went back to the 13 squads. In utter disappointment with his traitorous behavior, Yamammoto sent him to the last seed of the 12th squad. He is now the vice captain of the squad and is quickly working his way up the chain of command.

Zanpakuto: Kaminari no yumi (bow of thunder)
Release: Create in turmoil
Description: See picture below for visual. The arrows are infinitely replenishing (always at least in shikai)

Abilities: rai wo mu (infuse with thunder) using small amounts of reishi, any of the arrows he fires may be infused with electricity which ups the speed and power by about 2 times
Sogekikiu (sharpshooter): 50 arrows are fired within one minute each with deadly aim. The Rai wo mu cannot be used with this ability
Kaminari no suteppu (lightning step) pretty much a flash step only 100x faster. When taken, a clap of thunder is often heard.

Bankai: Arashi no Yumi (storm bow) see pic in next post. No arrows are needed, instead, each arrow is raw electricity. Has all abilities above plus

Abilities: Arashi Gatoungopou (storm Gatling gun) same as the second ability of shi kai only fires 250 arrows

Sunaipo hashotto (sniper shot): a very densely gathered small arrow is shot with extreme accuracy but takes a long time to prepare for (2 minutes)

Taifuu wo shoukan (summon typhoon): can only be used once per ban kai. One arrow is fired into the sky. A massive storm arises which boosts all stats to 5x as high for 10 minutes (maybe overpowered please tell me if so)

NOTES: Writing it down helped a ton. Thanks Rantoa

this is the shikai on the far left and the far right is the bankai
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 Well just my problem was i think if i read correctly it said master at hand to hand and master swords
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
and here is the character only he has no sword zanpakuto always in shikai PLEASE COMMENT :)
 and here is the character only he has no sword zanpakuto always in shikai PLEASE 코멘트 :)
over a year ago Hadez17 said…
im not gunna lie danceingpetal, it seams a little like regardless of the zanpakuto ability ur last character has, they are a Flash step master, Kido expert,Master Hand to hand combatant , Sword skills master, meaning, say they are in a fight, either, their opponet loses cus they are too slow, gets lucky and knocks Chihiro's blade from their hands, and are beaten with Chihiro's fist, or gets lucky and knocs sword away and can keep Chihiro out of arms reach where Chihiro can just blast away with kido, Even factoring in they are a prodogy, that is too much, usuly a prodogy is a prodogy of a more specific area, like say Chihiro could be a kido prodogy, and thus is able to make up for a lack of any other abilty with kido spells, or a sword master and makes up for other lacks with a cool sword skill. If u were gunna enter the rp id have a more searious disagreement but atm im just saying that i see Ulquiorra1313's point
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Hauringu ( howling)

release command : hear the howl of the crimsion flame

shikai abilities] - Hauringu's Shikai ablities gives me the power to completely control fire as well as increase my Natural pyschail ablties aswell spirtual pressure in shikai you coming off the hilt of my blade is what would seem to be the start of a chain the blade it's self looks like a normal Katana but is glowing red hot du to the fact tat my Zanpaktuo is melee type and elemental fire based the hilt is a ittle shorter resuting in a longer blade.

bankai name : Hauringukursariurufu ( howling wolf chain)

bankai description : My bankai ablities incerease my spirtual pressure as wellas my pyschial ablitlies 10 fold same as shikai only I have a full chain going up my left arm and I am holding two Gaint Zewihander blades( much like ikkaku's bankai) I can combine my two blade to make one gaint blade there are three empty moons on my blade once each moon turns red I than recieve the power of my Zanpakto spirt and a red wolf fur cape and helmet appear on me and three tales are visable the skin acts as an armor and the tale's I can use at will ( something like Gaara's sand)also because of its fire nature the blade burns you as it cuts you

Please rate and comment and if you notice most of my ablities are passive :P =)

over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
this is adding on to my Zanpakto my charcter's name is Ryukosten he became a soul reaper after his mother father and brother and sister were killed by a hallow they died protectng him he got bankai at a young age but kept it to him self always doing missions with little effort his only friend is his Zanpaktuo Spirt Hauringut although during the Espada arc when he is fighitng an espada 118 ( Made it up) he claims that he know has more than one friend this can be taken as a referance to Ichigo, Uriu, Orihime , Chad, Renji and Rukia being his new friends he has backed up Ichigo many times he is the new Captain of 3rd compant ( he was forced into it) although he often slacks off on his dutyies as a captain mainly because he's trying to ge fired , he absoutlely despises the captain of 12th company he doesn't like how he treats his "exerements" he has threatend him time and time again and has even stabbed him in the thorat and cut off his left hand to teach him a lesson when fighting a hallow he acts like a member from 11th Divsion Kenpachi and Bakuya both imply that Ryuokosten has greater spirtual pressure than the captain general Kenpachi sais "hmm he declined my challenge if I were to fight a guy like even if I went all out he'd still be able to beat me with his pinky" Bakyua's saying was "Rukia you should be happy that Ryuokosten saved your life did you not notice that when he appeared even Azien was trembleing in fear" Ryokosten would never betray his comrades or the soul society he has an exterme sense of honor and justic and will not question you if you leave the soul society here are his words to Azien "I don't care about the path right and wrong darkness or light diffrent people gain from these paths however as a soul reaper I will stop you and I will kill you" Ryuokosten is currently looking Azien and is liveing in the human world at Orohime's house :P ,

Rate and comment
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Wolfmaster..... Uhmmmmm.... I dont know where to start. Your whole entire thing confused me. If you could draw or find a rough pic of the zanpakuto it may help. Also try making three separate abilities and describing them individually. Your character's involvement in the bleach storyline is way too confusing. If you notice, most characters are separate entities from the storyline just for the fact that your character being involved in the story changes so much for the storyline that it is just too confusing. So if you could really specify the blade and remove the already made bleach storyline from your character, i could see this being a great zanpakuto. Also i may have to complain about the strength you say he possesses. Being able to beat Kenpachi with his pinky and striking fear into Aizen= way too much. Try just saying he has high spiritual pressure. Cuz it seems like you made him WAYYY too powerful

What do people think of my most recent Zanpakuto by the way?
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over a year ago tayandkris4evr said…
I agree with, Ulquiorra1313, it was VERY confusing and over powered.

@Ulquiorra1313, I like your quincy/soul reaper. I think it's a good idea. I liked your Zanpaktou also. Kind of reminds me of Zeus the greek god. Haha, wonderfull! Loved it :D
over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
@Wolfmaster I agree with Ulquiorra1313 Is very confusing. If you look at the orther Zanpkauto posts you'll notice they all tend to follow a similar outline, try using that. Other then that yeah you character is wayyyyyyyy OPed, try saying "many think he could be a match for Kenpachi" or something. But yeah. It sounds like a pretty good Zanpkuto you just need to round it out more, if you catch ma meaning.
over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Name: Natsu doragonsanbāsuto (Summer Dragon Sunburst)
Release command:
Hikari firuta o tsūka (Light Filters through)
Yami no aratame (Darkness breaks)
Rifuto atama (Lift Your Head)
Bankai name: Fuyu no doragontenpesuto (Winter dragon Tempest)
Appearance: The unreleased form is two swords, both full length Katana. Each Katana is slightly different they both have a dragon pattern curling up the sword, however one Dragon is Golden and the other is Silver. The sword with the Golden dragon has silver wrapping on the Hilt with Golden insets, the Silver dragon sword is the opposite, Golden wrapping over silver insets. In Shikai the swords change into Falchions, with the dragons becoming more pronounced and ferocious looking.
Shikai abilities:
Ability 1: Natsu no besutodeizu (The Best Days Of Summer). The golden dragon begins to glow and produces tons of heat; the silver dragon begins to release steam as well. This technique not only slows me down but drains tons of my reiatsu, in return though my opponent is forced to stay in one spot. This will last for 1 – 2 minutes depending on how much reiatsu i pump into it.
Ability 2: Natsu no kōto (Summer Coat) The Golden dragon wraps itself up my arm forming a protective skin; I gain increase (X2) to defence and speed, My attack is lessened in order to use this though, it cannot be used in conjunction with Natsu no besutodeizu.

Bankai Appearance: In Bankai Both Dragons become my weapons their tales are attached to the Hilt of each sword (much like Renji’s Bankai). My Shinigami outfit disappears and is replaced with a Samurai outfit; this is covered in Silver and Gold Dragons.
Bankai Abilities
Ability 1: Fuyu no asa wa hatsu shimo (Winter Mornings First Frost). The Silver dragon Creates frost everywhere, it slowly covers my enemy’s as well. This frost Not only slows them down but slowly drains there Reiatsu.
Ability 2: U~intāzufu~yūrī (Winters Fury). The silver dragon shoots A stream of White fire into the air, it creates a tornado. This is used when I need space because it lasts for 5 minutes.
Ability 3: Doragonzu no kumiawase koto ga aru (The Combined Might of the Dragons). Both Dragons curl around me and slowly disappear, they become my armour and weapons once more, My amour becomes Gold and Silver, And the Dragon motifs are gone. The two Swords are having returned as well, now one is entirely Gold and the other is Silver. This form lasts for 4 minutes and gives me a huge boost to all my stats (x3), although this boost slowly fades. Once this has finished I can no longer fight.
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over a year ago jovran said…
Shikai-Hyoujinganseki (pointed rock)
Release- Fureuru! (Quake!)
Bankai- Torimaku Hyoujinganseki (surrounding pointed rocks)

Shikai information- Hyoujinganseki, when released, maintains its shape as a katana. Its ability allows control over the surrounding Earth, similar to that of Earthbending from Avatar. The strength of the Earth is not altered, so it can be destroyed easily by strong opponents.

Bankai information- To activate Bankai, the zanpakuto is waved in a circular motion which results in the formation of a spiral statue made of earth. Hyoujinganseki is then thrust into the center of the spiral and let go, resulting in the complete activation of Bankai. Now, the user uses his hand to move the earth around him, the difference being the earth's strength can be altered. Earth can turn to stone, or to metal, or to blade. This technique is called Henseisayou (Metamorphism). The strength of the earth is dependent upon the amount of spiritual pressure flowed into the earth. One of the final attacks of Bankai is Kakomuaaitoosu (surround and pierce) where the earth traps the opponent in a tall hill, the point of the hill being the opponent. The opponent is encased up to the chest. The wielder of the zanpakuto then walks up the hill, altering the side to create a stair. Then, using Henseisayou, the wielder forms a katana from the surrounding hill. Then, when he pierces the opponent, surrounding earth then stabs the opponent, through the hill, with many pointed rocks, that ensures death.

Other information- Hyoujinganseki is not a very murderous Zanpakuto so tends to refuse to deliver the final blow to the opponents. As a result, in Bankai form, the wielder tends to create a sword using Henseisayou, and delivers the final blow while the opponent is trapped by the earth.
over a year ago rantora13 said…
Well its a good idea for multiple hollow or arrancar but for inteligent soul reaper's or espada its diffrent sense they can make a solid place to stand in the àir by using their spirit energy.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
OKay here it goes

zanpakuto's name : Hauringu ( howling)

Shikai release command : hear the howl of the Crimson flame

Shikai Ablity(S) : Ablity Number one Allows the user to Control Fire

Ablity Number 2 : Incereases my speed, Strength, Agilty and Spirtual Pressue

Bankai Name : Hauringu Kursari Urufu ( Howling wolf chain )

Bankai Ablities : Abilty Numbe one : Burns you as it cuts you

Abilty Number 2 : It incerease's my Pyschial abiltyies 10fold as well as my spirt pressure

Abilty Number 3 : my Zewihander blade has 3 moons on it once all three moons are glowing Bright Red I gain a wolf skin cape wtch acts as an unbreakable Armor& a wolf skin helmet.

Natural abilties Hauringu always wraps his chain around my left (and right and once i'm in bankai)hand witch allows me to swing, throw and realing Hauringu I can also implae my enimies as well as use the chain wraped around my arm to make the blade chain speed by swinging it around my head this is the only Natural abilty that my Zanpaktuo has the Chain is extended when in bankai and can follow an enemey for up to 2 miles ( 1 mile each if i'm dual weilding in bankai )

downsides to bankai : my Zanpakuto has one flaw like all others the fact that when in bankai and in shikai I am stealing spirtual pressure from my spirt and adding to mine unfortunely when out of bankai I am extermely weakend due to the fact I took alot of spirtual pressure so in other words once I go bankai I gotta make sure I have backup XD

Shikai Description : in Shikai it maintains the shape of a katana but the Hilt get's shorter the Gaurd on he hilt disappears and the blde of the Katana Incerases by 2 or 3 inches Also a small chain is wrapped around my left arm the length is up to my elbow and can only stretch abot 10-20 meters.

Bankai Desciption : once Hauringu turns into Hauringu kursari urufu I get two Zewihander blades that can combine into one huge blade the chain from shkai is now all the way up to my shoulder ( wraped around my right shoulder if I am weilding the two ) the only benefit I gain from weilding the two blades is faster Damage nothing Spcail but on the blade in my hand left are three moons that are in graved into the blade . I know it's hard to picture but for my bankai picture some one holding two Buster swords but one has three circle's on it and one(two if dualweildng) chain(s) comming off the hilt when both swords are combined th full size blade is only 3 inches wider than a buster sword but is 5 inches longer the blade(s) together and a part are black/ greyish in color comin off of where the garud would be is a thick peice of wolf fur shape like a really long tail it's harmlessbut is about 10 inches long.

Zanpakuto spirt look: this is Hauringu the spirt in the Zanpakuto

Charcter Profile :

Name : Ryukosten

Age: around 9 thousand year old but looks 20

Look : This is Ryukosten

Height : 6'1

Race: shinigami

Persnailty : funny , Cute, Loveing , outgoing, ladies man, obliviess, battel loveing, sarcastic ( even in battle),Honorable, fun to be around.

Occupation : soul reaper
Rank(s): Former Vice captain of 11th Divison (he gave up his postion when kenpachi killed the captain before him)currently takeing the test to be one of the new captains (I go bye books not by anime and in the books the postion of 3rd fith and 9th Divison is up for grabs, NOT trying to be rude to anyone. )

Dislikes: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Rainy days, stupidty, unhonorable people, hallows, Boredem, waiting and not being able to go outside.

Family : names were not given but his mother father and sister all died because of a hallow and were soulreapers

Favourite food : BBQ stake, Ribs, Ramen, fryed bacon, Milk, pop, vegtibles

least favourite foods : Celery

Natural Ablities :

Kido : Ryukosen has really High spirtural Pressure people often joke that he is more than a match for kenpachi Zakkari but is not very good at useing kido orthe spells though he can shoot out massive amounts of energy ( often misses due to the fact that it's such a large amont of energy and slow moveing)

Swordsmanship: Ryukosten has proven to be a Master swordsman he has proven this when on a mission he used his Bankai to hold off two Minos Grande (was greatly wounded and almost died) as well as hold his own Agaisnt Random Espada

Shinpo: Ryuoksten has also proved to be a master at the art of shinpo he has proven this when he was first on the scene when he went on his first mission he had gotten there before even his captain could.

Hand to Hand combat : Ryokosten has showed that he can hold his own in a fist fight he was able to punch threw a hallow with ease but doesn't look like he is a master nor an expert in hand to hand combat.

Odd ablities : High endurance & Stamiana : Ryokosten seems to have a realy high endurance as well an unsual amount of stamaina ( Given he doesn't use Bankai) when clearing out an Area with former Captain Gin Ichimaru ( 200 years beforethe storey line) is seemed that Gin was Exaushted but Ryokosten could keep moveing.

High spirt pressure : Ryokosten is one of the few people who have an unatural amount of spirt pressure he can be in a constant release state but feels that it would be unfair to his Zanpaktuo to be in shikai all the time.

well tha is all Rate and comment again I hope this was more clear, my first one I got too excited I could not find a picture of what my shikai nor what my Bankai would look like but try hard to imagine it T.T if this isn't clear enough than i'm horrable XD

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 OKay here it goes zanpakuto's name : Hauringu ( howling) Shikai release command : hear the h
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
okay this is what Hauringu looks like, if a backround storey would help just tell me
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 okay this is what Hauringu looks like, if a backround storey would help just tell me
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
also i'd like to thank Ulquiorra Tayandkris4evr and Takeshi_tsurugi for pointing out my mistakes and I hope that you thee like this remade vesion alot better =) agan thanks for the advice =)
over a year ago lane123 said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]destructor diablo
[bankai name] - optional destructor diablo enfurecido
=description - optional i regualar sized katana with a black blade and white top, the sheath is a red ninja star.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
=description furia líquida, shoots a wave of hot lava from the sword.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional furia líquida. inhanced speed and strength.

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over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Lane123..... how do i put this but that was confusing as well we need a better description having more abilities would help and writing in full sentences
over a year ago Hadez17 said…

Name: Tommy Briggerman
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6’4
Weight: 273
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None but if he had it brown

Kido: 50
Hand-to-hand: 90
Appearance: He is a mountain of a man. Seaming to have muscles on top of muscles. He has a average complection for someone who spends all day out in. He tends to have a shine and what looks like little sparkles around his body primarily his head. There is one Scar on his body that is visible on his left peck that looks like a crescent shape. He usually wears a denim jacket with no shirt under it and some gloves that have no fingers on them. He also wears blue jeans and black work boots.

Personality: He is always confident and attributing all of his skill to long lasting Briggerman tradition. He seems to have any random useless skill. Also he tends to try to win discussions by flexing and commuting on how magnificent his muscles are. Any chance he gets he throws off his jacket and strikes some muscle man flex pose.

Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name: Mugendai Buin (Infinity Staff)
Release command: Zoukyou (Augment)
Bankai name: Kyojin Mungendai Buin (Giant's Infinity Staff)

Shikai abilities:
1. The staff has the ability to extend and enlarge from 1 inch wide and 30 inches long to 50 feet wide and 500 feet long. The speed of the length and width change is the same as Gin’s shikai extension. It also carries the force behind it which varies a little with the weight of the staff. Though the minimum size of the staff is that of an escrima stick it’s naturally in a quarter staff form.
2. The weight of the staff can be changed (by manipulating the density) weighing from a minimum of the average weight of an escrima stick to a max of 1 ton. When changing the weight the wielder must hold the staff, stand still and call out the weight he desires then at the speed of evoking a kido spell the weight changes. If he has it at a max weight he can only manage 3 maybe 4 swings b4 tiring and needing to lighten up. He can fight at half and quarter weight easier with half lasting for a short to moderate length battle and quarter just being a decent strain.
3. The staff’s tangibility can be manipulated. By making a mental command the whole staff can be made intangible. The only thing that can still stop it is a zanpakuto. Even if the staff goes through an opponent it won’t hurt them. But it will allow for fighting through walls and such. It takes the same amount of time to go from tangibility to intangibility as it does to cast a kido spell.

Bankai abilities:

1. In bankai all the skikai abilities are present except are enhanced. The length jumps to 1500 feet. The width max will stay same. The weight max will go to 5 tons, His max swinging for the weight stays at 3 to 4, and half weight and quarter weight stays same. The rate of length change is as fast as Shunpo. The rate of weight change is instant. And can be done while moving but the weight must be called out. The intangibility can affect half the staff but still can be blocked by zanpakuto.
2. The Shikai limits can be used to mod the whole or part of the user’s body. But it puts a heavy strain on his body. If he increases his density in a part of the body the bones begin to crush under the weight and in torso so do the organs. If he extends a part of body the muscles or organs in area start to be torn apart. And he can make him self intangible at the same speed of his shikai intangibility ability but the retangability after a few uses displaces his organs and causes him to often cough up blood. These Sid effects aren’t instant but do not take long to start, and come quicker the more he’s at max limits and more dangerous, and slower and less dangerous at minimums.

over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I am gonna revisit and revise my first zanpakuto :)

release phrase so to speak: show them to hell
zanpakuto: Seinaru Jigoku no jiku (holy hell axes)

[shikai abilities] -
1)Ono no seigyo (control of the ax)- Using reishi, i can control the hand ax's flight in mid air comparable to the uryu's ability to change directions of his arrows

2) Hason (Corruption): If i hit a hollow with either weapon while using this ability, i can control the hollow for a time that depends on the strength of the hollow (i.e. one of the frog heads could be for like an hour then it dies but menos could be like a few seconds). With a human/shiginami/arrancar, it would disable the limb which it hit for a time related to their strength (i.e. someone like a new soul reaper maybe like an hour again but captains strenth or arrancar if thats how you spell it, for like a minute or two)
3) Gokan o damasu (Deception of the senses): with this ability, i stab the ground and a fog appears. The fog is dense and contains reishi that messes up the senses of the opponent. The confusion lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on how much reishi i use. The fog dissipates when the 5 or 10ish are up. The fog covers an area of about 75 feet around me. You can escape the fog but the sense mess up lasts. Just wanna throw it out there that i would be immune to the fog since its my reishi and im not high all the time XP

Tengoku jigoku no jiku (heavenly hell axes)

[bankai abilities]
1) To kōshō suru akuma (bargain with the devil): This ability directly correlates to number of attacks. It counts the number of attacks from both sides. Whichever side has more attacks, wins. The other side is drained of all ban kai power and becomes about as powerful as the shikai. However, the other side becomes twice as powerful. If the number of attacks is the same i made a total screw up because i used the reishi necessary to initiate the attack, yet since both sides win, they drain each other of strength and regain equal strength.
2) Tenshi no sero(cero of the angels): whenever the cross shaped ax hits the opponent approx 1 eighth of their spiritual pressure is replicated into the ax. With each hit, one arm of the ax starts to glow. When they are all glowing the energy stored can be released in one massive cross shaped cero like beam

3) Shinjin fukai handan (godly judgement): This attack can take two forms. Once again, it is based on attack numbers. However, it is based on the ratio of how many times i have attacked to how many times the enemy has attacked. If they have attacked more, my speed increases 2x and the cross becomes a shield (picture soon to come). If i have attacked more, the cross ax thing becomes a long point (think suzimebachi only it covers up to my elbow and extends 1.5 feet off the end of my hand and does not kill in two hits etc...) however, it can corrupt like the power of the shikai move

NOTE: I am not trying to put any religious views into anyone
general looks of the big parts, you can see the rough idea of the small ax in the left side. The shikai hand ax is a generic two sided hand ax. My next post will be the character for this blade
 I am gonna revisit and revise my first zanpakuto :) release phrase so to speak: show them to hell za
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I like the hadez its very cool i do have to say though your character reminds of general armstrong and I hate you now i was hoping to be the first one to post a character for jstar new group
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Shinseina Otoko
Kido: 50
Swords: always in shikai
Hand to hand: 100
Shunpo: 100+

He is a very depressed man who is extremely loyal to religion and his vision of God. He really does not care about anyone but himself and achieving his idea of "fulfillment." He is the 3rd seed of squad 6. He could be a captain but he doesn't want to be in charge of so many people that he would have to care about. He likes to be alone and pray or read a ton
 Shinseina Otoko Kido: 50 Swords: always in shikai Hand to hand: 100 Shunpo: 100+ He is a very depres
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I wasn't trying to be rude...i was just balancing her skills since there are so many weaknesses to her Zanpakuto..thank you i appreciate ur comment..i hope i didn't upset you...I don't mind making changes....tha's why this forum is nice we can talk about are zanpakuto...smiles..it's fun!!!!
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Great character and Zanpakuto Hadez...and Ulquiorra1313 again sorry...i love your zanpakuto...great revising..i think it's much more clean and balanced now..keep up the good work..and PLEASE PEOPLE POST ON MY SOUL MERCHANT FORUM
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Name: Mekania
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 140 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: October 11th
Age: 213
Apperance: Mekania has bright red hair that is wavy and comes down to her lower back. Her eyes are pale blue and she is very voluptuous and large breasted. She is often seen in cocktail dresses, plush scarf’s, and smoking from a pipe.
Personality: Mekania is very calm and collected; hardly reacted to bad circumstances or injury. She is keen and very intelligent. She is most often seen smoking from her pipe or drinking champagne. She enjoys the finer things in life, and is an industrious business woman who takes her job very seriously but often get’s overstressed and has had several strokes from her loosing out on major investments or when people learn of some of her embezzlements; Luckily though, Hiroto is her lawyer.
Occupation: 3rd Commander of Soul Lovers
Favorite food: champagne, crab cocktail and chocolate cheesecake
Likes: Fashion, modern art, cocktail dresses and hats, cosmetics, smoking (claims it lowers blood pressure which makes Takumi mad since he dislikes smoking so much), drinking, working, money, the finer things in life,
Dislikes: Mekania hates tomatoes, loosing, loosing out on business deals and investments, not being able to work or keep track of her stocks, boredom, and those who contradict her
Love interest: none
Favorite song/theme music: Black Roses Red by Alana Grace
Seirei Fi-da: Noir Veuve (Black Widow)
Release phrase: Bite
Apperance: a dagger with a black hilt that she kept strapped to a lace garner on her leg.
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): a katana appears with a black hilt and a red hour glass emblem on it.
Special abilities: when she strikes a foe a glowing, crimson tattoo of an hourglass appears on the area she made contact. The hourglass begins to turn red starting from the top to the bottom; once it is half full the opponent will begin to feel slightly weak and have nausea and dizziness due to the progression of the poison filling their body. When completely filled the opponent begins to liquefy and succumbs to the venom.
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat master
Soul magic
Soul absorption
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
Sword and dagger specialist
Assassination expert
Wittiness and high intelligence
Fluent in French, Swedish, Japanese, English, Italian, and German
 Name: Mekania Height: 5’8’’ Weight: 140 pounds Race: soul merchant Birthday: October 11t
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Name: Dieter Volker
Height: 5’9’’ in a half
Weight: 135
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: December 14th
Age: 2034
Apperance: Dieter has pale skin and silver hair that is jagged and parts to the right with long bangs sweeping to the left of his face, gently kissing his eye. His hair comes to the back of his neck. He has emerald green eyes and a lanky body. His profile his handsome and he has soft features.
Personality: Dieter is very serious and solemn person. He lived in Norway, and like a true Viking there is nothing he enjoys more than a fight of skill and brute strength but unlike his violent kin, he doesn’t take a life meaninglessly. He is very keen and picks up well on slight details but is slightly shy and awkward with social advances and usually stays to himself.
Occupation: -6 commanders of the Soul lovers Company, Historian
Favorite food: mince pie and fried fish
Likes: oak trees, fighting for sport, drawing himself dead or those he finds annoying when bored, music, history, playing the Erhu (a Chinese fiddle that is at least 1,000 years old), books (he loves collecting them and has several 1st editions), reading, quiet places to think and read, and spending time with those he loves or appreciates.
Dislikes: Dieter detest meaningless death and carnage, suffering, those who don’t show mercy or gratitude, cruelness, laziness, rowdy, obnoxious people, loneliness, and anything sour or tart.
Love interest: unknown
Favorite song/theme music: Picking Flowers by Lei Qiang
Seirei Fi-da: Mjollnir
Release phrase: cast down from the heavens
Apperance: a long sword with intricate designs and runes etched on the blade. The hilt is gray and the scabbard is old and black.
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): His Seirei fi-da forms into a decorated battle ax with a black rod and he dons a suit of silver armor with designs on it.
Special abilities: the blade of the ax can levitate off the rod and spin clashing and cutting foes. He has the power to release bio-electric bolts that shatter obstacles, shock foes, and weaken his enemies.
Kontan Fe-zu Ni (spirit phase two): Asgard Mjollnir: His battle axe glows with reiatsu and the axe becomes much longer with a slightly thinner hilt. The blade expands and becomes denser. He can hurl it at foes shocking them. He can also absorb electricity into the cerebral cortex, which emits a current of bio-electric pulses down his spine to instinctively guide his movements during such situations with high reaction time. The lightning he controls is quick and seething hot.
Special skills:
Sword skills expert
Hand ax master
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
Soul magic
Soul absorption
 Name: Dieter Volker Height: 5’9’’ in a half Weight: 135 Race: soul merchant Birthday: Dec
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Name: Lulu Nabatame
Height: 5’11’’ in a half
Weight: About 250
Race: Shinigami
Birthday: February 2nd
Age: 114
Apperance: She has wavy, big black hair and deep green eyes. Her skin is a deep olive. She is rather rotundas. She also wears clunky black reading glasses. She is very voluptuous and beautiful.
Occupation: Student, 1st seat on 5th squad
Family: Unknown (lives with Tamika’s family who took her in)
Favorite food: Fudge and macadamia nut and fudge Cookies
Likes: Leopard print, food, clowns (ironically due to her Zanpakuto), big hair, shopping, spending time with friends (especially Tamika, Kuineda, Rin, and Sayori, personalizing everything with glitter and beads, parties, balloons, being the president of the ugly, fat, and pathetic association even though the names terribly demeaning and she is attractive, Mayuri despite his cruelty and disposition, kido, talking to everyone about just anything, conversation, trinkets, and hugs.
Dislikes: being tempted by treats, being made fun of, too much activity, not getting enough sleep (because her thinks it helps burn calories and she is always moody without it), cruelty, squash, and rejection.
Favorite song/theme music: It Feels So Good by Sonique
History: She was orphaned after witnessing the death of her mother and father; she wandered around for months before happening upon Tamika who would become her sister and best friend. They grew up studying at Shino on Scholarship and getting recruited in squads. Lu Lu is the president of the Ugly, Fat, and Pathetic Association.
Zanpakuto: Oni-Doukeshi (Demon clown)
Release phrase: release command: Make'em laugh! Till their dead!
Spirit manifestation: a clown who is very pale with puffy red hair and painted lips with a colorful costume and enormous feet, He is always laughing and has an expression on his face as if he just told a hilarious joke.
Inner world: a circus ring with strange performers
Apperance: a wakizashi with a deep red hilt and white fillings with a short, stubby blade and a round tsuba which is a lighter shade of red.
Shikai: large shoulder cannon that is fire engine red with a large clown face at the opening that closes when not preparing to engage in battle. The face is reminiscent of the Zanpakuto’s spirit with a white face, red hair, and a red and black top hat.
Special abilities: Creates large balloons with a dark red color that she calls "surprise bombs” that explode with various intensities when shot at high speeds. Some of these balloons are flops only releasing flowers or confetti rather than exploding and causing damage to her enemies. She can Charge the canon to release an incredibly large balloon in terms of size, thickness, and density that can cause serious damage after they detonate, she can also hover on these balloons to travel.
Bankai: Waratteimasu Oni-Doukeshi (laughing demon clown): Her Bankai takes the form of a powerful laughing gas that won’t allow the person to stop until they have choked to death or she has called it off. A ring appears and she takes on a more clown appearance with balloon pants, face paint, and suspenders. Occasionally you see the source of this gas, a large jack in the box that spews it from its laughing mouth.
Special skills:
1. Kido master
2. Enhanced strength
3. High intellect
4. Hand to hand combat expert
5. Sword skills expert
6. Flash step expert
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Name: Megumi Hikari
Height: 5’2’’ in a half
Weight: 93 pounds
Race: shinigami
Birthday: June 27th
Age: 300 (estimated)
Apperance: Megumi is very pale and thin with pale blond hair and deep blue eyes; she often is covered in bruises or blood due to her disease, required from the Hiyama’s fourth royal family’s strange abilities. She is very beautiful despite looking ill and often sad due to her loneliness.
Favorite food: angel food cake, rice pudding, and Sake
Likes: putting lover’s initials together to create one name for them, romance novels and Shojo manga (love is something she has desired for years), Surrogate Momo (because of its resistance to her explosive blood), lace, sheer fabric, flowers, music, taking naps, and animals.
Dislikes: loneliness, her condition (it has cost her so much sadness, she has lost connections to people because of it and has not found herself and what she likes because of the limited things she can do),
Favorite song: Unforgivable by Plumb
History: She was thrown out by the royal Hiyama family due to her blood condition and the fear of her power. She somehow survived in the 78th Rukon district but little is known other than her alliance to Nomura.
Zanpakuto: Ten no Soyokaze (celestial zephyr)
Release phase: ascend upon the heavens
Spirit manifestation: a cherub
Apperance: a white ivory blade chiseled with feathers and angels with a silver sword etched with angelic designs.
Shikai: two white bladed tonfas that resemble angel wings. They have long sheer fabric that shimmers gliding along her arms.
Special abilities: whenever she strikes or even swipes at the air with her tonfas she generates a gust of wind that can shred steel due to her ability to produce wind up to 3000 miles per hour. This wind can sear flesh off of bone and breech walls. When she clashes these against other foes weapons sometimes the force causes her to bleed and the wings are stained, meaning when she strikes an opponent she can hit them with the force of c2 to c4 explosion.
Bankai: Hane no Ten (feathers of heaven): Megumi’s Bankai takes the form of a bow and arrow that is elegant and white and crested with ivory angels and a small cherub where the arrow is released, it is studded in silver and is considered one of the most beautiful Zanpakuto ever seen. While in this form she also has thousands of feathers floating about her as if they were clouds, and long white wings.
Special abilities: The primary ability of Megumi’s Bankai is her blood, which is explosive and reproduces at a high rate she can shape it into arrows and ease on her bowstring to release one. A blast from one of these blood quills is about that of a nuclear bomb. She can discharge them at a rapid pace but causes much damage to the surrounding area. Her reiatsu can become exhausted in this form due to her exerting so much spiritual pressure. The feathers that drift around her can be sent flying on a wind of about 6000 miles per hour; these feathers can shatter bones and rip flesh, making something beautiful and harmless a deadly weapon, much like the owner of this Zanpakuto. In this form Megumi can generate winds at high speeds. Her wardrobe becomes more sheer and angelic with silver trimmings and a white dress that drifts to her knees and sheer fabric flowing about her. She also can fly due to her large angel like wings.
Special skills:
Bow and arrow master
Flash step master
Sword skills expert
Tonfa blade master
Hand to hand combat expert
Kido expert
Expert strategist
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dancing petal how do you get to the forum? I would love to contribute to it :)
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aww no one's commented on mine :P doesn't matter though :P
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Ulquiorra1313 I Like your Ideas on your Zanpakuto's I love how there never a sword but a diffrent weapon :P Also did you understand my Zanpakuto and Charcter better ?
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Dancing_Petal your soul merchant is the type of Girl my charcter would try to get with XD
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Name: Alexander Kingsleigh
Age: 36
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 230
Appearance: Alexander has long grey hair, his hair looks like Ulquiorras’, he also has light bluish gray eyes he has a fine tone body with skin that is a bit paler then average. Alexander wears a regal/Victorian era outfit consisting of a blue ornate jacket with gold buttons and a white rabbit stitched on the sleeve a white, blue and gold ornate looking vest, white pants with an ornate gold design on the bottom, white gold and shoes. Alexander also wears a sash of blue and white cloth around his waist and a gold pocket watch with a gold chain attach to his belt. Alexander looks almost like the white rabbit from the classic story Alice in Wonderland.
History:. To understand Alexander personality you must know his past, Alexander grew up in a extremely abusive home he was abused physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually for most of his life his parents were always arguing and fighting he lived in his own private hell. The only refuge Alexander had was the story of Alice in Wonderland he read it when he was 7 years old and he fell in love with it, the idea that there was a magical place where people could escape the horrible life fascinated him when he was being abused he would imagine himself in this fantasy land till it was over. When Alexander was sent to school he was picked on by all his classmates and even his teachers didn’t like him, his parents not understanding why their son was not the perfect child they wanted thought he had something wrong with mentally sent him off to a mental asylum where they ordered the doctors to perform test on him most of these test were torturous shock therapy sessions this only warped Alexander mind even worst. Alexander went though the shingami academy at the age of 14 but this was no different then his earlier school years just more bullying and abuse he eventually graduated and became a low ranking seat in squad 13 not because he was weak, in fact Alexander graduated at the top of his class, but because nobody wanted him they only wanted the popular and cool shingami. Alexander work harder then anyone in his squad most of this work was pushed off onto him from higher up shingami, he eventually wrote a essay stating that shingami should be train by given them hallucinogenic, dangerous drugs so that they could reach a higher enlighten and get stronger. The Central 46 merely dismiss this idea stating that it was too risky and dangerous and laughed at it, this would be the final straw for Alexander causing him to snap and develop a unrivaled hatred for the Gotei 13, Soul Soceity, The Central 46 and everyone associated with them.
Personality: Alexander is a reference to the story of Alice in Wonderland; his look, personality, abilities, etc. is a reference to the story in some way. Alexander is in love with the story Alice in Wonderland and because of his warped mind his believes that wonderland is an actual place, he believes that when people die they go to wonderland. Alexander also loves butterflies the idea of a creature that starts so ugly then goes though a metamorphosis to become something so beautiful fascinates him to the point that he believes one day he will morph into something beautiful as well, he also thinks that death is apart of this metamorphosis; people die become something beautiful and live forever in wonderland. He also is particular about time constantly checking his pocket watch for the time; he looks down on those who are late or tardy even if by a minute or a second but yet he often stays he will be late for his own funeral. In battle Alexander is often cruel and unrelenting he prefers to decapitate his opponents often staying off with your head, but he is often extremely envious of his opponents death because that means they get to go to wonderland and be beautiful and that he will never know this because no opponent can kill him. He hated anyone who would care compare him or beautifies to moths, a creature that he can’t stand and thinks are the ugliest creature there is, they are attracted to flames and only rise into the air from the heat where as butterflies don’t need such flames they rise into the air on their own. Alexander appears to be in love with a porcelain doll; the doll has curly blond hair the bluest of eyes and is dressed like Alice from the story conveniently the doll name is Alice. When Alexander is now battling he is in a dark room with porcelains dolls all over the walls and his Alice drinking tea the room is filled with different scented incense. Alexander mental state is extremely unstable he suffers from multiple personality disorder it is currently unknown how many personalities exist in his mind so far only 2 have been revealed. He manifest these personalities by making them imaginary friends which he actually talks to and has conversations with the only one he has been seen talking to so far is named Cheshire. Cheshire is cruel and vicious; he loves to make his prey suffer in the most gruesome of ways. All of his personalities are references to characters in the story Alice in Wonderland.

Shunpo: 70
Kido: 65
Strength: 80
Hand-to-hand: 80

Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name: Rinshi no wandārando (Near-death wonderland)
Release command: Go thought he rabbit hole…
Bankai name: Chō wa rinshi no rakuen de shinu (Butterflies die in a near-death paradise)

Description: In its sealed state Rinshi looks like a katana that is a little longer then average, the blade is titanium white and has blue and yellow butterflies up along the blade. The hilt is blue and white and the guard is blue and gold and is the shaped of a butterfly. When release the swords seems to glow in a white light and it appears that butterflies are coming off the sword, these butterflies are light blue, they are not a danger to anyone they are just to make this sword look cool. As time goes by it appears that more and more butterflies are coming from the sword until eventually you can barely see the sword behind the large amount of butterflies coming off it.

Shikai Abilities:
1. Shikashi kagami (Though the looking glass): This is the primary ability of the zanpakuto, the sword constantly releases a white silvery dust that is a drug. This drug when inhaled by the opponent it deprives the brain of oxygen leaving them in a high-state of mind. Even though the drug sounds extremely dangerous it will never kill the opponent only bring them to a point close to death so that Alexander can kill the opponent while they are in a blissful state of mind. Because the dust flies freely in the win it is possible for Alexander to breath in his own ability which is something he loves to do because of his envy of an opponent wonderful death. The dust is practically invisible unless something shines on it then the dust is visible as a light white glow, the glow that comes off the blade is actually this dust being illuminated by the butterflies that are coming off the blade. While an opponent is being affected by the drug when they look at the butterflies coming off the blade they appear to be the most beautiful thing they ever seen.
2. Utsukushi-sa no ōkina tsubasa (Great wings of Beauty): Alexander can create large butterfly wings made of light blue energy. These wings are not an offensive ability or even defensive ability they are used to blow the dust the sword creates in the direction of the opponent by flapping the wings. The wings also give Alexander the ability to fly and they also increase his speed slightly.
3. Chō no jirai Hara (Butterfly mine field): When Alexander is using his Utsukushi-sa no ōkina tsubasa ability he can break the wings down into thousands of butterflies that flutter though the air. The butterflies flutter freely and move on their own accord and move exactly like real life butterflies do, when a opponent comes in contact with one or if a butterfly lands on a opponent the butterfly explodes with the strength of slightly above average bala. When he uses this ability he must wait 5 minutes before regenerating his wings. Each set of wings generates 100 slightly bigger then average butterflies.

Bankai Descriptions: When Alexander releases his bankai all the butterflies that were coming off the blade in shikai fly around to his back and begins to form titanium white butterfly wings that seem to glow with white light. These wings are made of the dust/drug ability in shikai. His sword also becomes a pair of sickles allow him to actually fight and kill his opponent. He can fly and move slightly faster thanks to the wings.

Bankai Abilities:
1. Shikashi kagami (Though the looking glass): Like mention above wings he gains are actually made of the dust in the shikai ability, this ability is practically the same as the shikai ability but with a few additions. When the wings flap they blow away the dust in all directions, Alexander also has the ability to control the dust forming it into slightly larger then average butterflies that flutter though the air and land on the opponent, when they land they explode back into the dust form. In bankai the strength of the drug slowly increases as time goes by, the strength starts out merely giving the opponent a light headed feeling if anything at all till eventually it has the same effect as it did in shikai leaving the opponent in an even stronger high state of mind. The only thing this drug won’t do is kill the opponent.
2. Chō o bakuhatsu (Detonating Butterfly) Alexander can generate butterflies made of light blue energy he can control theses butterflies and when they land on the opponent they explode with the strength of a slightly above average cero. Alexander can create 100 butterflies that are the size of a regular butterfly every 5 minutes they move at the speed of a regular butterfly. He often uses this ability in conjunction with the dust butterflies causing the dust ones to glow white now only creating a beautiful visual scene but also to confuse the opponent with all the butterflies.
3. The final ability depends on which of Alexander personalities is in control and only one seems to take control more often:
Cheshā doku (Cheshire Poison): When Alexander most cruel and ruthless personality, Cheshire, takes over this ability is activates. Alexander gains the classic Cheshire smile on his face as purple swirls show up all over his body, up his arms, legs, torso, neck and face. Also the wings change from titanium white to pitch black, drug now doesn’t deprive the brain of oxygen instead it is a deadly poison that effects the lungs and causes the opponent to hallucinate that Alexander is disappearing leaving only his smile, eyes, and swirls (Just like the Cheshire cat from Alice in wonderland). The poison destroys the lungs making it hard for the opponent to breath they will also cough up blood as well. The poison is slow acting it takes about 1 hour before the poison starts to become a real danger to opponent, when it does kill them it leaves a dark purple butterfly on the opponent face. The antidote to the poison is the drug it initially creates.
over a year ago jstar18 said…
Name: Steven Barachi
Age: 25
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 226
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair: Brown
Appearance: Steven has a fair complexion and long brown hair that falls down to his shoulders. He has an athletic build. He wears a form fitting t-shirt that is two different colors, blue on the right half and red on the left half. He wears a sleeveless white zip-up vest that he normally leaves unzipped. He also wears two different colored gloves, red on his right hand and blue on his left. He also wears black pants that have blue and red pin strips going down the sides with black shoes that have different colored shoe strings, red on the left shoe and blue on the right shoe.

Personality: Steven is not the life of the party by any means. He normally won't speak unless he has to. Steven has had a rough past. He accidentally killed his parents when he was five because his spiritual pressure was so dense that it crushed their souls making him all alone in the world forcing him to fend for himself. After leaving his home, he went in search of a place he could call home but everyone he went around ended up dying from his spiritual pressure. After realizing that he was unable to hang around everybody, he went in search of people who wouldn't die from his power and stumbled across a group of soul reapers who dream of destroying the 13 Court Guard Squads. Steven agreed to join them as he feels that this will be his only chance to be around others that are strong.

Strength: 91
Speed: 100
Kido: 42
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand-to-Hand: 81


Zanpaktou Element: Air
Shikai Name: Ueza-Zenbu (Weather Front)
Shikai Phrase: Come Together, Ueza-Zenbu
Bankai Name: Kuuki Taira (Atmospheric Levels)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, Ueza-Zenbu exists as a regular katana that has a blue and red handle. When it is released, it splits to become two meter long katanas. Both blades are dark gray in color, but the grain, tempered line and handle of the blades are different. The right blade has a curved tempered line making it look like a round bump design on the blade, the color of the grain is red and the handle is also red and has the letter "W" on both sides of the handle. The left blade has a pointed tempered line making it look like a triangle design on the blade, the color of the grain is blue and the handle is also blue and has the letter "C" on both sides of the handle.

Shiaki Abilities: The shikai represents the Troposphere! The red blade represents a warm front and heats the air around it when swung. (10 foot radius) The blue blade represents a cold front and cools the air around it when swung. (10 foot radius) The wielder can add his spirit energy into either blade to heat or cool the air faster and at a farther radius. These abilities can have different affects on the area around him.

1) Thunder Clouds - The wielder swings the cold blade around to cool the air, and then swings the warm blade to heat up the water vapor around him, making it rise which forms a cloud. Electricity flows through the cloud and when the wielder strikes an object, a large bolt of lightning fires from the cloud hitting whatever he struck with the blade. (One lightning bolt per cloud)

2) Precipitation - The wielder puts extra spirit energy into the warm blade which makes the humidity of the area increase. The wielder then jumps into the air above the opponent and swings the cold blade in the air which cools the water vaper in the air creating either heavy rain, blizzards or large hailstones that fall on the opponent at kido spell speed.

3) Tornado) The wielder holds both blades towards his body and then swings them towards the opponent making the blades strike each other. The quick mix of warm and cold air force the wind to increase in speed creating a horizontal tornado that flies at the opponent at kido spell speed. This attack can be used in rapid succession.

Bankai Appearance: The wielder holds his blades together in front of him and they begin to glow. Suddenly a blue and red aura begins to expand from the swords and mix together creating a purple dome of energy that expands around an area that is 100 feet in radius with the wielder's position of activation as the vertex. As stated, the dome starts out as 100 feet in radius but it will continue to expand out the longer the bankai is in use. This dome has 3 stages. The first is the Mesosphere, this has certain abilities that can only be used in this stage. After 3 minute, the dome will expand to 200 feet in radius and change into stage 2, the Thermosphere. This stage has different abilities from the Mesosphere and after 5 minutes, the dome will expand to 250 feet in radius which will put the dome into the final stage, the Exosphere! All 3 stages have different effects and abilities, it is impossible to use an ability from one stage in another! The wielder is also clocked in a purple aura that protects the wielder from temperature changes by keeping the area near him at room temperature.

Bankai Abilities: The dome has 3 stages - Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Exosphere!

1) Mesophere - The Mesosphere is a very dangerous stage if you do not pay attention to where you are at or what you are doing in the dome. The closer you are to the edge of the dome, the more risk you put yourself in. A constant surge of electricity flows at the edges of the dome in this stage and will electrocute whoever gets within 15 feet of it. Also this stage has a high level of friction in it causing everything that moves to fast to start burning from the friction. This stage last for 3 minutes!

2) Thermosphere - The Thermosphere is quite dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. It is quite hard to constantly attack your opponent in this stage as the air particles in the dome are farther apart from each other. Also due to scattering, light does not move properly in this stage causing the people inside to see an after image of there opponent when they move. But the worst thing about this stage is the temperature of the area. Temperature in this stage can range from below freezing to hot as fire, but the entire area does not change, since the air molecules in the dome are spread out, the temperature is different where ever you step at. This stage last for 4 minutes!

3) Exosphere - The Exosphere is the most dangerous stage in the Bankai, for the opponent! Gravity is very low in this stage making it seem like you were walking on the moon. Also, random blasts of charged particles will be fired out of the wall of the dome, like solar winds. These blast are about 10 feet in diameter and move at kido spell speed. If hit directly by the blast, then it will do severe damage to whatever it hits. And the purple aura that is around the wielder now acts like the Magnetosphere and protect him from kido spells up to level 75 and the charged particles in this stage!
over a year ago BrokenSun35 said…
Name: Renik Hoshi
Gender: Male
Height: 6”3
Weight: 210
Age: Appears 23
Eyes: Light blue
Hair: Dark brown (Looks black)
Appearance: Renik has dark brown shaggy medium length hair that drops just below the eyes but he keeps it out of his face, he has light blue eyes that are always exhausted. Renik wears a black button up collared shirt with a pure white tie, black jeans and black shoes with white laces.
Personality: Renik is extremely intelligent and nice person but at times will be blunt and quick to the point (But will be laid back at most times). Renik is usually found sleeping because he stays up all night because he sits outside and stares at the stars. In battle Renik is very strategic and plans his moves before attacking.

Strength: 100
Speed: 100
Kido: 65
Swordsmanship: 98
Hand-to-Hand: 75

Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Tentai hyōshiki (Celestial Signs)
Release Command: Glow in the Darkness of Space
Appearance: In its unreleased state it’s a normal katana with a pitch black guard, in Shikai the 3blade stays the same but on the blade there are now these symbols, ♈, ♌, ♏
Shikai Abilities:

Aries (The Ram): The ♈ shines brightly and when the wielder strikes the opponent the speed and power of the hit is doubled right before the blade hits the opponent a charging ram be seen behind the blade.

Scorpio (The Scorpion): The ♏ shines brightly then the wielder points his blade at his target and a giant scorpion tail launches at the opponent trying to impale them, The scorpion tail can be blocked or destroyed by a kido spell 35 or higher but the wielder can use this ability 10 times (If used once has to wait 5 seconds to use again). After being used 10 times the wielder has to wait 5 minutes before they can use it again

Leo (The Lion): The ♌ shines brightly then the wielders blade is set on fire once that happens the wielder points his blade at the opponent and at the tip a fiery lion head can be seen to attack the lion lets out a loud roar and from the mouth of the lion a fiery cero like beam (The beam is Cero powered) If hit directly it can cause 2nd to 3rd degree burns and the beam travels a little faster than the average kido.

Bankai Name: Tentai chōkō kara yobidasu (Calling from the Celestial Signs)
Bankai Appearance: There are now 2 blades each blade looks like the black of space but there are shining stars if the opponent looks into the blade too long they could go into a daze, the wielder also gains 12 tattoos 6 on one arm 6 on the other. These symbols on the left arm ♈, ♉, ♊, ♋, ♌,♍ and these symbols on the right arm ♎,♏, ♐, ♑, ♒, ♓.

Bankai Abilities:

Sagittarius (The Archer): The ♐ tattoo shines and the wielder then faces his blade at the opponent and 5 arrow sized beams shoot out heading towards the opponent the beams are cero strength and are a little faster than the average kido.

Aquarius (The Water Bearer): The ♒ tattoo shines and in the sky a elder man holding a giant pot pours water down onto the battle area of the wielder the water reaches knees, the wielder now has the ability to control water to their will for example make it or shield or a whip this ability only last for 5 minutes and has a recharge time of 5 minutes.

Tentai hyōshiki (Celestial Signs): All the tattoos shine brightly and the wielder now has access to the remaining signs and each ability lasts for 3 minutes when the wielder uses all the abilities the tattoos of the abilities that were used and will re appear after 15 minutes.

1) Virgo (The Virgin): A young woman with holding a veil comes down and wraps the veil around the wielder this veil can heal all the wielders wounds but it takes 3 minutes to heal all wounds, this ability can be interrupted if the opponent attack the woman holding the veil but can be continued. (After this ability has been used the ♍ tattoo will disappear)

2) Gemini (The Twins): The ♊ tattoo floats off the wielders arm and turns into a complete copy of the wielder, the copy has the same stats as the wielder and can be killed, the copy and the wielder cannot use abilities while this is activated when the ability time runs out the copy will desinagrates.(Taking the sign with it)

3) Capricorn (The Sea-Goat): This is a defensive and offensive ability the wielder strikes on of his blade into the ground and a giant wave comes out of the ground and blocks any kido spell lower than 75 and if the kido is absorbed by the wave the wave can be launched at the opponent. The wave travels at kido speed and has the power of a cero (The wave is 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide) (After this ability has been used the ♑ will disappear)

4) Cancer (The Crab): The wielder crosses his blades together and they morph into a shield that looks like a top of a crab shield and has spikes on it the shield can block most physical attacks and any kido spell lower than 80 and the shield can be used like a baseball bat which can cause great harm (After this ability has been used the ♋ tattoo disappears)

5) Libra (The Scales): A giant set of scales appear above the battle field and then the wielder and the opponent are chained up and put on the scales, whoever has the most wounds will weigh down and then their wounds will be equalized. For example if the wielder has a 2 foot long cut so will the opponent. (After this ability has been used the ♎ tattoo disappears)
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over a year ago rantora13 said…
Mm wow a whole page in one day nicely done all round not to mention fallout users. All I got to say is keep it up always fun...so sleppy.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I cannot stand to make absolute normal blades that just control something cuz then i feel like i fall into a rut. Nice work Wolfmaster.

Brokensun you have far too many abilities. If you look, everyones zanpakuto has three shikai and three bankai abilities only. You have like thirteen or fourteen. Please get rid of some to make it a 3 and 3 ratio just for the ease of the post since that is how it is supposed to be.

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over a year ago jstar18 said…
Name: Cleo Patra
Age: 21
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 137
Hair: Black
Eyes: Golden
Appearance: Cleo has a caramel complexion and long black hair that goes 2 inches past her shoulders. She wears a sleeveless white dress that goes slightly past her knees. She has a long gold cloth that she wraps around her waist with the end of it hanging down the front of her dress. She also wears two gold bracelets on both wrists and a gold necklace.

Personality: Cleo used to be a student in the academy at Soul Society and was even friends with Ariza and Dori. But once Miroku was placed in the academy, Ariza and Dori gave him more attention because they knew he was a part of one of the noble families. Cleo quickly realized this and left Soul Society in a pit of rage. She later joined a group of soul reapers who want do take over all of Soul Society. When asked why she joined, she says that she wants to kill the noble families so that no one would be able to call themselves royalty.

Strength: 68
Speed: 90
Kido: 71
Swordsmanship: 94
Hand-to-Hand: 100


Shikai Name: Sabure Yomi (Sands of the Underworld)
Shikai Phrase: Open the Gates of Hell, Sabure Yomi
Bankai Name: Kuro-Kisaki Yomi (Dark Queen of the Underworld)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, Sabure Yomi exist as a regular katana that has a gold handle. Once released, Sabure Yomi transforms into a Khopesh. It has a gold hilt, the non sharpened section of the blade is black and the finishing curved cresent shape that has the sharpened edge is also black. The edge of the blade is gold and there are gold dots at random parts of the blade making it look like someone sprinkled sand on it.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Sabure Tsu (Sand Swipe) - The gold edge of the blade begins to glow and Cleo swings her blade at the opponent. A gold colored wave of spirit particles fly out (resembles Ichigo's Getsuga). The attack does not do physical damage but instead only absorbs the spirit energy of the opponent, taking about one fifth if the person is hit directly and one tenth if they are just swiped. Moves at kido spell speed. This can be used in rapid succession.

2) Sabure Gufuu (Sand Twister) - The sand dots on the blade begins to glow and Cleo swings her blade up and an spinning orb (with a radius of 6 feet) made of gold colored sand grows from the blade and moves towards the opponent at shunpo speed. Once the opponent is trapped inside, the sand that is spinning around them will cause cuts all along the person's body. The orb will stay around the opponent but can be destroyed with a strong zanpaktou attack or a kido spell able level 30. Once this ability is used, it will take 5 minutes until the ability can be used again.

3) Yomi Kouchuu (Hell Beetle) - Cleo swings her blade down and hits the ground. Suddenly a sand dome made of gold sand rises up from the ground and one hundred black colored scarab beetles that have a gold aura around them jet out of the sand dome and charge towards the opponent at kido spell speed. When the beetles hit something, they explode with the force of a grenade. As it says, they explode when they touch something so they can detonated by kido spells and flying debris.

Bankai Appearance: Cleo's eyes begin to glow black and is surrounded by a thick gold aura. When the aura disperses, Cleo is now wearing a white and gold pharaoh's hat and a black Anubis mask. She also has fine linen wrapped around her from her neck to her knees, they are also wrapped around her arms. The linen is white in color and is as strong as diamonds, it is under her regular clothes. Her Khopesh has also changed to a 5 and a half foot staff that has a foot long blade that is the shape of the Egyptian symbol Ankh.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Kuro Asanuno (Dark Cloth) - The linen around Cleo's body can extend and be used as a weapon. Electricity runs through the linen so if the linen wraps around the opponent, they will be electrocuted. Also, Cleo can focus an electrical charge at the tip of the linen and when it hits something, it causes an explosion the size of a large grenade.

2) Yomi Guntai (Hell's Army) - Cleo eyes glow gold and she slams her staff down on the ground. Suddenly 20 skeletons (made of black bones) climb out of the ground with a sword and shield. These skeletons can move quickly and are skilled swordsman. They can be destroyed by kido spells of level 50 or higher. They can also be destroyed by strong zanpaktou abilities. Also, when the skeletons are destroyed, they explode with the force of a 10 ton TNT explosion so the opponent must be careful when destroying them.

3) Kagirinai Maisou (Eternal Burial) - Cleo points the staff at the opponent and the Ankh symbol begins to glow. Suddenly a golden sarcophagus appears out of nowhere and opens up. As it opens four black colored ghostly arms fly out of the sarcophagus at kido spell speed and tries to grab the opponent. Once three of the arms grab the person, white linen comes out of the sarcophagus and begins to wrap around the person until they resemble a mummy. The person is then thrown into the sarcophagus and it slams shut. Once it closes, the sarcophagus disintegrate killing whoever was trapped inside. This ability must be stopped before the linen begins to wrap around the person. The ability can be stopped by a kido spell above 80 or an incredibly strong zanpaktou ability.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, here's my most recent blade, hope you guys enjoy it!

Name: Brigitte Lefevre
Age: 21
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 180
Eyes: Purple (think amethyst)
Hair: Reddish-Blonde
Appearance: Brigitte has fair skin and freckles. She looks frail, though she has a very solid frame (and is much stronger than she looks), and is normally seen wearing a pair of goggles on her head. She dresses in a mechanic’s uniform with a top cut to show ample cleavage while she’s not working and pants that go down just below her knees. She wears heavy brown sneakers, and tends to carry a set of tools with her. She tends to have an even look about her, rarely showing any extreme emotion.

Personality: A lover of attention, Brigitte is constantly trying to prove herself worthy of receiving it. She ran away from home in Rukongai at a young age and never looked back. She arrived at the academy at Soul Society, and despite a promising power level, she was always at the bottom of the class. Her zanpakuto refused to manifest, and she was terrible with kido. She left Soul Society and decided to do something no soul reaper had ever done before: forge her own blade. She managed to draw the spirit of her zanpakuto into the blade. When she brought it back to show them what she’d done, she was spurned. Many felt she had defied the ways of the shinigami. She left to train on her own, promising them that, someday, she’d prove herself to them. Brigitte constantly reforges her blade to fit her zanpakuto’s tastes, but is still not fully synced with it. When she’s not focused on bettering herself, she likes to eat mass quantities of food and fall asleep mid-meal. She’s likeable and fun to be around, tending to crack jokes regularly.

Strength: 98
Speed: 97
Kido: 1
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand-to-Hand: 85


Shikai Name: Of the one (Hitotsu)
Release Command: Know necessity… (Hitsuyō-sei o shitte iru)
Bankai Name: Of the many (Ōku no)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, the blade looks like an unforged sword. It’s basically just a blunt block of metal in the general shape of a sword attached to an unfinished hilt. When released the blade turns into a fencing sword, much like a sabre with a very ornate hilt that wraps around the wielder’s hand and wrist with twisting serpentine silver. The blade itself is 3 feet long, thin (at its thickest point, it’s about an inch across), but strong enough to take heavy hits. It has 3 edges with the blade coming down to a point at the end. As long as each ability is active, a quote appears to engrave itself on the metal of a certain side of the blade.

Shiaki Abilities: The shikai represents the necessities of the individual, things we as human beings cannot live without.

1) Sustenance (“In this world, the weak are the sustenance of the strong.”) – A small gem appears in the wielder’s offhand (in this case, her right hand, she’s a lefty). The gem is in the shape of a rhombus, is about a half an inch across, and imbeds itself in her palm. Anything the gem touches directly will have the energy absorbed from it, and all the energy goes to the wielder. Kido spells 65 and lower will be absorbed directly by it. The rate of absorption is far slower when it touches a zanpakuto or person (1/100th of their energy every 2 seconds).

2) Rest (“Rest is for the weary, sleep is for the dead.”) – Anything the blade cuts will be taxed heavily. This is very specific to the area that is cut. If, for example, it cuts through the muscle tissue of a person’s arm, the muscles of that arm are all affected as though they had all been overused. A cut through the bone produces similar damage to bones nearby, weakening them severely and possibly causing a break. A cut to the chest would weaken the heart, since it is also a muscle in the area. Cuts to the head would not affect the brain, nor would other cuts affect anything unrelated to the body part being damaged. The amount of damage caused by the strike is directly proportional to the amount of fatigue induced.

3) Passion (“Passion doesn't look beyond the moment of its existence.”) – This ability can only be activated every minute and lasts for 10 seconds. The wielder’s perception increases dramatically as her eyes go wide, making everything around her slow down to the point at which they appear to be moving at half their normal speed. Her speed remains exactly the same, meaning that she has to react in normal time to what she sees.

Bankai Appearance: The blade’s handle elongates, and the three sides of the blade split off from each other. These blades twist themselves into thin, contorted daggers that meet at the end of the foot long hilt. They turn pitch black with red edges.

Bankai Abilities: The bankai represents the constants of the masses, things that will likely exist for as long as there are societies. These are things we cannot avoid as well, they often consume the whole world.

1) Belief (“A belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light.”) – The gem in her hand splits in two, and the two halves remove themselves from there and implant on her temples. This ability allows her to see into the mind of her opponent, and it only works on one opponent at a time (though she can change which opponent it’s working on instantly). What she is allowed to see is only any long-term knowledge (i.e. something that they’ve held for more than a year, such as fighting techniques or zanpakuto abilities), and utilize any fighting techniques she sees. New abilities that have been obtained or improved in less than a year’s time from the fight will not be revealed. This is extremely effective against seasoned veterans who have perfected their fighting techniques and zanpakuto abilities.

2) Disease (“Disease generally begins that equality which death completes.”) – Blade cuts will now leave a dark blue residue. The residue is filled with microscopic bacteria, all filled with the wielder’s energy. These bacteria infect the opponent, increasing muscle and bone fatigue throughout their body. The rate of fatigue is slow. Strong bones become weak and brittle after 10 minutes, and strong muscles take 7.5 minutes. If the opponent was already fatigued, this time goes down. More cuts add to the rate of fatigue, though each cut can only take off a half a minute of the time. The bacteria can be purged from the opponent’s system by raising their energy level to its maximum. However, purged bacteria will return in force after one minute from the purging, and be twice as virulent. They can only be purged at that point by a stronger energy output, but they would once again return at double the virulence.

3) War (“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”) – The “Passion” ability becomes permanent. However, anything that she points her blade at will increase in speed to the point that it seems to be going as fast as it would normally for her. She cannot increase her own speed in this way. Speed increases last only as long as the moves themselves, meaning that if someone is swinging around for a kick, when the kick has landed or has been stopped, the speed increase also ends.
over a year ago Hadez17 said…
Name: Hiro
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5’11
Weight: 184
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey
Personality: Always has a depressed tone in what he is doing, even when he is truly happy people believe he is depressed. Seams to talk with a more dark tone and rarely seems to pay attention to his comrades.
Appearance: Wears a black hoodie with black pants and black Converse all-stars. His sword tends to hang freely from a chain attacked to his belt. His grey hair is long enough to reach the bottom of his eyes and always combed straight down.

Shunpo: 100
Kido: 65
Strength: 50
Swordsman: 100
Hand to hand: 85

Zanpakuto name/ Shikai name: Rekuiemuberu (Requiem bell)
Release command: Kyōmei karera no shi (Resonate Their Death)
Bankai Name: Shi no uta (Song of Death)

Appearance: In sealed form the blade seems like the opposite of rukia’s shikai (without the long cloth tail) the entire blade is black except the cutting edge. The cross guard is silver but the handle and sheath are black. The cross guard looks like two circles one smaller towards the middle and one larger around it (try to imagine like center of a speaker) in shikai the zanpakuto looks almost the exact same except there are now two blades. Parallel and one inch apart. In bankai the blade looks the same as in shikai accept its now silver instead of black, and the cross guard is black.


1. During combat the repeated collision of the blades cause them to ring at a high frequency. The sound is barley within the range of hearing. After several blade strikes the effect kicks in, the ability targets the inner ear. The high frequency sound disrupts the inner ear causing the opponent to lose the equilibrium. The longer they are exposed the more the effect is noticed. The wielder is unaffected by this ability and if anybody who is affected can stay at least 10 feet away for 5 seconds the effect is canceled and needs to start over. When the effects start the victim feels dizzy and disoriented and becomes worse and worse the longer they fight the wielder.
2. With this ability if the wielder strikes the same location rapidly the pain increases. For example if they strike the right fore arm 3 times the first hit hurts normally, The second hit hurts twice as much as it should and the third hurts three times as much as It should, The wielder just has to hit the same bone or in case of the stomach then the secondary hits must over lap the primary. (Slash across center horizontally then down vertically will make the intersection hurt more but not the parts that aren’t touching another attack) this stipulation only counts for places where no bone is hit. If a bone is hit it doesn’t matter where on the bone the next attacks come along as it hits the bone. Also by saying it needs t hit the bone it doesn’t mean the cut has to go deep enough to get to bone, just needs to strike a surface where a bone is not far under surface (example: arms, legs, feet, hands, skull, ribs) This effect works by causing the body part to resonate with the attack and the ones after the first make it resonate more thus making more damage.
3. With this attack the user is able to strike the ground or strike one of the blades of their zanpkuto and cause a sonic boom to go from the blades. If it’s stabbed in the ground then the force goes in all directions at kido spell speed with the force of half a cero. It travels out 20 feet from epicenter. When not stabbed in ground it launches a 1 inch diameter blast from between the blades on the sword p to 40 feet at kido speed that is as powerful as a cero. This effect does not spontaneously occur during blocking and parrying of attacks in battle. Also if the user stabs an opponent and strikes the blade it counts as hitting what ever they hit again and does double damage then triple and so on. Finally the user must wait tallest 1 second in-between striking the blade b4 doing it again.


1. This ability works like first shikai ability but instead of having to be within melee range and making contact with another blade to set off the effect the wielder can strike their blade while saying the name of the ability and anyone other than the wielder within 20 feet begins to feel the effect. Also anyone within 10 feet of the user when they are in melee combat feels the effect, not just the opponent they are fighting. The effect is like shikai but after a minute of straight fighting the victim will feel the effects of having their inner ear rupture (it doesn’t really rupture but they feel like it does) this causes them to lose balance and orientation, may even cause them to vomit. If the victim leaves the 20 foot range the effect will wear off at the twice the speed it came on (taking half a minute to go from ruptured inner ear to fine) even if they are at the max effect of the ability the victim must wait half the time they were under the effect to recover. This is because the ability is putting a small barrier that strengths as the fight continues on the opponents ears that cause sounds to reverberate through the ear and cause the effect and to get rid of the barrier they must be out of the range of the ability for the energy of the barrier to wear off.
2. This gives the user a mastery of sound. They are able to hear anything within 500 feet of them regardless of the obstructions in the way. Though loud sounds can mask quiet ones. Also they can create sounds that are not too involved such as foot steps or cloth flapping in wind or ringing metal or throwing their voice. They can only make 2 sounds at a time or 3 if one is throwing their voice.
3. This ability functions much like the second shikai ability except a lot stronger. If the user strikes a body part ones it resonates with pain constantly, surging every couple seconds. If the same body part is struck again it bursts from the molecules not being able to hold on to each other. For example an opponent is hit in the right thigh twice; the bone would shatter apart and send shards out of the leg.

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over a year ago Hadez17 said…
@Ulquiorra1313 yeah, brokensun has alot of abilities but its a concept blade and the list of abilities are not oped and seem to be balenced decently, i think in this case its find to have more than the standard number
over a year ago Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Ulquiorra1313...you can get to it by going to google and typing in Make your own soul Merchant...something called Soul Merchants (on fanpop) comes up and there you can post a soul merchant and see examples of their seirei fi-da (spirit feeder)..I really hope you and everyone else on this forum will contribute :)
over a year ago Dancing_Petal said…
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Wow great character Wolfmaster..i think my lady soul merchant would like him too lol..I like the Zanpakuto and you don't need any changes it works well...Broken Sun, Hadez, Lobos, and Whiteflame those characters and Zanpakuto are simply amazing!!!!
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or just go to forum Ulquiorra1313 and it should be there